Two of the popular credit cards under the cashback category, HSBC Cashback Credit Card and Citi Bank Cashback Credit Cards are decent cards that don’t only provide exciting cashback offers to an individual, but also offer various other benefits on dining, travel, and lifestyle expenses. HSBC Cashback Credit Card can provide benefits to those individuals who prefer transacting through online mode as it provides a good percentage of cashback on all your online spends. Not only cashback, but it also offers discounts while dining at a restaurant or while ordering meals through Zomato and Swiggy. You do not have to pay any joining fee for this card but they do charge a renewal fee of Rs. 750 which can be waived off on the basis of your spends.

HSBC Cashback Credit Card Vs Citi Cashback Credit Card

On the other hand, the Citi Bank Cashback Credit Card provides you with a decent percentage of cashback on your spends but provides you with accelerated cashback on some particular spends such as movie ticket bookings, utility, and telephone bill payments. This card also allows you a discount on your dining bills and flight ticket bookings. You have to pay joining and renewal fees of Rs. 500 to avail of the benefits of this credit card. Both credit cards are cash back credit cards but provide different cashback deals on the basis of where you are spending using your credit card. Let us discuss in detail the features and benefits that these cards provide to have a better understanding of these credit cards –

HSBC Cashback Credit Card

HSBC Cashback Credit Card is an entry-level credit card that is best suitable for new entrants in this field. This card lets you earn enhanced reward points while spending on movies, departmental stores, dining, and grocery. No value-added benefits like lounge access, golf courses, etc will be available on this card as it is an entry-level credit card. Placed at an annual fee of Rs. 750 plus applicable taxes, this card comes with various features that are discussed in this article below –

  • You get the following benefits as a welcome gift if you are able to make a successful transaction of Rs. 1,000 using your HSBC Cashback Credit Card in the first 30 days of the card issuance –

– 50% discount (maximum of Rs. 100) on your first transaction on Google Pay
– Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 500
– 3 meal vouchers or 3 complimentary domestic lounge access

  • On purchase of 1 movie ticket on Saturdays, get another one absolutely free while booking through BookMyShow. The price of the complimentary ticket is capped at Rs. 250.
  • Enjoy a 15% off while dining at more than 1000 restaurants across India
  • You can enjoy a cashback of 1.5% on all online transactions except wallet uploads.
  • Get a cashback of 1% on all other transactions which include fuel transactions as well.
  • 5% cashback (Maximum of Rs. 250) on transactions amounting to Rs. 1,000 or more
  • The cashback will be credited to your account within 45 days of the card’s statement date.

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Citi Cashback Credit Card

This Cashback Credit Card by Citi Bank provides you will exciting offers on your regular spends and accelerated cashback offers while spending on some particular categories. Not only cashback, but this card provides you with exciting deals over categories as well such as flight bookings. Another great feature of this credit card is that the cashback that you get is automatically adjusted against the statement balance of your card. With an annual fee of Rs. 500, following are the detailed features that this card brings along with it –

  • Accelerated cashback of 5% while booking movie tickets using the Citi Cashback Credit Card. A maximum cashback of Rs. 100 is provided in a month.
  • Cashback of 5% on purchase of movie tickets and payment of phone bill.
  • Cashback of 5% on payment of utility bills if paid through Citibank Online Bill Pay using Citi Cashback Credit Card.
  • Up to 20% off on your dining bills at all the participating hotels across India.
  • You are entitled to a cashback of 30% while ordering food through Zomato and Swiggy.
  • Get a cashback of up to 15% on duty-free stores and 10% while making bookings through MakeMyTrip
  • You are entitled to a fuel surcharge waiver of 1% at all Indian Oil outlets on a minimum transaction of Rs. 10.
  • The cashback will be automatically adjusted against the statement balance of your credit card in multiples of Rs. 500

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Quick Comparison

Now that we have discussed the features of both the cards individually, let us now have a quick comparison between HSBC Cashback Credit Card and Citi Cashback Credit Card –

Basis HSBC Cashback Credit Card Citi Cashback Credit Card
Reward Rate
  • 1.5% cashback on all online spends except wallet uploads
  • 1% cashback on all other spends
  • 5% cashback while paying telephone and utility bills and while booking movie tickets
  • 0.5% cashback on all other spends
Reward Redemption
  • Cashback will be credited to your account within 45 days of the card statement date
  • Cashback will be automatically adjusted against the card’s statement balance in multiples of Rs. 500
Fuel Surcharge Waiver
  • 1% at all fuel stations
  • 1% at all IOCL fuel stations
Welcome Benefits
    On making a transaction of Rs. 1,000 through your card, you will get –
  • 3 meal vouchers or 3 domestic lounge access
  • Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs. 500
  • 50% discount (Max Rs. 100) on the first transaction on Google Pay
  • NA
Dining Benefits
  • 15% off on dining bills across 1000 restaurants in India
  • 20% off on dining bills across the participating restaurants 
Joining Fee
  • NIL
  • Rs. 500 + Taxes
Renewal Fees
  • Rs. 750 + Taxes 
  • (Can be waived on spending Rs. 1,00,000 or more in the previous year)
  • Rs. 500 + Taxes
  • Issued to either salaried or self-employed individual.
  • The age of the applicant should be between 18 years to 65 years.
  • The applicant should have a minimum annual income of Rs. 4,00,000
  • The applicant should be a resident of one of the following cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Pune
  • Issued to either a salaried or self-employed individual.
  • The age of the applicant should be between 23 years to 60 years.
  • Should have a stable source of income.
  • Should have a decent credit score

Bottom Line

Both the credit cards namely HSBC Cashback Credit Card and Citi Cashback Credit Card are decent credit cards and are best suited for the new entrants who just want to enjoy cashback on their purchases. Not only cashback, but you also get decent deals on travel, lifestyle, and dining categories. Both cards have quite affordable fees with respect to the cashback they offer. But the HSBC Cashback Credit Card does have an upper hand over the Citi Cashback Credit Card as it does not have any limit on the maximum cashback that you can get using this credit card whereas the Citi Cashback Credit Card has a limit on the monthly cashback i.e., Rs. 100 for each category. But also, Citi Cashback Card offers a higher reward rate on utility and telephonic bills. So, it ultimately depends on the customers’ needs and habits that which credit card they want to opt for.

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