When it comes to lifestyle credit cards, there are not much options in the market better than the HDFC Regalia credit card. It is packed with travel, shopping, dining, and other lifestyle benefits that a person wants with their card, and all this is provided at an annual fee of Rs. 2500.

Recently, the HDFC Bank launched a new offering to its Regalia lineup of cards, the Regalia Gold credit card. Again, this card has an annual fee of Rs. 2500 and offers some of the best in-class lifestyle and travel benefits. Someone who loves a lavish lifestyle can go for this card without any second thoughts, and it even offers the Exclusive Gold Catalogue to redeem reward points.

Upgrade to HDFC Regalia Gold from HDFC Regalia Post

These days, many HDFC Regalia credit cardholders are receiving offers to upgrade their Regalia credit card to the Regalia Gold credit card. In this article, we will take a look at if it is fine to switch to the Regalia Gold card and what does it offer better when compared to the HDFC Regalia credit card.

HDFC Regalia vs. HDFC Regalia Gold – Which is Better

Let’s compare the fees and charges and the benefits and rewards offered by both credit cards –

Fees and Charges

Both the Regalia and Regalia Gold credit cards charge a joining and annual fee of Rs. 2500 plus taxes. You can get the renewal fee on the Regalia card waived off on spending Rs. 3 Lakhs or above in the previous year, but the Regalia Gold credit card, you have to spend 4 lacs to get fee waiver.

Welcome Benefits

The Regalia credit card offers bonus 2500 reward points as a welcome benefit to the cardholder.

The Regalia Gold card offers a complimentary Club Vistara Silver Tier and an MMT Black Elite membership on spending Rs. 1 Lakh or more within 90 days of card issuance.


Regalia Gold credit cards offer 12 complimentary domestic and 6 complimentary international lounge access to cardholders. Starting from 1st December 2023, HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Cardholders will be eligible for 8 complimentary domestic and 6 international lounge accesses each on quarterly spends of Rs. 1 lakh.

Insurance Benefits

Both the credit cards offer accidental air death insurance cover up to Rs. 1 Crore and overseas hospitalization cover worth Rs. 15 Lakhs.

Milestone Benefits

The Regalia card offers bonus 10,000 reward points on spending Rs. 5 Lakhs in the anniversary year. You get an additional 5000 reward points on spends of Rs. 8 Lakhs or above in the previous year.

The Regalia Gold Credit Card offers Rs. 1500 worth of gift vouchers from Marriott, Myntra, M&S, and Reliance Digital on spending Rs. 1.5 Lakhs or more every calendar quarter. Get Rs. 5,000 worth of flight vouchers when you spend Rs. 5 lakh in a card anniversary year. Additionally, you get flight vouchers worth Rs. 5,000 on spending Rs. 7.5 Lakhs or more in the card anniversary year.

Reward Earning Rate

The Regalia credit card offers 4 reward points per Rs. 150 spent with the card.

Regalia Gold also offers 4 reward points per Rs. 150 spent with the card, including education, utilities, and insurance spends. Also, you get accelerated 20 reward points per Rs. 150 spent at partner brands like Nykaa, Marks and Spencers, Myntra, Reliance Digital, and more.

Reward Redemption

Both the Regalia and the Regalia Gold credit card have the same value when redeeming reward points against different options.

  • Smartbuy – Rs. 0.5
  • Airmiles – 0.5 Airmiles
  • Rewards Catalog – Rs. 0.2 to Rs. 0.35
  • Cashback – Rs. 0.2

But, the Regalia Gold credit card gives you access to the Exclusive Gold Catalog where you can redeem your points for Apple, Samsung and other products at 0.65 Re/pt, which is not there on Regalia. Also, the Regalia Gold reward points can be transferred to new partners like Aeroplan, LifeMiles, Accor, etc. while Regalia allows transfer only to the older partners.

Why Choose Regalia Gold Over the Regalia Credit Card?

As discussed above, there are several reasons which make the Regalia Gold credit card better than the Regalia –

  • The reward rate on both the cards is the same, but the Regalia Gold has partner brands Myntra, Nykaa, Reliance Digital, etc. on which you get 5x reward points.
  • The Regalia Gold has better milestone benefits and even offers complimentary flight vouchers on achieving the target spend amount.
  • With the Regalia Gold credit card, you get access to the exclusive Gold Catalog for reward redemption and access to new points transfer partners like Aeroplan, LifeMiles, Accor, etc.
  • With Regalia Gold Credit Card you get 12 complimentary lounge access within India while Regalia Credit Card only offers 8 lounge access in a year.
  • You would need to spend Rs. 1 lakh each quarter to avail of domestic lounge access with Regalia Credit Card, while there is no such condition for Regalia Gold Credit Card.

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Bottom Line

The HDFC Regalia range of credit cards is one of the best choices in the market for people who live a lavish lifestyle. The card is packed with elite privileges across multiple categories, like travel, dining, movies, and more.

