Axis Bank has an online shopping portal for its customers where you can get exclusive offers and earn accelerated reward points on your debit and credit cards. The Axis Bank Grab Deals shopping portal works just like the American Express Reward Multiplier and HDFC Bank SmartBuy portals, where you can find great deals for some of the best and most popular brands in our country.

To benefit from the exclusive discounts, cashback, or reward points offers on Grab Deals, you have to visit the partner merchant website through the Grab Deals link and not directly. Also, for most brands, the offer is valid only when you shop on their website via Grab Deals and not on the mobile application or any third-party platform.

Axis Bank Grab Deals Offers

The range of products you can purchase from Grab Deals is huge, as you have access to electronics, apparel, hotels/flights, travel, wellness, beauty, accessories, sports, etc. Mainly, you get instant discounts, cashback offers, and coupon-based deals. For Grab Deals, Axis Bank has partnered with many popular brands like Apple, Myntra, Croma, OnePlus, Uber, Swiggy, Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

In this article, we’ll learn about the Grab Deals shopping portal, its top offers, and the terms and conditions related to it.

Grab Deals Offer March 2024

The cashback offered on Amazon has now been increased to 5% (Maximum Rs. 3,000). Earlier, you would only have gotten a cashback of 2% on Amazon with Axis Bank Grabdeals.  This offer is valid from 17th March to 23rd March 2024.

Flat 10% cashback for Digital Savings Accounts which are opened after 1st May 2023

Grab Deals Offer December 2023

There are not many major changes to the Axis Bank Grab Deals offer, but several partners have been added. You can now purchase from Cadbury, Lenovo, Puma, Fossil, Bombay Shaving Company, ClearTax, and more brands.

Grab Deals Offers – Over 50 Deals For You

The Grab Deals portal is exclusively meant for Axis Bank credit and debit cardholders, where you get exclusive deals on your favourite brands and earn maximum reward points on your purchases. Axis Bank has partnered with the most sought-after brands in our country, offering you more than 50 top offers.

You won’t have to search for a brand with the best deals because the Grab Deals shopping portal covers almost every category, including electronics, apparel, beauty and wellness, sports, travel, etc. Apart from cashback, discounts, and reward points, customers with an Axis Bank digital account get additional benefits on their purchases through the portal.

There are three main types of offers at the Grab Deals portal: Cashback or reward points, coupon-based offers, and instant discounts. Let’s take a look at some of the best offers and deals you can avail of from the shopping portal.

Cashback Offers

We’ll discuss the best cashback and reward points offers on Grab Deals across various categories –

Brand Name Cashback and Accelerated RPs
Amazon 5% Cashback
Flipkart 5% Cashback or 5X RPs
Myntra 6% Cashback or 5X RPs
Ajio 4% Cashback or 5X RPs
Beardo 10.5% Cashback or 5X RPs
Fossil 21% Cashback
OnePlus 5% Cashback or 5X RPs
Boat 5% Cashback or 5X RPs
Lenovo 5% Cashback or 5X RPs
Jack & Jones 8% Cashback or 5X RPs
Cadbury 60% Cashback or 5X RPs

Axis Bank Grab Deals: Exclusive Offers Await!

Instant Discount Vouchers

The following are the top instant discount offers of popular brands that you can avail of from the Grab Deals portal. You can get up to 25% off with these vouchers on select brands.

Brand Name Instant Discount
Zomato 2.5%
Big Basket 2%
Yatra 2.5%
Dominos 6.5%
Mama Earth 6.5%
Uber 3%
Nykaa 6%
Trends Woman 10%
Marriott Hotels 5.5%
Titan 8%
Third Wave Coffee 8.5%
KFC 6.5%

Axis Bank: Instant Discounts Included!

How to Use Axis Bank Grab Deals Offers

It is quite simple to avail of the Grab Deals offers, and you can do so through the following steps:

  • Visit the Axis Bank Grab Deals shopping portal and select the offer you want out of the catalogue
  • Enter the registered mobile phone number along with your credit card number’s last 4 digits
  • You will reach the merchant website now. Make sure you have an empty cart and start adding products to your cart
  • Complete the checkout process using the Axis Bank credit card you used earlier for authentication

Grab Deals Offers – Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions associated with the Axis Bank Grab Deals online shopping portal:

