Yes Bank Marquee Vs HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card – Which Card is Better?

The latter part of 2023 saw the launch of two premium credit cards by some of the largest players in India’s private banking sector. HDFC Bank launched its upgraded and exciting HDFC Diners Club Black Metal Credit Card, while Yes Bank came in with its new and revamped Marquee Credit Card. Both these credit cards have generated alot of buzz among credit card geeks and enthusiasts. While many have opted for these cards, if you are still thinking about applying for one of these cards, our blog shall help you make this decision. In this article, we shall compare the features of the DCB Metal and Yes Marquee Credit Card so that you can make the best choice.

Yes Bank Marquee Vs HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card

Annual Charges

The Diners Club Black Metal Credit Card comes at an annual and recurring yearly charge of Rs. 10,000 + GST, while the Marquee Credit Card has a joining fee of Rs. 9,999 + GST and a renewal fee of Rs. Rs. 4,999 + GST. If talking about the price, the joining charge of both the cards is the same, but the renewal fee of the Marquee Card is halved, which clearly makes it more attractive on the first look, and going forward, it would cost the consumer less. This clearly is a strategic and great move by Yes Bank to motivate consumers to opt for its product.

Reward Points

Being premium credit cards, both cards offer a straightforward Reward Point program. There are a few important things to note here. But first, let’s have a look at the reward structure offered by both the cards.

RPs With Marquee RPs With Diners Club Black
Earn accelerated 36 RPs/Rs. 200 on online shopping. Earn 5 RPs for every Rs. 150 spent.
Earn 18 RPs/Rs. 200 for offline spends. Earn up to 10X Reward Points on spends made through SmartBuy.
Value of 1 Reward Point = ₹0.25 Value of 1 Reward Point = ₹0.30
You would get 10 Reward Points on Select Categories like Rental Payments, Wallet Loading, Recharge & Utility Bill Payments, Insurance, Education, and Government payments. 2X Reward Points (10 Reward Points) per Rs. 150 spends at restaurants on Saturday and Sunday.

If you frequently make government or rental payments, then you should consider using the Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card instead of the Diners Club Black Card. This is because the Marquee Card offers 10 Reward Points for such transactions, while the DCB Credit Card does not offer any rewards for these payments. By using the Marquee Card, you can earn rewards for these types of transactions, which is not possible with the DCB Card.

Free Airport Lounge Access

If you are a frequent traveler, both domestically and internationally, and lounge access is important to you, then the Diners Club Black Credit Card is the perfect choice. With the HDFC DCB Metal Card, you get unlimited lounge access for yourself and add-on cardholders. The Yes Bank Marquee Card is also a good option, offering unlimited free access to international lounges, but a cap of 6 visits per quarter for domestic lounges makes it lag behind. This might be enough for many travelers, but it cannot beat the appeal of unlimited visits.

Welcome Benefits

As a welcome benefit, you would get 60,000 Reward Points with the Marquee Credit Card, while with DCB, you would get a complimentary membership of Club Marriott, Swiggy One, and Amazon Prime. The memberships offered with the Diners Club Card can only be availed on spends of Rs. 1.5 lakh in 90 days.

The 60,000 Reward Points offered with the Marquee Credit Card can be used for gift vouchers for popular brands and platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and Croma. The value of 60,000 RPs is Rs. 15,000. This clearly depicts that in terms of joining benefits, not only is the Marquee Card better than Diners Black, but it would actually offer customers more than they paid for.

Renewal Charges

To waive off the annual charges for your card anniversary year, you will need to spend Rs. 10 lakh in a card anniversary year. Meanwhile, for the DCB Card, you will need to spend Rs. 8 lakh to waive its fee. It is worth noting that the annual fee spend-based waiver for the Marquee Card is quite high, considering that it has half the renewal fee of the Diners Club. But even if you can’t achieve the spend-based milestone, Yes Bank offers 20,000 reward points, which can be used for gift vouchers worth Rs. 5000. Your out-of-pocket expense would just be Rs. 900 (GST).

Movie Ticket Benefit

With the Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card, customers can avail of “Buy One Get One Free” on movie tickets reserved with BookMyShow. Customers can avail of a maximum of 3 free movie tickets each month. The Marquee Credit Card fully supports your entertainment needs, whereas the Diners Club Black doesn’t offer comparable benefits.

Reward Multiplier

With the Diners Club Black Metal Edition, you can purchase gift vouchers through Smartbuy and earn reward points worth up to 15% of the value. HDFC Bank SmartBuy is the bank’s proprietary portal where you’ll find all the deals and offers that the bank is currently offering on its various credit and debit cards under one roof. Many people specifically opt for HDFC Cards due to the Smartbuy portal.

Forex Charges

The Forex Markup Charges are lower with the Yes Bank Marquee when compared with the Diners Club Black Card, so it can be a good card for online Forex payments.

HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Metal Edition Credit Card 2% of the Transaction Amount
Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card 1% of the Transaction Amount


In conclusion, both the Yes Bank Marquee Credit Card and HDFC Diners Club Black Metal Credit Card offer compelling and rewarding features for premium credit card users. We’ve done a thorough comparison and have found that both cards are top contenders. If you’re a high-net individual, these cards are definitely worth considering, as the benefits you’ll receive will far outweigh the fees. From BOGO movie tickets to SmartBuy savings, both cards have their unique strengths. We’re confident that whichever card you choose, you’ll be pleased with the rewards and perks that come with it.

Yes Bank Marquee Card has a lower renewal fee, coupled with the high reward points system, especially for government and rental payments, which makes it a cost-effective choice for a wide range of transactions. Additionally, the HDFC Diners Club Black Card offers unlimited lounge access, but for many travelers, the Marquee Card’s six visits per quarter for domestic lounges will be more than enough.

Ultimately, when choosing between these two cards, your personal wants and spending habits would come into play. Weigh your requirements and choose the card of your choice.

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