Even though both the cards charge a similar Rs. 2500 joining fee and are great in their own way, the Regalia Gold is the slightly better choice out of the two. The features and benefits, especially reward redemption and milestone benefits, are better with HDFC Regalia Gold. It even offers more free lounge access in a year than the Regalia Credit Card. If you own a Regalia credit card, then we recommend you to switch over to the Regalia Gold credit card.


  1. cflk Reply

    On the contrary, I feel Regalia seems like a better option from the points you have raised.
    If you spend 8 lakhs, in Regalia you get 15000 bonus points (10k on 5 Lakh spend, 5k in 8 lakhs, total 15k), which is 7500 Rs if you want to use it to book flight tickets.

    In Regalia Gold, you get a flight ticket worth 5000 Rs for 7.5 Lakh spend (can’t use it in chunks if the flight is cheaper, unlike earlier option). Then 1500 Rs vouchers of Marriott, M&S, Reliance Digital etc for spending 1.5 Lakh per quarter. You get almost nothing for 1500 Rs in these stores. You end up spending more !

    I’m happy with my Regalia for now since I want to use it for flights.

    • s KUmar Reply

      I have Realia first LTF, should i upgrade to Regalia Gold?

      • Ankur Mittal Reply

        Yes Regalia Gold has better features than Regalia First

    • sanjay poddar Reply

      HDFC cards are useless compared with other options, this is a Sarkari-type bank, that launched Regalia Gold to add Rs 2500 to the bottom line with no great benefit. Just a marketing gimmick there are cards which offer a business class ticket for every 2.5 lacs spent plus more benefits, why use regelia then and if you want to upgrade to Infinia Complete Natak. imagine they decline a person whose compensation is higher than their MD and status too. After Mr Ajai Puri Bunch of joker managing the BAnk that is why the share price is also going down

    • Sandy Reply

      You probably missed the point on 5k + 5k on Regalia Gold. Below is the statement. It says 5k for 5 lakh spend and another 5k if spend is 7.5 lakh. So it’s clear that even for flights gold is better option, going by this article.

      Get Rs. 5,000 worth of flight vouchers when you spend Rs. 5 lakh in a card anniversary year. Additionally, you get flight vouchers worth Rs. 5,000 on spending Rs. 7.5 Lakhs or more in the card anniversary year.

    • T s singh Reply

      My regalia card is free, I don’t see any benefits for upgrading it to gold, I’m sticking with my old card, seems like a gimmick to extract annual fees

    • Aravind Reply

      In Regalia Gold, you get a flight ticket worth 10000 Rs for 7.5 Lakh spends not 5000. (Rs. 5,000 worth of flight vouchers when you spend Rs. 5 lakh in a card anniversary year. Additionally, you get flight vouchers worth Rs. 5,000 on spending Rs. 7.5 Lakhs or more in the card anniversary year.)

    • Chandu Reply

      If you spend 5 lac you get 5000 flight voucher and again on spending 7.5 lac you get 5000 flight voucher and on quarterly basis if u spend 1.5 you get myantra 1500 voucher which is useful

  2. Geetika Reply

    Ya, even I do not find benefit of upgradation. Infact there is no renew fee waiver based on spend on Regalia Gold. Not going for it.

    • Jon Reply

      Just get your renewal few waived by showing your salary slips

      • Himanshu singh chauhan Reply

        It has been clearly observed not much of difference between both card. Its useless to upgrade to gold. Being leader in Credit card, HDFC should come with better upgradable options for existing customers based on their spending.
        Till than happy with Regalia

        • Parth Reply

          Regalia gold has weaver on 4 lacs spent where regalia has weaver on 3 lacs spent! Please correct this info

          • amit

            Yes you are right

    • Shubham Reply

      Exactly this seems like a paid article.
      HDFC gave a lot of benefits on Regalia to get customers and now instead of changing terms they are trying to trick you into a downgrade by calling it Gold.
      Not only will you miss out on the waiver the reward benefits on milestones are much better with Regalia and also offers a lot of redemption flexibility.

      • Ankur Mittal Reply

        Shubham, with Regalia Gold we get access to new flights/hotels transfer partners. Like with Regalia Gold we can also transfer pts to accor. Value of each accor pt is around 1.8 Re.

        If your Regalia card is LTF then you should stick to it.

      • Prakash Tulsiani Reply

        Agree … HDFC in entirely useless.
        ICICI Thousand times better. Better rewards, v good service desk, responses.
        I have ICICI Coral CC since 6 years. Have HDFC Regalia CC as Salary transfer no charges.
        2 days ago I got 25% discount on BOOKMYSHOW for movie tickets. Other hand HDFC no nothing such.
        HDFC just eats head all day with marketing emails. Call, speak to dedicated Relationship manager … No use.
        Summary : HDFC is just focussed on advertising and marketing … On ground absolutely useless. For first time tried Airport lounge at Chandigarh Airport, it doesn’t work there and contrary small banks AXIS, others give you this facility

  3. RCR Reply

    From what’s described in this article, I find that Regalia is better option than Regalia Gold.

