Stay Away from These Credit Card Blunders While Travelling

Traveling gives you a great experience where you find new people and traditions, get to see the world, and find peace. Traveling also means shopping and a lot of it. The people who travel regularly might be aware of what they have to do to get the payments done abroad but to some people, it is still hard. Credit cards or debit cards, these both can surely be used as payment methods in the home country but the case might not be the same in foreign land. This means if you go abroad, the cards most probably will not work at all. This happens because usually international transactions are not activated for the cards. For which the cardholder must inform their card issuer about their international visit and have the feature activated.

The bank needs to be aware of your traveling plans beforehand especially when you are planning on going abroad. This will save you a lot of time. Not just this but there are a lot of things people do that can cause a huge blunder while they are travelling. People follow a financial budget with which they can and wish to wrap their whole travel. From the flight to stay to sightseeing, we all have our budgets. Even while choosing a place to go to, we keep our budget into consideration.

Credit Card Blunders While Travelling Blog Post

Not just these but there are plenty of things people forget or do not know at all while traveling which can not only foul the experience but might as well financially strike them. Users are not usually aware of these blunders which is why they make such mistakes.

Things to keep Away from while traveling

Many things need to be considered before traveling, but there are more considerable things while traveling. This can help you from financially exhausting yourself and travel freely. The things to avoid are –

Right Credit Card

Yes, it is important to hold the right credit card while traveling. Even if you are using a Travel Credit Card, you need to make sure that the card you have is right for you. Some people prefer making spends on the stay and visits whereas some can prefer shopping and dining. These things are very different types of purchases where you need to make sure that you are using the right card for making the payment. In case some people have more than just one credit card, they have more options to choose from. But the people who have just one, need to make sure whether the card is covering all their needs or not.


It is important to spend while you are traveling but never over-spending. If you travel and wish to do a lot of things this will cost you finances. In case the expenses you are making in your budget, you will be delighted to do so. But if your expenses are exceeding your limits, it is going to make you financially exhausted not while traveling but once you receive your credit card bill. To make sure, you do not regret your decisions, spend accordingly.

Rewards and redemption

There are different reward programs with different credit cards and their issuers. Not every credit card will have a good reward system that can give you a high value back on your purchases, but there are credit cards with a decent reward system. These types of credit cards can also help you get a decent value back on your expenses throughout the journey.

The rewards redemption rates also vary which can be different from one another, this factor should also be considered. Now, some of credit cards can help you make the redemption against flights and hotel bookings. Here are all the expenses you have done in the past so far the card will help you pay for your major expense.

Usage of Perks and Benefits

The perks and benefits which come along with your credit card such as membership benefits, discounts on certain hotels, restaurants, and especially lounge access will make your traveling more comforting. The cards usually have benefits such as movies and dining with certain partnered restaurants which can help you waive a percent of your food expenses. The same goes for other categories. These discounts, vouchers, and memberships will also help you enjoy the moment without any worry.

Fee and Charges

Most of the time people forget that they have to pay foreign exchange markup fees on their every expense. Hence it is important to check the Forex markup fee before applying for any credit card or selecting any. Here choosing a good credit card can help you in getting better savings on your international expenses such as HDFC Bank Multicurrency Platinum Forex Plus Chip Card. Therefore, it is important to not only check the rates at the time of getting a credit card but also while traveling.

There are more cases where users make mistakes while using their credit cards in another country. Where the users will not only be financially exhausted but their credit scores might also get impacted.


The right credit is very important while traveling. And before any travel informing the bank is also mandatory if you do not wish to have your payments rejected. There are many situations where people make unnecessary purchases which are also very bad for the financial health of customers. This is also important to check all the details, rules and regulations, and charges before making your budget for traveling.

There are benefits provided by the banks which are different from each other, all these benefits are perks of having credit cards. It is very important to use these perks wisely because not using them will only be your loss. Hence, the foremost thing to consider while traveling is the finances and what can be a more useful financial tool than a Credit Card.

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