Citibank Credit Card Eligibility Criteria & Document Requirements

Citibank offers a quite good range of credit cards from lifestyle credit cards to fuel credit cards. This article focuses on the eligibility criteria followed by Citibank while issuing the credit cards and factors affecting Citibank credit card eligibility.

Citi Bank credit card eligibility

Eligibility Criteria for Citibank credit cards

The standard age criteria followed by Citibank is the same for all the variants but the income requirement differs from card to card.

Applicant Age requirement Salary/Income requirement
Salaried/self-employed 23-60 years Differ from card to card

Documents required to apply for a Citibank Credit Card

You need to keep the given below documents handy when applying for a Citibank Credit Card. You will need scanned copies while applying online and photocopies while applying for a credit card by visiting the branch.

Identity Proof
(any one)
Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence, Voter’s Id, Pan Card, Passport, or any other government-approved ID.
Address Proof
(any one)
Aadhaar Card, Passport, Utility Bills (not more than 3 months old), or any other government-approved ID.
Income Proof 
(any one)
Bank Statement or salary slip of last 3 months, last 2 years’ audited financial report,  etc.

Credit Cards offered by Citibank

Given below is a list of credit cards offered by Citibank.

Factors that affect your Citibank credit card eligibility

Age: The applicant’s age matters a lot to the credit card issuers while issuing a credit card. For Citibank credit cards the minimum age requirement is 23 years, the applicant applying for a credit card below this age, Citibank will reject their application.
Income: Income requirements for Citibank credit cards differ from card to card. Having a stable income can affect the Citibank Credit Card Eligibility in a positive way and increases the chances of getting your credit card application approved.
Credit Score: Citibank has not set a credit score limit as such. However, credit card issuers give preference to a credit score of 750 or above while issuing a credit card. Having a good credit score makes you eligible for a credit card.
Employment: The card issuer looks for salaried or self-employed individuals while issuing a credit card to be assured that you have a stable income. Employment plays a significant role while applying for a credit card.
Nationality: As of now Citibank only issues credit cards to domestic applicants and not to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).
Payment Default: Never ever default in repaying unsecured debt. Late payment can lead to the mention of the defaulter in your credit history which altogether makes it really difficult to get a credit card and affect your eligibility negatively.
Multiple Applications: Applying for multiple credit cards in one go can affect your Citibank Credit Card eligibility negatively. Sending multiple applications can lead to hard inquiries leading to the rejection of applications. It is better to send an application for one card that fulfills your requirement.

How to improve your Citibank credit card eligibility:

There are many ways through which you can improve your credit eligibility, a few of them are as follows:

Increase Credit score: You can improve your credit score by clearing your previous loans or by taking up an entry-level credit card that has zero joining and an annual membership fee that is easy to manage.
Paying bills on time: Improve your eligibility by clearing all your dues on time, this will help the credit card issuers to assess your applications in a better way thereby increasing your eligibility.
Reducing debt-to-income ratio: To improve your eligibility you need to maintain a low debt-to-income ratio. To maintain a low debt-to-income ratio you can repay all the previous loans before the due date.
Sending one application: Send an application for one credit card only that suits your profile and avoid sending applications for multiple credit cards to improve eligibility.

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