RBL Bank has become a popular credit card issuer in the country and offers a wide range of co-branded and non-co-branded credit cards in different categories, including travel, shopping, entertainment, dining, and many more. All these credit cards offer rewards in some form, and one can maximize the benefits of their credit card by redeeming their earned reward points against the right category and at the right time, i.e, before the expiry date. Some cards offer reward points, some offer cashback, whereas some RBL Credit Cards reward their customers in the form of other types of rewards.

how to redeem rbl credit card reward points

Generally, the cardholders know how to earn Reward Points but they are not aware of how to redeem RBL Credit Card Rewards Points. Sometimes, even if they know, they keep saving their rewards in order to make a big transaction using them, they are not aware of the fact that these rewards may expire after a certain period.

In order to make the most out of your credit card, you should know the redemption process and all the options where you can redeem the reward points earned by you. The RBL Bank has a dedicated rewards portal where cardholders can redeem their earned points against the options of their choice. If you have an RBL Bank Credit Card and you want to know everything about your credit card reward redemption, go through the complete article as it contains all the necessary information:

RBL Credit Cards Reward Redemption – Know Their Value In Rupees

The monetary value of Reward Points offered by RBL Credit Cards may be different for different credit cards and for redemption against different categories. There are several co-branded as well as general credit cards in the RBL Bank’s portfolio, each of them having different reward structures. Everything about the redemption of RBL bank Credit Cards are given below:

For RBL Bank Rewards Credit Cards

On most of the RBL Bank Credit Cards, you earn Reward Points that can be redeemed against a host of options, including travel, shopping, mobile recharges, and many more. These points can also be redeemed against gift vouchers of various premium brands, including Amazon and many more. The monetary value of 1 RBL Reward Point for redemption against shopping, travel, etc, is Re. 0.25 in general, however, it may vary for a few brands and categories. You can check for the same by logging in to the RBL Bank’s Rewards portal using your user name or password. In the case of gift vouchers, the value of Reward Points is not fixed and it varies for different brands. Some of the examples are given in the table below:

Brand Name Value of Gift Voucher Number of Reward points Required
Amazon and Flipkart Rs. 2,000 17,000 points
Shoppers Stopand Pantaloons Rs. 1,000 5,200 points
Lifestyle Rs. 1,000 6,500 points
Myntra Rs. 1,000 7,000 points
Allen Solly Rs. 2,000 8,500 points
Big Bazaar Rs. 1,000 8,000 points
Pizza Hut Rs. 1,500 5,700 points
Baskin Robbins Rs. 1,000 4,000 points
Cafe Coffee Day Rs. 1,000 4.,500 points

How To Redeem RBL Credit Card Reward Points?

In order to redeem your reward points earned through the RBL Bank Credit Cards, you will have to follow a few simple steps which are as mentioned below:

For Travel Bookings

– Log in to the RBL Bank’s Rewards portal using your username and password.
– Click on the option ‘Travel’ and select the flight you want to book.
– After selecting your flight, proceed further to pay for your flight.
– Click on the option ‘Redeem Points’ and select the number of Reward Points you want to redeem.
– Enter the OTP you have received on your registered mobile number and proceed further.

For Shopping

– Log in to the Rewards portal of RBL Bank.
– Click on the option ‘Shopping’ and select the brands/products you want to purchase and add them to your cart.
– Proceed further to pay the bills.
– Click on the ‘Redeem Points’ option and choose the number of Reward Points you want to redeem against this purchase. You can either pay the full bill using Reward Points or pay partially through Reward Points and partially with your credit card.
– You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter that for verification and proceed further.

For Gift Vouchers

– Visit the Reward Redemption page of RBL Rewards.
– Select the option Vouchers and click on ‘Redeem Now.’
– Log in using your valid credentials.
– elect the gift vouchers you want to purchase using your Reward Points.
– Proceed further accordingly.

You can check the number of Reward Points required to purchase different brands’ vouchers on this page.

How To Convert RBL Credit Card Reward Points To Cash

As of now, the RBL Bank doesn’t provide you with an option to redeem your earned Reward Points against cash, but that doesn’t make these points less valuable. You can purchase gift vouchers using these points and these vouchers can further be used to make purchases from the brand of your choice. For example, if you redeem your RBL Bank Credit Card Reward Points against an Amazon voucher, you can use this voucher to add a balance to your Amazon Pay account and make UPI payments using that.

For RBL Zomato Co-Branded Credit Cards

RBL Bank also offers two co-branded credit cards in partnership with Zomato, the premium dining & food ordering app. These two cards are named Zomato Edition Black and Zomato Edition Classic Credit Card. Both these cards offer Edition Cash in the form of reward points and these points are redeemable against dining-related spends on the Zomato app.

How To Redeem RBL Credit Cards Edition Cash?

The Edition Cash you earn using your RBL Bank Editon Black or Edition Classic Credit Cards are automatically credited to your Zomato account and it can be used against your food purchases via the app. The monetary value of 1 Edition Cash is equal to Re. 1. The Edition Cash Points for the eligible transactions are credited to your Zomato account within three working days from the transaction date and you will easily get an option to redeem them against your food orders.

For Other Credit Cards

Other than RBL Bank Credit Cards that offer reward points, there are some credit cards that reward you n other forms, like cashback, complimentary movie tickets, etc. For example, the RBL Bank Popcorn Credit Card doesn’t offer Reward Points, but it offers cashback and complimentary movie tickets on the basis of the weekly & monthly spends of the cardholders.

How To Redeem RBL Credit Cards Cashback?

There are different redemption processes for the cashback and the free movie tickets that the cardholders earn using this card:

Steps To redeem Weekly Cashback:

– Scan the QR code given on the back of your card.
– Enter your registered mobile number.
– Enter your card number’s last four digits.
– You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter that.
– The eligible cashback will be credited to your account within 2 working days.

Steps to Redeem Free Movie Tickets:

– Open BookMyShow website/app.
– Select the movie you want to watch and the sets.
– Proceed further to pay.
– Click on the option ‘Unlock offers or apply promo codes.’
– Select ‘avail offers.’
– Now, select the option you want to redeem, i.e, ‘RBL Bank Monthly offer’ or ‘RBL Bank Welcome offer.’

Bottom Line

Now, you might have understood all the redemption options and processes to redeem your reward points earned using the RBL bank Credit Cards. RBL bank offers a decent reward rate on all its credit cards and the cardholders can save amazingly if they know how to use their earned rewards in the right manner. Just make sure that you redeem your earned points before they expire as the validity of these points is only two years. Earning Reward Points on your credit card only makes sense if you are wise enough to redeem these points to get the maximum benefit.

If you have any additional doubts regarding RBL bank Credit Cards Reward points redemption, let us know in the comment section below!

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