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Rather than a luxury, we can say, traveling has become a necessity. Traveling out of need is a different thing but people need a break from their everyday life once in a while. Traveling does not necessarily mean going out on a long vacation abroad or going around the whole country. Traveling can also mean going to a place for a couple of days, the place can be anywhere you find peace and comfort. Most people choose to save and then spend on these traveling opportunities and people with frequent travels need different solutions. Strong financial tools like travel credit cards can help a lot in such scenarios.

Where traveling sometimes is a need and many times a necessity, people still need to maintain a budget in both situations. There can be many opportunities where a person can consider saving more for such outings or vacations but you can never be sure about the future. People can choose cash over any other form of finance which is yet another difficult task to handle.

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What is the right way to pay while traveling?

Because the saved money is not always enough at times, having some form of credit helps a lot. The most important part is that we would not like to be left stranded in an unknown place without any financial resources.

In cases where you are traveling abroad, you need to have enough on yourself to take care of your whole trip and even be able to accommodate the people dependent on you if necessary. Not many times do people understand the need to own a credit card or a Forex card in such situations.

The best payment method one can use after their debit and forex card is a credit card. Credit cards are considered great financial tools which also means that they hold a great deal of advantages.

Why Credit Cards?

There are many major reasons why one can choose a credit card over any other form of payment which are –

  • Transportation expenses and lodging are one of the heaviest expenses of all. Travel Credit Cards offers a wide range of discounts and offers on flight and hotel books. This makes these two expenses cheap to an extent and helps you save a good amount for the rest of the stay.
  • Another big expense is food where travel credit cards also provide the facility of discounts with partnered restaurants. One of the very best examples of such a card is the HDFC Bank INFINIA Credit Card Metal Edition with great dining privileges.
  • When you travel abroad, you use their local currency to make purchases making it hard to use a debit card as you will be charged an enormous amount of fluctuating forex fees on your every transaction. Credit cards come with a foreign currency markup language which remains standard from the time the card was offered to you. This is another method you can save up a significant amount with your credit card.
  • There can be cases where your debit card might not be accepted, credit card gives your acceptability throughout the world. Although you need to check for the exceptional parts with the help of your bank, but mostly credit card covers a huge area.
  • Using cash or forex cards might leave you with some foreign currency that needs to be exchanged again which will again cost some fees. But with a credit card, this is never the case, you will receive your bill at the end of the billing cycle and you will be aware of what you will have to pay at the end.
  • Another great factor of using a travel credit card is the lounges and concierge services making traveling comfortable.
  • Credit Cards also come with exciting rewarding features to incentivize your loyalty and give you an indirect return on your purchase. Using this feature on a vacation will boost your reward points which you can further redeem against a variety of products as per the bank’s catalogue. Not only that but you can also convert these accumulated RPs into Air miles and pay for your flight tickets with them, making your travel almost free.


There are many ways with which a person can make their payments but there are only a few which can be considered intelligent especially while travelling. Using cash is the dumbest and not even possible after a certain amount, debit cards will only drain your funds and with Forex cards, you might end up paying conversion charges twice, once while loading and once while retracting. The most valid and prudent option left would be a credit card. A credit card will have many offers to help you save and features to make your travel comfortable. Travel credit cards might just be the most important thing a traveler needs.

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