Yes Bank is known for offering some of the most rewarding credit cards in the market. Lately, like many other credit card companies, Yes Bank has also been cutting many of the benefits that it provides to its cardmembers. Yes Bank has recently (w.e.f. 15th June 2021) made some changes to the MasterCard Domestic Lounge Access program (that comes bundled with some of their credit cards). Earlier also, they had tweaked the reward benefits and their lounge access program in July 2020. Before July 2020, Yes Bank cardmembers used to earn reward points for every Rs. 100 spent, now reward points are awarded for every Rs. 200 spent (although the rate of earning points remained the same).
yes bank credit card domestic lounge access
Also, until July 2020, the First Exclusive cardholders used to get unlimited complimentary domestic as well as international lounge access as a part of the Priority Pass membership; post this revision in the lounge program, they get only international lounge access with the Priority Pass, however, unlimited complimentary domestic lounge access continued as a part of the MasterCard Lounge Program. Now, w.e.f. From 15th June, Yes Bank is limiting the number of domestic lounge access to 3 per quarter. Yes Bank has reduced the number of complimentary lounge access not just for the First Exclusive card, but for all other cards that offer the domestic lounge benefit under the MasterCard Lounge program.

How do Yes Bank’s Lounge Access Programs Work

For all other credit cards except the Private Prime card, Yes Bank offers lounge access benefits under the MasterCard lounge program and/or under the Priority Pass program (Private Prime members get the benefits under the Lounge Key program).

Under the Priority Pass program, since July 2020, none of the Yes Bank’s cards offers complimentary domestic lounge access. However, you do get complimentary international lounge access with Priority Pass on Yes Premia (2 visits every year), Yes First Prefered (4 visits every year), Yes Prosperity Business (3 visits every year), First Business (6 visits every year) and Yes First Exclusive (unlimited) credit cards.

Yes Bank offers you complimentary domestic lounge access under the MasterCard Lounge Program on Yes First Exclusive, Yes First Preferred, Yes Premia, Yes Prosperity Edge, and  Wellness Plus credit cards at select airports across India (see the list of airports here). This is where they have made the changes.

What changes has the bank made?

Yes bank has reduced the number of complimentary domestic lounge access that it offers under the MasterCard lounge program w.e.f. June 15th 2021.

  • The Yes First Exclusive credit card that used to offer unlimited domestic lounge access to primary as well as add-on cardholders under the MasterCard lounge program, now offers only 3 domestic lounge visits per quarter. These 3 visits are applicable for the primary cardholder.
  • The 3 complimentary lounge visits per quarter that you used to get with the Yes First Preferred credit card, have now been reduced to 2 visits per quarter.
  • The Yes Prosperity Edge and Yes Premia Credit Card that used to give you 2 complimentary domestic lounge visits per quarter, will now provide you just 1 visit per calendar quarter.
  •  You get 2 lounge access per quarter with the Yes Wellness Plus credit card (unchanged).
  • All these complimentary lounge visits are applicable only for the primary cardmember, add-on cardholders don’t get the benefit.

It is worth noting that no changes have been made to the number of complimentary lounge access offered as a part of the Priority Pass membership. If the present trend continues, you shouldn’t be surprised if Yes bank also restricts the international lounge access that it offers under the Priority Pass membership.

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