HDFC Bank has been offering a spend-based offer on its credit cards every month for a long time. You can earn gift vouchers from some of the most popular shopping brands in the country on the basis of your total spends within the offer duration. The offer is user-specific, which means it is different for each customer. Each eligible HDFC Bank cardholder would receive an email regarding the offer, where the minimum required spends and the value of the gift vouchers will be written. However, there are some terms & conditions that you will have to fulfill in order to avail of this offer.

HDFC May 2022 Offer

HDFC Bank keeps coming up with exciting spend-based offers every month. This time, along with two spends based offers, the card issuer has also launched an offer on payments towards government services. The detailed information of both the offers is given below:

Spend Based Offer

This time, HDFC bank has come up with multiple spend-based offers for its credit cardholders. The offer is valid for all eligible transactions done between May 6 & May 31, 2022, and will be communicated to the eligible customers via email/SMS on their registered mobile number/email address. There are two spend-based offers; one for general retail transactions and the other for the transactions done via HDFC EasyEMI. On spending a specific minimum amount, you will get a gift voucher from any of the popular brands, including Amazon, Flipkart, Lifestyle, etc. The minimum amount required to be spent and the voucher value may vary for each cardholder and will be directly communicated with them via email.

For example, the email sent to an eligible cardholder will look like this:
Don’t miss out on these 2 exclusive offers for HDFC Bank Credit Card XXXX
1) Get Rs. 1,500 Lifestyle/Flipkart voucher on spending Rs. 3 lakh from 06-31 May.
2) Get Rs. 1000 Amazon voucher on using EasyEMI for Rs 15,000 from 06-31 May
– Voucher delivery by 31st Aug.”

Here, ABCD denotes the cardholder’s name and XXXX denotes the last four digits of your credit card. Again, it should be noted that the minimum required spend and the gift voucher’s value can be different for everyone. The gift vouchers will be sent to the eligible cardholders by August 31, 2022.

Offer On Payments Towards Government Platforms

Some customers have also got an offer where they can get a gift voucher worth Rs. 250 on making payments towards government services. However, the minimum transaction amount eligible for the offer is Rs. 5,000, i.e, to be eligible for the offer, the cardholders need to make a single transaction worth Rs. 5,000 or more towards government services. This offer is valid from May 4, 2022, to May 31, 2022. Moreover, only the customers receiving direct communication from the bank will be eligible for the offer.

HDFC Spend Based offer

HDFC April 2022 Offer

The HDFC Bank Credit Cardholders again have an opportunity to get exciting gift vouchers from popular brands on achieving the milestone spend that has been communicated to them via email/SMS. The spend milestone and the monetary value of gift vouchers can be different for different cardholders. Moreover, the customers can choose gift vouchers from any of these popular brands: Myntra/Lifestyle/Big basket/Flipkart. All the retail transactions made between April 1, 2022, and April 30, 2022, will be eligible for the offer.

HDFC Bank Credit Cards Spend Based Offer - May 2022

Other than this, the bank has also launched an Easy EMI offer. Under this, the cardholders have an opportunity to get an Amazon gift voucher worth Rs. 1,000 on spending Rs. 20,000 or more using HDFC Easy EMI. To avail of this offer, the cardholders will simply need to opt for the Easy EMI option while online or in-store shopping. Both these offers are valid from April 1, 2022, to April 30, 2022.

HDFC Spend Based Offer February 2022

HDFC is once again offering gift vouchers to its credit card customers on achieving a certain spend-based milestone with their card. As always, this offer is customer-specific- different spend milestones for different customers and the value of gift vouchers are also different. This time, the card issuer has launched one more offer along with the normal spend-based offer.

HDFC Spend Based Offer January 2022

HDFC Bank has once again come up with the spend-based offer in Jan 2022 under which you can get discount vouchers from some of the popular shopping brands on achieving a certain spend milestone with your HDFC credit card as communicated to you by the bank via an email/SMS. As always, the offer is different for different cardholders. The offer is valid from 11th January to 31st January 2022.


