Being the two topmost credit card issuers in India, the HDFC Bank & SBI Card offer a number of credit cards with exclusive benefits in different categories. When talking about entry-level credit cards, the SBI SimplyClick Credit Card is one of the most popular cards in the Indian market, and a card that is in direct competition with the SBI SimplyClick is the MoneyBack Plus Credit Card issued by HDFC Bank. Both the cards come with a low annual fee of Rs. 500 and provide their customers with a lot of exclusive saving opportunities.

HDFC MoneyBack Plus vs SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

As both the cards are entry-level, there are not many premium privileges such as airport lounge access, golf privileges, etc, but you can save a lot on all your purchases with these cards. Moreover, the milestone benefits of the cards allow you to earn complimentary gift vouchers every year. The advantages of these two cards might seem to be almost the same, and that is the reason why many individuals seem to be confused about which card would be better. To help you out, moving forward, we will compare the two cards on the basis of their features and choose the right one:

HDFC MoneyBack Plus Credit Card

The HDFC MoneyBack Plus Credit Card is a beginner’s credit card issued by the bank, which has become an excellent choice for a lot of individuals due to its affordable annual fee and exclusive benefits. It comes with a very nominal yearly fee of Rs. 500 and offers 500 Cash Points to its customers on joining the card membership. This card earns you up to 20 cash points on every Rs. 150 you spend, and these cash points are redeemable against countless options of your choice. The HDFC MoneyBack Plus Card has a lot of other advantages as well. To know all of them, refer to the following points:

  • As a welcome gift, you can earn 500 Cash Points.
  • For every Rs. 150 spent, you get to earn 2 Cash Points.
  • With selected merchant outlets, you earn 5x Cash Points on EMI transactions.
  • Brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, Reliance Smart Store and Swiggy get you 10X Cash Points.
  • The Cash Points under the 5x and 10x categories are capped max at 2,500 points each, every month.
  • Reward redemption rate against the statement cash, travel-related bookings on Smartbuy, and product catalogue are 1 Cash Point = Re. 0.25.
  • Upon spending more than Rs. 50,000 in a quarter, you receive a gift voucher worth up to Rs. 500.
  • Get up to 15% off on dining bill with more than 2,000 restaurants in India.
  • Get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver (capped at Rs. 250 per billing cycle) on all fuel transactions.
  • The annual fee is waived upon spending more than Rs. 50,000 in last year.

SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

The SBI SimplyClick Credit Card is one of the most popular offerings of the SBI Card in basic category. It comes with a joining fee of Rs. 500 and offers an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 500 as a welcome gift. On every Rs. 10o spent, you receive 10 Reward Points with this card. Other than this, you can also get gift vouchers worth Rs. 4,000 in a year upon triggering the milestone benefits with a particular amount of spend. To understand the detailed features and benefits of the SimplyClick SBI Card, go through the below-mentioned points:

  • A welcome gift voucher worth up to Rs. 500 from Amazon.
  • On your every offline spends of Rs. 100, you get 1 RP.
  • You earn 5x Reward Points on all online spending.
  • You earn 10x Reward Points on partner brands, including Amazon, BookMyShow, Netmeds, Cleartrip, Apollo 24*7, etc.
  • The accelerated (5x and 10x) points are capped at 10,000 points per month.
  • You earn a Cleartrip voucher worth Rs. 2,000 for every Rs. 1 lakh spent in an anniversary year (you can earn vouchers worth up to Rs. 4,000 per year).
  • Get a fuel surcharge waiver of up to 1% on all fuel transactions with a maximum waiver capped at Rs. 100 per month
  • Renewal fee waiver upon spending more than Rs. 1 Lakh in previous year.

Comparison Between HDFC Money Plus Credit Card & SBI SimplyClick Credit Card

Benefits HDFC MoneyBack Plus Credit Card SimplyClick SBI Card
Annual Fee
  • Rs. 500
  • Rs. 500
Welcome Benefits
  • 500 Cash Points
  • Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 500.
Rewards Rate
  • 2 CPs on every Rs. 150 spent and on all EMI spends at merchant outlets, you receive 5X CPs.
  • 10x CPs with partnered brands like Amazon,, Swiggy, Flipkart, Reliance Smart Store, Big Basket etc.
  • 1 RP for every offline spend of Rs. 100.
  • On all online spends, get 5X RPs.
  • 10x RPs with partnered brands, such as Amazon, Cleartrip, Netmeds, BookMyShow, Apollo 24*7, etc.
Reward Redemption
  • For flight/hotel bookings, products, vouchers, and statement balance on SmartBuy, 1 CP = Re. 0.25
  • 1 RP = Re. 0.25.
Movie & Dining Benefits
  •  Up to 15% discount on dining with more than 2,000 participating restaurants.
  • Accelerated Reward Points on BookMyShow.
Additional Benefits
  • Every year, you get to earn gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 2,000 as milestone benefits.
  • Upon spending over Rs. 50,000 in a year, the annual fee gets waived.
  • Every year, you get to earn gift vouchers worth up to Rs. 4,000, under the milestone benefits.
  • The annual fee waiver upon spending over Rs. 1 lakh in the previous year.

Bottom Line

After comparing all the features and benefits of the two cards, you might have decided which card you are going to choose. None of the two cards can be termed as best for every individual, but everyone can have a different choice on the basis of their requirements and spending habits. However, there is a slightly any difference between the benefits of the two cards, but you should check for their brands. Think carefully about which brands you spend the most on, and apply for a card accordingly.

Talking about the welcome benefits of the cards, the HDFC MoneyBack Plus Card offers you 500 Cash Points, which are equivalent to Rs. 125. Still, the SimplyClick Card welcomes you with a gift voucher worth Rs. 500. So the SBI SimplyClick Card can be considered better in terms of welcome benefits. Still, you should not decide to choose a card only on the basis of welcome benefits but make sure to compare all the other factors as well. If you love to watch movies, the SimplyClick SBI Card will be a better option for you as it earns you 10x Reward Points on BookMyShow. Similarly, if you shop frequently on Flipkart, you must consider the HDFC MoneyBack Plus Credit Card, so that you can earn 10x Reward Points on the same. This is how you can choose the right card according to your needs. In case of any further doubts, make sure to write to us in the comment section below!

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