Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card is by far one of the most popular credit cards in India. Over four million of these cards have been issued, and they are mostly sought by those who often shop with the e-commerce giant Amazon. Over the past weekend, ICICI Bank has come up with an update for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Cards. Starting from 18 June, no cashback shall be awarded for rental transactions made with the card. This move comes just a few months after the bank made significant changes to the terms of its credit cards, including removing rewards for rent payments with all ICICI Bank Credit Cards, excluding Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card.

Previously, 1% cashback was offered for rental payments made with the card. 

No Rewards for Rent Payments With Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Cards

Bottom Line

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card is considered to be one of the best credit cards and a must-have for everyone. This card is lifetime free and offers over 5% cashback on all purchases made on Amazon for Prime members. Although this card has never seen any substantial changes, it has now been devalued since it won’t offer any rewards on rent payments. Many consider this a minor devaluation as many didn’t use this card for rental payments. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that starting from 18th June, no cashback will be awarded for rent payments.

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