Ways To Boost Your Credit Card Rewards This Festive Season

Credit cards not only increase an individual’s purchasing power but also have numerous features and advantages to incentivize their loyalty. Although almost every card has rewarding features, rewards credit cards are yet another type of credit card for those interested in more rewards. Though on normal days, you get the reward points but holiday season or the festive season is the time to maximize that benefit.

These seasons mean extra spending making it an ideal opportunity to earn more rewards or cashbacks by making purchases with the help of your credit card. The necessary purchases you ought to make for extra expenses can make a big difference in your incentives. Financial Institutions also come up with new schemes or offers to reward their customers in different methods. Apart from the institution-provided options, many other ways can help you access great deals.



Ways To Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards –

Let’s break down a few ways that can help you boost the rewards, this festive season –

1. Shop With Reward-Friendly Credit Cards

Using the right card for the right type of purchase can help you a lot. This is especially important for those individuals who own more than one card. If you have a travel credit card, use it for purchases like tickets, and hotel bookings whereas in case you own a rewards credit card, use it for purchases like groceries, food, shopping, etc. You can also check for a card offering extra points on expenses with major retailers or popular online stores. Bonus rewards are easily accumulated with strategic purchases.

2. Store Loyalty Program

Not just banks and financial institutions but many stores also offer great deals and programs to reward their loyal customers. If you are a brand-loyal person, you can also check the websites to get clear details on such programs. These offers and loyalty schemes are mostly common on holidays or festive season.

3. Shopping Portals And Special Offers

As many online shopping portals cover almost every category of goods, checking on such platforms for offers can make a good bargain. Different websites may have different rates for the same product, the most efficient way is to weigh and compare items from both sites and choose the one with better rates and higher rewards. These platforms have special offers now and then which can be used in your favor.

4. Advantages of 0% Intro APR Offers

As we are aware most of the credit cards come with interest rate charges and have an annual percentage rate. These rates can make purchases very expensive which is one of the reasons people avoid such credit cards. Many financial institutions also offer cards with a 0% annual percentage rate which will allow you to finance your heavy purchases without any interest and you will still have the option to pay the amount overtime. This helps in saving a lot of money while utilizing the feature itself.

5. Bonus Categories Advantages

Many cash-back, travel, and rewards credit cards offer bonus categories, allowing you to earn extra rewards on some specific items or purchases. If you don’t have a card already, you can look for a card offering bonuses in categories like shopping, travel, dining, or entertainment during the festive.

6. Look for Promotions

The easiest way to earn rewards is to purchase from places offering promotions with the help of cards incorporating them. Such as booking a flight with Vistara by Club Vistara SBI Card Prime or earning great reward points or cashback by shopping with an American Express SmartEarn Credit Card. This will make the expenses more rewarding.

7. Referral Program Benefits

Referral programs allow existing cardholders to earn rewards for referring the card to family and friends. This type of benefit is present in many credit cards. Such programs benefit both the banks, their existing customers, and the new applicants. These practices allow you to earn some extra cashback, additional points, or rewards if you refer the card to someone who would need it this festive season.

These ways can help you boost your rewards and incentives on your heavy and small purchases during this festive season. At this time of the year, people love to spend on different areas including gifts, sweets shopping, etc. The expenses keep occurring, in such cases people should use their credit cards decisively.

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Bottom Line

The festive season is here and along with it comes a lot of shopping and hustle and bustle. People spend a lot on shopping and gifts alone. To get the best out of these expenses, one can choose to cooperate with their cards like rewards credit cards and make purchases such as it will boost the rewards themselves. If you are interested in more returns, you can further accommodate your needs based on the above-mentioned ways, this will help you increase your rewards and incentives allowing you full-fledged returns.

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