Most people use credit cards today, but not everyone knows all the features and usage of a credit card properly. They are just aware of the annual fee, credit limit, etc, but there are a lot more things to know. Credit card issuers provide many facilities and benefits to their credit cardholders. Cash withdrawal is one such facility that credit cardholders can avail of. HDFC Bank, being one of the major credit card issuers in the country, offers a wide range of credit cards and it has a great customer base. Like every other card issuer, HDFC Bank also allows its customers to withdraw cash using their credit cards, however, there are certain terms & conditions and fees & charges that need to be kept in mind by the cardholders while availing of this facility.

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Lots of individuals often withdraw cash using their HDFC Bank Credit Card, but they are not aware of the fees and charges associated with it. Not only this but there is a certain limit up to which the cardholders can withdraw cash using their credit card. However, the process is very similar to that of debit cards, but the credit cardholder may end up paying additional charges on withdrawing cash. In this article, we will make you understand everything about HDFC Credit Card Cash withdrawal, all the charges associated with it, the maximum limit up to which cash can be withdrawn, etc. Keep reading for detailed information on the same:

HDFC Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

As mentioned earlier, HDFC Bank Credit Cardholders can withdraw cash using their credit card. There are certain charges, including cash advance fees, and interest charges that need to be paid by the cardholders. Moreover, there is a certain cash advance limit for every credit card. These charges and cash limits can be different for different cardholders and can be decided on the basis of various factors. Some of the most important points that should be considered before availing of the cash advance facility are as follows:

Cash Withdrawal Process

The process of withdrawing cash using a credit card is very similar to that of a debit card. You can just visit the nearest ATM to you with your credit card and follow a few simple steps as mentioned below:

– Insert your credit card into the ATM.
– Select the language of your preference.
– Choose the option of Withdrawal/
– Enter your credit card’s 4-digit PIN.
– Enter the amount you want to withdraw and proceed further accordingly.

There are several more functions that the HDFC bank credit cardholders can perform via an ATM.  If you have an HDFC bank Credit Card, you can check the balance on your credit card, generate/change the PIN on your card, and obviously, withdraw cash.


If you withdraw cash using your credit card, you need to pay a few charges, including cash advance fees, interest charges etc. One of the most important things to know here is that there is no interest-free period on cash withdrawals made using a credit card, unlike other transactions that are eligible for an interest-free period of up to 50 days. It means if you withdraw cash using your credit card, the interest starts accruing on ut from the very next day of the transaction. Following are the types of charges that are applicable on HDFC credit card cash withdrawals:

Cash Advance Fee

The cash advance fee is the same for all the HDFC Credit Cards. It s 2.5% of the withdrawn amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 500. For example, if you withdraw Rs. 30,000 using your credit card, it’s 2.5% would be Rs. 750 and hence you will have to pay Rs. 750 as a cash advance fee. However, if you withdraw only Rs. 2,000, its 2.5% would be Rs. 50, but you will still have to pay a cash withdrawal fee of Rs. 500.

Interest Charges

The interest charges on cash withdrawals are the same as that on the other transactions made using HDFC Bank Credit Cards. However, the cardholders don’t get an interest-free period for cash advance transactions. The interest rate on most of the HDFC Bank Credit Cards is 3.6% per month and it is lesser for selected premium credit cards like HDFC Infinia Card, Diners Club Black Card, and a few more.

Cash Advance Limit

The HDFC Bank Credit Cardholders should be aware of the fact that they can not withdraw an unlimited amount using their credit card, but there is a certain limit up to which cash withdrawal is allowed on credit cards. This cash limit is not equal to the credit limit of your card, but a small percentage of it. Therefore, the cash advance limit may vary for each cardholder on the basis of their total credit limit. The credit limit of each cardholder may be different based on their annual income, credit score, and a few more factors, and the cash limit varies accordingly.

For the HDFC Bank Credit Cards, the cash advance limit is 40% of the total credit limit on a card. For example, if your total credit limit is Rs. 10 lakhs, your cash advance limit would be Rs. 4 lakhs, i.e, you can withdraw only up to Rs. 4 lakhs using your credit card in a particular statement cycle.

Bottom Line

The cash advance facility is provided by the card issuers so that the cardholders can avail of it in emergency situations. So, the cardholders should make sure that they don’t withdraw cash using their credit card until it’s really urgent. It is because you will have to pay unnecessary additional charges whenever you will withdraw cash using your card. Moreover, if you have an HDFC Bank Credit Card, you should also know that you can withdraw cash only up to 40% of your total credit limit, which is not really a bad limit as some card issuers offer even lower cash limit to their credit cardholders.

We hope that now you have understood everything about HDFC Credit Card cash withdrawal. If you still have additional doubts, you can freely ask us in the comment section below!

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