Today, almost every household owns a vehicle, whether it’s a car, a bike, or a scooter. Humans are heavily dependent on petrol primarily because it powers the majority of our transportation needs. To pay for fuel transactions with some benefits, banks have started collaborating with petroleum refinery companies and have begun launching credit cards.

Today, there is a craze for credit cards in all generations due to the perks, benefits, and rewards they offer. People from Generation Z, millennials, and baby boomers all have a credit cards or they prefer to own a credit card. Some people even have a collection of credit cards for different purposes, like dining out, shopping, traveling, etc. Fuel credit cards are gaining massive popularity because of all the benefits and discounts they offer to their cardholders. The BPCL SBI Credit Card and the IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card are two examples of the collaboration between banks and petroleum refinery companies. To learn more about all the benefits and discounts that both these cards offer, continue reading.

BPCL SBI Vs IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card

BPCL SBI Credit Card

The BPCL SBI Credit Card is a collaboration between the SBI Card and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. It has a joining and renewal fee of Rs. 499 plus taxes, which will be waived if you spend Rs. 50,000 in an anniversary year. As a welcome benefit, cardholders will get 2000 reward points worth Rs. 500 on payment of joining fees. This card is great for earning rewards on fuel purchases at BPCL stations, offering a total value back of 4.25% on fuel transactions. Cardholders also enjoy 5X reward points on spending in categories like dining, movies, departmental stores, and groceries. A fuel surcharge waiver of 1% on transactions up to Rs. 400 across all BPCL fuel stations in India. The card also offers the ability to redeem points for gift vouchers, fuel, or cash against the card’s statement balance. An annual saving of nearly 50 litres of fuel is also offered with this card.

IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card

The IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card is a co-branded card between HDFC Bank and IndianOil that is best suited for fuel transactions. The joining and renewal fees are Rs. 500 plus taxes, which can be waived if you spend Rs 20,000 in the first 90 days of card issuance. Using the fuel points earned with this card, you can get up to 50 liters of free fuel annually. This credit card can also be linked to UPI as it is on the RuPay network.

You will also receive a complimentary IndianOil XTRAREWARDS Program (IXRP) membership, which allows you to redeem fuel points at an excellent rate of 1 FP = Re. 0.96. You can earn fuel points and redeem them for products/vouchers and several other categories. The reward rate is 5% of spending as fuel points at IndianOil outlets, groceries, and bill payments, 1 Fuel Point on every Rs. 150 spent on all other purchases, with a reward rate of up to 4.8%. Fuel points are redeemable for free fuel using the complimentary IndianOil XTRAREWARDS Program (IXRP) membership at IndianOil outlets (1 FP = 96 Paise), through net banking towards catalog products (1 FP = 20 Paise), and as cashback on the credit card (1 FP = 20 Paise). 1% fuel surcharge waiver on minimum transaction of Rs. 400 across all fuel stations in India.

Comparing BPCL and IndianOil Credit Card

Features BPCL SBI Credit Card IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card
Joining/ Renewal Fee Rs. 499 + GST Rs. 500 + GST
Reward Rate
  • 1 RP for every Rs. 100 spent on non-fuel transactions
  • 5 RP on every Rs. 100 spent on groceries, departmental stores, dining, and movies
  • 13 RP on every Rs. 100 spent on fuel purchases at BPCL stations
  • Earn 5% as fuel points at IndianOil outlets, groceries, and bill payments
  • 1 Fuel Point for every Rs. 100 spent on all other purchases
Reward Redemption
  • Reward points can be redeemed for gift vouchers on or SBI mobile app
  • 4 RP = Rs. 1
  • Redeemable for free fuel using XTRAREWARDS program
  • Redeem fuel points through NetBanking
  • Redeem fuel points as cashback
Welcome Benefits 2000 RP worth Rs. 500 on payment of the joining fee N/A
Movie/Dining Benefits 5X RP for every Rs. 100 spent on dining or movie spends N/A

Bottom Line

Choosing between the BPCL SBI Credit Card and the IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card usually depends on your personal needs and spending habits. Suppose you frequently fill up at BPCL stations and enjoy a variety of rewards beyond just fuel. In that case, the BPCL SBI card offers a compelling package with its welcome benefits and high reward points on dining, movies, and grocery spending.

On the other hand, the IndianOil HDFC card is a great option for those who prefer IndianOil for their fuel needs and are looking for straightforward benefits like free fuel and a generous reward rate on fuel points. Both cards offer a way to save on fuel expenses, but the right choice for you depends on where you typically purchase fuel and how you like to redeem your rewards. Choosing the right credit card depends upon the cardholder’s preference and what benefits they require.

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