  4. Raghuveer Reply

    My Regalia card is LTF while I called and checked for Regalia Gold – it is only 1st year free!! I’m happy with Regalia itself!!

  5. Manjunath Reply

    Regalia Gold does not provide fuel surcharge waiver of 1%. I cancelled my credit card upgrade for just this one reason.

    • Avinash Reply

      Thanks for the valuable input to avoid this surprise. It does not make any sense if i had to use credit card at fuel station only to incur 1% surcharge.

    • Vikas Tiwari Reply

      I feel the Regalia card has been a good card ,with lot of benifits and has served hdfc and its customers well..If hdfc wanted wants to upgrade it’s regalia card customers..it should offer them the Diners card which Is a step above regalia and the no 1 card of hdfc bank while regalia is no 2.. that would be a real upgrade…
      So not going for the regalia gold…

  6. Presoon Reply

    I thought, I was lost reading this article…. the comments helped to affirm, what I felt is correct… not going for free upgrade…..

    • Karthik Reply

      By going through the comments it make sures that Regalia is better than Gold, thats the bottom line.

  7. Sharad Reply

    I am surprised that they are calling this as an upgrade. It should be a downgrade to gold with added fee …lol

  8. Ajoy Biswas Reply

    I also got the offer but I’m happy with LTF regalia. Actually HDFC want to LTF to paid one in the name of upgrade.

  9. Prabhav Reply

    Regalia is LTF while Regalia gold is free for just 1 year..Happy with my Regalia card.

  10. Umalakshmi Reply

    For people saying you get much more rewards in Regalia over Regalia gold, how much do you sepnd online these days? With new vendors like Myntra, Nykaa, Reliance DIgital and MakeMyTrip, get 5x rewards now is a breeze. which will cover the 10k and 5K points on spends if you use these sites regularly.
    Also, new benefit is that you can transfer your points to different vendors which is not available in a lot of cards.
    Regalia Gold in LTF too in you spend over 4L in the year and in Regalia it was 3L. For people who got their regalia last year, there is no LTF unless you go over the spend limit.
    If you look at all these, Regalia Gold has more added benefits, specifically usage related benefits.

  11. Sudesh Reply

    Its not even worth considering. Only only change ‘For better’ seems to be the looks on the card. Regalia is Life time free card. Benefits and offers literally no change – you need to spend 4 Lakh per annum from second year to avail the 2500/- annual fee.

  12. Georgy Cherian Reply

    Just yesterday I tried to use the lounge access at kochi airport and they confirmed that regalia will not be accepted and only gold will be. This is quite unfair. I don’t want to “upgrade” to gold but just this feature alone is forcing me to change to gold.

  13. Nitin Reply

    Did read the comments above. I thing regalia overall has been donwgraded. It wasn’t accepted across two domestic airports lounge and in one of the international airport lounge as well. Was very unhappy with it and have rather switched my spending to other credit cards

  14. Raju Reply

    I have Regalia Card with LTF, I am getting upgrade option to Regalia Gold with No Joining Fees but Annual charges of 2500/Year, Shall I go for it?

  15. Pratik Reply

    One of the main thing is for Regalia the fee gets waived off for a 3lakh spends in a year, but its 4lakh for regalia gold. Hence I am also not upgrading the card.

  16. John Reply

    i am having HDFC Regalia card, which was offered to me without Joining fees and annual charges. Now HDFC is requesting to upgrade to Regalia Gold with no joining fees. Since there is no waiver in annual charges, i prefer to continue with Regalia itself.

  17. harmit Reply

    Pure gimmick to charge annual fees;of 2500 without any substantial benefits. I am not upgrading to regalia gold. It’s better to switch to other bank.

  18. Prasad Reply

    The hdfc bank website related credit card useless and don’t have direct way to find required information

  19. Kunal Chakravertti Reply

    I have a salary account with HDFC and I got the Regalia Gold as LTF. So no issues for me

    • Sai Pratap Reply

      I just checked with HDFC bank customer care. They denied to offer as LTF inspite of having a savings account with them. Too bad from HDFC.
      Denied to get the upgrade to Regalia Gold.

  20. c.jagannath Reply

    having HDFC Regalia card, which was offered to me without Joining fees and annual charges. Now HDFC is requesting to upgrade to Regalia Gold with no joining fees. Since there is no waiver in annual charges and have to pay it,such offers seems to collect feeses only so its better to continue with Regalia itself.

  21. Vinay Reply

    They simply want to shift customers with a free Regalia card to paid gold card .Its better to stick with old card only

    • Kartik Kanwar Reply

      Paid version is much much better than the base Regalia card. Especially since the devaluations.

  22. A C Reply

    Do we have any spend based restriction on Regalia’s international lounge benefit?

    I already have an active priority pass and do not feel like upgrading as my Regalia is LTF, and not bothered about domestic lounge access.

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