If you have a credit card by Kotak Mahindra Bank, you must surely know about the complimentary domestic and international lounge access benefit. Some credit cards offer just domestic lounge access while other premium credit cards offer international airport lounge access as well.

Premium credit cards like the Kotak Zen Signature offered complimentary Priority Pass membership to the cardholders which could be used to access lounges at international airports. However, starting from 20th June 2023, customers can use their credit cards for international lounge access. There is no need to carry an additional Priority Pass card anymore.

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Now Access International Lounges without Priority Pass with Kotak Credit Cards

International Lounge Access with Kotak Credit Cards – No Priority Pass Needed

Kotak Mahindra credit cards offered complimentary Priority Pass membership to cardholders which was used to access international airport lounges. However, from 19th June 2023, all active Priority Pass cards will be discontinued and deactivated. Customers who have the Pass can now access international lounges directly through their credit cards from 20th June 2023.

2nd June 2023 onwards, there won’t be any renewal or issuance of Priority Pass cards. Customers onboarded on 2nd June and after that will be able to access international lounges through their credit cards starting from 20th June 2023.

How to Access International Lounges without the Priority Pass

First of all, you should visit this link and check out the participating lounges in the Priority Pass Global Lounge program that you can access with your Kotak credit card.  Also, you must enable international transactions on your card to access international lounges.

If the lounge operator does not identify your credit card, you must inform him that your credit card is part of the Priority Pass Lounge program. As it will be an international transaction, you will have to enter your credit card PIN to access the lounge.

The charges associated with international lounge access are as follows –

  • Visit Validation charge – $3.25 (reversed inside 7 working days)
  • Visit Charges after utilizing your free visits – $32
  • Guest Visit charges – $32

You must have an eligible credit card for international lounge access and children under 5 years of age can accompany the primary cardholder without additional charges.

Eligible Credit Cards for International Lounge Access

The following credit cards are eligible for international lounge access –

  • Kotak Zen Signature Credit Card
  • Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card (Only on Paid variants)
  • Kotak White Signature Credit Card
  • Kotak White Reserve Credit Card

Bottom Line

The Kotak Mahindra Bank has a nice range of credit cards and the complimentary lounge access offered by them is a great privilege. Premium credit cards like the Kotak White Signature used to offer a complimentary Priority Pass membership to cardholders which could be used for international lounge access.

However, from 2nd June 2023, existing Priority Pass cards will be deactivated and new ones won’t be issued. Individuals can directly use their eligible Kotak credit card to access international lounges from 20th June onwards, without the need of Priority Pass.

This is a welcome change for Kotak credit cardholders as they won’t have to carry an additional card with them during travel, and can conveniently use their credit card to access international lounges. Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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