This time around, apart from the spend milestone stipulated by the bank in the email/SMS, the cardholder is also required to spend an additional amount at the merchant whose discount voucher they want to avail of. The additional spend requirement for the various brands are as per the following table-

Discount Voucher Amount (in Rs.) Additional Spends Required (in Rs.)
Lifestyle Croma Myntra Brand Factory
500 2500 5000 1000 2500
1000 5000 10000 2000 5000
1500 7500 15000 3000 7500
2000 10000 20000 4000 10000
2500 12500 25000 5000 12500
3000 15000 30000 6000 15000
4000 20000 40000 8000 20000

Offers Terms & Conditions

  • The offer is applicable only for select HDFC credit card customers who received a formal intimation from the bank regarding the same as a part of their marketing campaign.
  • Transactions such as cash withdrawal, balance transfer, and purchases on EMI do not count towards the spend milestone.
  • Corporate Cards, commercial cards, dealer cards, distributers cards, value plan cards, and staff cards issued by HDFC bank are not eligible for the offer.
  • The offer can not be combined with any other offer the cardholder is eligible for.
  • In case an individual holds more than one HDFC credit card, the spends on the two cards can not be combined to avail of the offer benefit.
  • The discount vouchers earned under the offer shall be shared with the customers by 30th April 2022.

HDFC November 2021 Offer

HDFC Bank Credit Card Spend Based Offers

Like every month, HDFC is offering gift vouchers from popular online shopping portals and offline retail stores including Flipkart, Myntra, Lifestyle, BigBasket and many others on achieving the stipulated spends milestones. The offers vary for different cardholders based on their spending habits. Cardholders are intimated about the offer applicable on their credit card via email.

Under this offer, some of the Infinia cardholders are getting gift vouchers worth Rs. 1,500 on spending a minimum of Rs. 1,02,000, while Diners Black cardholders are getting gift vouchers worth Rs. 750 on expenditure of a minimum of Rs. 1,13,000 between 3rd November and 30th November 2021. This time, HDFC is offering gift vouchers against spends on add-on credit cards as well. Some cardmembers have received mails regarding the add-on card offer.

All the aforementioned offers are applicable only on purchases made between 3rd November to 30th November 2021 and shall be fulfilled by 28th February 2022.

HDFC September 2021 Offer

As always HDFC has sent the mail to select cardholders for spend-based offers for the month of September. Various users have received different offers like on 1 card we have received the offer- Get Rs 1,000 voucher on spends of Rs 84,000.

Offer Date– September 6th to September 30, 2021
Offer Fulfillment Date– By December 31, 2021

HDFC Spend based offer September

For us, the reward rate is around 1.2% but some users have got offers upto 3% reward rate.

HDFC August 2021 Offer

Following are the full details of the HDFC Bank credit card spend based offers for August 2021:

HDFC Bank credit card spend based offers

If you are an HDFC Bank cardholder, you will get an Email like: Claim a gift voucher worth Rs. XXXX. Simply spend Rs. XXXX with your HDFC Bank Credit Card or with Easy EMI between August 6, 2021, and August 31, 2021. The value of the gift voucher and the amount to be spent will be different for each customer. For example, it can be a gift voucher worth Rs. 2,000 on a spend of Rs. 40,000 or it can be a gift voucher worth Rs. 1,000 on a spend of Rs. 1,00,000. In short, you can avail of up to a 5% value back in the form of gift vouchers. To avail of the offer, you will have to spend the minimum amount as written in the email sent to you.

Eligible Customers

All HDFC Bank credit cards customers who have received the communication (SMS/eMail) are eligible for the offer except the business cards, corporate cards, staff cards, commercial cards, dealer cards, distributor cards, and value plus cards.

HDFC Bank Spend Based Offer Terms & Conditions

  • The HDFC Bank spend-based offer is valid only on retail transactions & Easy EMI spends made through HDFC Bank Credit Cards and not on cash withdrawal and loan products.
  • The earned gift vouchers will be shared with you within 3 months after the offer ending date.
  • Returned or canceled purchases will not be eligible for this offer.
  • The cardholders can not combine any two offers at a time.
  • The offer is non-extendable, non-encashable, and non-negotiable.
  • If you have 2 or more HDFC Bank Credit Cards, you can not combine your total spends to qualify for the offer.
  • The offer is valid only for people who are a resident of India & are Indian citizens.
  • The HDFC Bank cardholders are not bound by any means to participate in the offer.
  • The HDFC Bank reserves the right to extend/withdraw/modify the offer any time without any prior notice.

Bottom Line

The HDFC Bank spend-based offer is giving an amazing opportunity to its customers to earn gift vouchers on the basis of their total spends during the offer period. However, the eligible spends can vary for each customer. You can earn gift vouchers worth more rupees by spending less than a person who has spent more than you but is getting gift vouchers of lesser value. So, if you are eligible for the offer, don’t think twice and try to achieve the spend threshold to get the free gift vouchers.

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