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Secured credit cards can be very helpful for those who are new to credit cards, students, or those who want to improve their credit scores. This type of credit card is issued against a fixed deposit. The best thing about a secured credit card is that you can continue to earn rewards while earning interest on your fixed deposit. AU Bank has launched its first-ever secured credit card called the NOMO Credit Card. With a minimum fixed deposit of ₹20,000, you can get your own credit card. This card comes with a joining fee of ₹200 and there are no renewal charges from the second year onwards, essentially making it free for a lifetime. Whether you are a student or new to credit cards, having a secured card can help you easily begin your credit journey.

The NOMO Credit Card enables you to earn 2 Reward Points for every ₹100 spent on all transactions except insurance and utility bills, which earn 1 Reward Point/₹100. However, there are a few exceptions for reward earning such as fuel, government transactions, and rent, which are common industry-wide. If you are a domestic traveler, this card offers spend-based free access to airport lounges and even provides complimentary access to railway lounges. Additionally, this card rewards higher spends. By spending ₹25,000 and ₹50,000, you can earn additional Reward Points as milestone benefits. Read our detailed review and analysis of the AU Bank NOMO Credit Card and make the best choice. This is one of the few secured credit cards in India that can be easily applied online. Otherwise, a branch visit is usually needed to apply for one.

AU Nomo Credit Card

Joining Fee

Rs. 199 + GST

Renewal Fee


Best Suited For

Shopping |

Reward Type

Reward Points |

Welcome Benefits

500 Reward Points

Movie & Dining


Rewards Rate

2 RPs/₹100 Spent on Retail and 1 RP/₹100 Spent on Utility and Insurance

Reward Redemption

1 RP = ₹0.25


2 Complimentary Railway Lounge Visits Per Calendar Quarter

Domestic Lounge Access

2 Free Visits Each Quarter on Spending ₹30,000 in the Previous Quarter

International Lounge Access




Insurance Benefits


Spend-Based Waiver


Rewards Redemption Fee

₹99 + GST

Rewards Redemption Fee

₹99 + GST

Foreign Currency Markup


Interest Rates

3.59% Per Month (43.08% Annually)

Fuel Surcharge

1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver for Transactions Between ₹400 to ₹5,000 (₹100 Per Month)

Cash Advance Charges

2.5% of the Cash Withdrawal Amount or ₹500, Whichever is Higher

  • AU Nomo is a secured credit card that can be availed against a Fixed Deposit of a minimum of ₹20,000.
  • 2 complimentary railway lounge access each quarter.
  • Spend-based airport lounge access.


  • This card has a low forex markup charge of 0.99%.
  • Insurance and utility spends are also rewarded with this card.


  • NOMO Card is ideal for beginners in their credit journey, but those seeking higher features should look elsewhere.
  • If there were any dining or movie benefits associated with this card it would have been perfect for the younger generation looking for their first credit card.

Welcome Benefit

AU NOMO Credit Card offers 500 Reward Points as a joining benefit. The value of these Reward Points is Rs. 125 effectively bringing down the price you paid for the card. To receive these Reward Points you shall need to make a transaction within the first 30 days of card issuance.

Reward Points

Earn 2 Reward Points/₹100 spent on retail purchases. 1 Reward Point/₹100 spent on utility and insurance transactions. No Reward Points shall be awarded for Fuel, Cash, Rent, Education and Government transactions. Reward Points can be redeemed at AU Rewardz. The value of 1 Reward Point is ₹0.25.

Milestone Benefit

One of the most stand-out features of this secured credit card is its milestone benefits. On reaching the spend threshold cardholders can earn further reward points. Cash and fuel transactions shall not be considered towards these milestone spend calculations.

Spends Rewards
₹25,000 (Per Quarter) 500 Reward Points
₹50,000 (Per Quarter) Additional 500 Reward Points

Lower Forex Charges

Most credit cards charge a markup fee on international transactions, also known as a forex fee. The standard forex charge on credit cards is usually around 3.5%. However, some premium cards with high joining fees offer lower forex charges. The Nomo Card is a great example of a credit card that offers a low forex fee of only 0.99%, making it an attractive option for those who frequently make international transactions. Another great option for a low forex fee is the IDFC Wow Credit Card, which has a zero forex markup charge.

Complimentary Domestic Lounge Access

Cardholders who spend ₹30,000 in the previous quarter with the AU Nomo Credit Card will be entitled to two free domestic airport lounge visits in the next quarter. While some people might not be pleased with the spending requirements, it is important to note that many banks now mandate minimum spends in order to access airport lounges. This card, on the other hand, allows airport lounge access for spends as low as ₹30,000, which is much more reasonable compared to other credit cards that demand much higher spends.

Free Railway Lounge Visits

Frequent travelers by Indian railways shall benefit most from the complimentary railway lounge visits offered with this card. NOMO cardholders shall get two free railways lounge visits each quarter (eight each year). This benefit is offered to both primary and add-on cardholders.

Review of AU NOMO Credit Card

The NOMO Credit Card is a secured credit card offered by AU Bank, with a low joining cost of ₹200 and no renewal charges, making it effectively a lifetime-free card. This card is perfect for first-time credit card users, students, and those who cannot opt for a generic credit card. With a decent reward rate and additional benefits, it is a must-have for anyone looking for a credit card. To apply, one needs to make a minimum deposit of ₹20,000. Frequent travelers within the country will appreciate its complementary railway and airport lounge access. Even the spend-based criteria for free airport lounge access is reasonable, at ₹30,000 in a quarter for two visits.

It’s important to note that one of the most attractive features of this card is that you can easily meet the spend-based criteria with the minimum fixed deposit amount, as milestone benefits are based on quarterly spending and not monthly spending. Lastly, those who make transactions abroad or at international merchants within the country will be glad to know that this card has a low forex charge of 0.99%, which is comparatively lower than other popular cards.


You would need to make a fixed deposit of at least ₹20,000 for the AU Nomo Credit Card.
The AU Nomo Credit Card is not a lifetime free card. This card has a joining fee of ₹200 plus applicable taxes. But there are no charges from the second year onwards. Cardholders shall also be eligible for a bonus of 500 Reward Points as a welcome benefit.
To be eligible for the AU NOMO Credit Card you would need to be at least 18 years old, be an Indian citizen, and have a Fixed Deposit with AU Bank (minimum of ₹20,000)


  1. Parveen Kumar Reply

    Is this a virtual card?

    • Kartik Kanwar Reply

      No, this is a physical credit card issued against an Fixed Deposit.

  2. Megha Mehta Reply

    An FD of 20,000 is quite high.

    • Kartik Kanwar Reply

      IDFC Wow can be obtained against an FD of Rs. 5,000.

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