First-time credit card users are often confused about which card to use. Should they go for a lifetime-free credit card or a generic paid credit card? This article compares two very famous entry-level cards in the wallets of many people all over India.

The first is the SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card, an excellent choice for online shopping enthusiasts. It offers 10X reward points on purchases with partner brands and 5X on other online transactions. With a modest joining fee of ₹499 plus taxes, it gifts an Amazon voucher worth ₹500 as a welcome benefit, making it a valuable card for first-time users looking to maximize their spending rewards.

SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card Vs Axis My Zone Credit Card

The other is the Axis My Zone Credit Card which is great for movie buffs and food lovers, offering BOGO on movie tickets, discounts on Swiggy, and special dining deals. With a joining fee of ₹500 plus taxes, it also includes a free SonyLiv subscription as a welcome gift, making entertainment and dining more enjoyable and affordable. In this article, the SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card and Axis My Zone Credit Card are compared in a manner that will solve any confusion faced by someone looking to apply for these credit cards.

SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card

One of the most popular entry-level credit cards from SBI, the SimplyCLICK Credit Card, is best suited for shopping with all the reward points it offers its cardholders. Its reputation for enhancing the shopping experience without complicating the process has made it especially popular with first-time credit card users. With a focus on simplicity and value, it is a go-to option for making the most out of everyday transactions with a pretty good reward rate. The features of the SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card are as follows.


The joining and renewal fees of the SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card are ₹499 plus taxes. The annual fee can be waived on spending ₹1 lakh or more in the previous year.

Welcome Benefit

The SBI SimplyCLICK cardholders will receive an Amazon voucher worth ₹500. A  Voucher Code will be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number within 30 days of paying the membership fee of ₹499.

Milestone Benefit

Cardholders will receive e-vouchers from Cleartrip or Yatra worth ₹2,000 each on reaching annual online spends of ₹1 lakh and 2 lakhs each

Reward Benefit

  • Cardholders will get 10X reward points on online transactions with exclusive partner brands like Apollo 24×7, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, Dominos, Myntra, Netmeds, Swiggy, and Yatra.
  • They will earn 5X reward points on online purchases and 1 reward point on every ₹100 spent on other purchases.

Axis My Zone Credit Card

The Axis My Zone Credit Card comes in the top entry-level cards and is best suited for movies and shopping. This offer is great for people who enjoy movies and food. It gives them ways to save money and make their experiences even better. This card comes with welcome benefits, movie and dining offers, complimentary lounge visits, and much more. The main features and benefits of the Axis My Zone Credit Card are as follows.


The joining and renewal fees of the Axis My Zone Credit Card are ₹500 plus taxes. The annual fee cannot be waived.

Welcome Benefit

People with an Axis My Zone Credit Card will receive a complimentary SonyLiv subscription worth ₹999 as a welcome gift when they purchase within 30 days of the card issuance.

Movie/Dining Benefits

  • You will get BOGO offers on movie tickets through Paytm Movies once every month.
  • Flat ₹120 off on food delivery through Swiggy, which can be redeemed twice a month.
  • On a minimum order of ₹2,500, cardholders through the Axis Bank Dining Delights Program will get up to 15% off on all partnered restaurants.

Reward Benefit

For every ₹200 spent, earn 4 EDGE REWARD points which can be redeemed on the EDGE REWARDS Catalog available on the official site of Axis Bank.

Quick Comparison Between SBI SimplyCLICK and Axis My Zone Credit Card

Features SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card Axis My Zone Credit Card
Joining/Annual Fees ₹499 + GST ₹500 + GST
Reward Rate
  • 10X RP on partner brands
  • 5X RP on online purchases
  • 1 RP for every ₹100 spent on other purchases
4 EDGE points for every ₹200 spent
Reward Redemption
  • RP can be redeemed for gift vouchers on the SBI website or app
  • 1 RP = ₹0.25
EDGE points can be redeemed against shopping or travel vouchers on Axis Bank EDGE Rewards portal
Welcome Benefits Amazon gift voucher worth ₹500 Free SonyLiv subscription worth ₹999
Movie/Dining N/A
  • BOGO offers movie tickets via Paytm movies
  • ₹120 off on food orders from Swiggy
  • Up to 15% off at partner restaurants through the Dining Delights Program
Travel Benefits N/A One complimentary domestic airport lounge access every quarter

Bottom Line

Choosing between the SBI SimplyCLICK and Axis My Zone Credit Cards depends on your spending habits and preferences. The SBI SimplyCLICK Credit Card is an excellent choice for frequent online shoppers, offering an impressive reward point system for purchases made with partner brands and for other online transactions. The welcome benefit of an Amazon voucher is an added advantage for online shopping enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Axis My Zone Credit Card serves more entertainment and dining lovers with its BOGO movie ticket offers, discounts on Swiggy, and a complimentary SonyLiv subscription.

While both cards have unique offerings, if you prefer online shopping and maximizing reward points, the SBI SimplyCLICK might be the better option. However, if movies and dining out are more your scene, then the Axis My Zone could be the one for you, making experiences both more enjoyable and affordable.

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