As the competition in the credit card market is increasing every day, all card issuers try to provide their customers with the best experiences. To attract every segment of individuals, some banks and card issuers also believe in issuing credit cards that are relevant to a specific category. This helps them in ensuring that they do not lag behind in attracting customers who are looking for a card in that particular category. We can see lots of targeted credit cards in the Indian market nowadays, but not everyone understands how these cards work and how to get the maximum benefit out of them. To help you out with the same, we are here with this article containing all the information about what targeted credit cards are and how they work:

Targeted Credit Cards All You Need To Know post

What Are Targeted Credit Cards & How Do They Work?

Targeted Credit Cards are cards targeted at a particular segment of individuals, i.e. people who have a similar intention behind getting a credit card. These cards are generally issued on the basis of a specific category, such as shopping, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and many more. Card issuers may offer a shopping credit card targeting frequent shoppers, a travel-based credit card targeting people who travel frequently via a particular airline, and so on.

These Credit Cards help the targeted customers save more and more on their spends on a particular category. For example, a travel-based credit card will offer the maximum reward rate on travel-based spends, allowing frequent travelers to save more on their purchases. Similarly, shopping or entertainment lovers can make their experiences extra rewarding by getting targeted credit cards for their respective categories.

Some Examples of Targeted Credit Cards

Though there are so many targeted credit cards in the Indian market nowadays, the following are some of the best ones across different categories:

Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Credit Card

The Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite Credit Card is a newly launched shopping-based credit card that comes with an annual fee of Rs. 500. The card is targeted at those who love online shopping and prefer Flipkart for most of their online purchases. It rewards its customers in the form of Super Coins which are directly redeemable against Flipkart purchases at a redemption value of 1 Super Coin = Re. 1. With this card you can earn up to 12% Super Coins on your purchases, which is a really amazing reward rate and makes this card best for Flipkart loyal customers.

Intermiles HDFC Bank Credit Cards

HDFC Bank offers three co-branded travel credit cards in partnership with the travel-based rewards and services company These cards are named Intermiles HDFC SIgnature, Intermiles HDFC Platinum, and Intermiles HDFC Diners Club Credit Card. All three cards are targeted at frequent travelers and help customers save more & more on their travel spends by earning and redeeming intermiles. Along with a good reward rate, these cards offer various other privileges including complimentary airport lounge access, discounts on travel bookings, etc.

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is another co-branded shopping credit card offered by ICICI Bank in collaboration with the leading e-commerce company Amazon. It is a lifetime free credit card and is best for those who are loyal to Amazon for all their online shopping needs. This card rewards you in the form of an Amazon pay balance that can be used against Amazon purchases as well as for making transactions with all the merchants accepting Amazon Pay. With a great reward rate of up to 6%, this card has become a choice for thousands of shopping lovers so far.

Kotak Metro Credit Card

Kotak Metro Credit Card is also a newly launched card by Kotak Mahindra Bank in partnership with Metro Wholesale. The card is targeted at kirana store owners, hotel/restaurant owners, and caterers, who are metro Wholesale members. This card is exclusively for businessmen as mentioned above and comes with a number of decent benefits with a zero annual fee. The cardholders can earn up to 1% cashback on their wholesale spending and they get a few additional benefits as well.

Bottom Line

Now, you might have understood how targeted credit cards work and how you can also get the maximum benefit out of these cards by getting a card relevant to your spending habits. This is why it is advised to always do thorough research before you apply for a credit card. If you want to save with your credit card, you must choose a card wisely as per your requirements. If you love shopping, just go through the features of all shopping cards in the market and then go for the one that seems to suit your needs and offers maximum benefits with minimum charges. The same goes for every other category as well. If you are facing any difficulties in choosing a card for yourself or if you have any other confusion, you can freely ask us in the comment section below!

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