  • The offer is meant only for valid and eligible Axis Bank credit card and account holders.
  • Credit cards that do not earn EDGE reward points can only get cash back through the Grab Deals offers.
  • The user must complete the transaction with an Axis Bank credit card used earlier for authentication to avail of the offer. The offer will not be valid if any other credit card is used at the time of checkout.
  • Cardholders can earn a maximum of Rs. 1000 as cashback per card.
  • Cardholders can earn a maximum of 5,000 EDGE Reward Points per month.
  • The Grab Deals offers are valid only when you reach the merchant website after redirecting from the Grab Deals portal.
  • When you are at the merchant’s website, your shopping cart must be empty before you start shopping for products. You will not be rewarded for any products that are already in the cart when you reach the merchant website.
  • You will avail of the offer only if the entire payment is made with your Axis Bank credit card. You won’t get any rewards or cashback if you make part of the payment through any other method.
  • Your cashback won’t be credited if you cancel the transaction or return any products or services you purchased.
  • The cashback or reward points earned through the Grab Deals offer are credited to your account between 90 and 120 days after the date of the transaction.
  • The offer is valid just for retail credit card holders and only on the primary card, not on add-on cards.
  • The Grab Deals offers cannot be clubbed or transferred to any other existing offer. The bank can change the terms of any offer on the portal at any time without prior knowledge.

Bottom Line

On the basis of the above article, the Axis Bank Grab Deals portal is highly rewarding and offers high competition to the HDFC SmartBuy and American Express Reward Multiplier portal. You get great offers in the form of cashback, reward points, discounts, etc., on the country’s top brands, including online shopping giants Flipkart and Amazon.

You have to make sure that you use the same Axis Bank credit card for payment that you used for authentication and follow all the terms and conditions for the offer. The offer works only when you reach the merchant website through the Grab Deals portal, and you must start with an empty cart to avail the benefits. Also, when shopping at Flipkart or Amazon, remember that you earn different cashback amounts on different product categories.

Let us know what you think about the shopping portal and which brands you plan to buy products from through the portal.


  1. Puneet Reply

    Hi, can you help clarify a query I had on Axis Grabdeals. I hold an Axis Magnus CC.
    On the Grabdeals website, if I click on our partners, there is an offer available for Gift Edge which is another gift voucher platform in partnership with GyFTR. However, in the offer details, it is mentioned that only Edge Rewards eligible credit/debit cards issued by Axis Bank will get rewards on purchases made through this Edge Rewards portal. Can you clarify if Magnus CC is Edge Rewards enabled card?
    If yes, what is the max points one can on spends made on Gift vouchers purchased on this Edge Rewards portal?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Hi Puneet, Magnus Card is eligible for bonus points on the Gift Edge platform. But the limit isn’t clear. I think there is no limit on points which we can earn on GiftEdge platform, but need to clarify it.

  2. Monu Reply

    Have you ever received accelerated edge points on grab deals even once? Not a single person in my circle (12-13 people) who own Magnus card received it even for February spends.

  3. Ankur Mittal Reply

    Hi Monu, I have even received 52K edge points for a single transaction via grabdeals when there was no limit and Axis Bank had 30x offer on Amazon.

  4. aman Reply

    is the limit of 10k edge total or only bonus edge points.

    also is there seperate limit for gyftr vouchers /

    also is there a limit for traveledge?

    limits on these edge rewards are not so clear. if anyone has idea pls request to clarify. thanks

  5. Dr. Amit Johari Reply

    Currently offer is running via grab deals for 5%cb credited after 90 to 120 days.
    Will it be applicable over my FLIPKART AXIS BANK CARD, that is, will I get 10%CB?

  6. Bit Rig Reply

    Does this mean that we get a double cashback? Please clarify. I hold Flipkart Axis Cc, it offers 5% cashback on all flipkart orders. For instance, if I go to Flipkart through grabdeals link, do I get 5% more?


    • Ankur Mittal Reply


  7. Kaushal Reply

    If I purchase on amazon via grabdeals and use magnus card, will I get 2% cashback plus regular reward points ?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      2% cashback is not applicable on gift card purchase

  8. Nikhil Popli Reply

    If I purchage a swiggy voucher on grabdeal worth Rs 5000, ( with 7% discount). Will I also get cashback separately?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply


  9. Rahul Raj Reply

    If I buy Amazon gift voucher using Flipkart card via Grabdeals, will I get 1.5% cashback on card ? Also will it considerd for the annual spend for fee waiver ?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply


  10. R Reply

    Hi, The article needs an edit; it seems you are just reporting. For example – Marks & Spencer has had no offer on grab deals for three months.

    • Kartik Kanwar Reply

      The above article is up to date. (March, 2024)

  11. Shivam Reply

    Thanks for sharing the latest deals and offers from Axis Bank! I’ve been searching for ways to maximize my rewards points and this post is super helpful. Can you please update the list for July 2024 as well?

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