Every individual has different requirements and credit card issuers keep the same in mind nowadays. Travel Credit cards have become the most desired credit cards as people tend to save a lot using these cards. Before getting a travel credit card, you must understand if a travel credit card is really worth it for your lifestyle or not. To do this, you need to analyze your requirements and the advantages of travel credit cards. Like every other category, there are lots of credit cards issued in the travel category and it becomes difficult for individuals to choose the best card as per their requirements. To help you out in making the right decision, we are here with this article. Continue Reading for further information:

How To Know If a Travel Credit Card is Worth It For Your Lifestyle?

Benefits of Travel Credit Cards

Credit Cards that offer travel benefits are generally considered premium cards as these travel privileges are really expensive otherwise. From discounts on flight/hotel bookings to lounge access and several special privileges at the airport, travel credit cards may provide you with different types of benefits. The following are some of the significant travel advantages offered by these cards:

  • Flight/Hotel Memberships: In general, airline membership, like Club Vistara, Air India & Etihad airways membership, and memberships to hotel programs come with a high annual fee. But, some premium travel credit cards offer some of these memberships for free. You can get free Club Vistara membership, taj Epicure membership, and free access to many such programs.
  • Discounts on Travel Bookings: With travel-specific credit cards, you get a very good discount on your flight/hotel bookings. Moreover, the reward programs of these cards are also very advantageous for travelers as they can use their earned rewards/miles against their travel bookings.
  • Hotel/Flight Vouchers: Travel Credit Cards also offer exciting gift vouchers that can be used across various premium hotels and airlines. You can get hotel vouchers worth as high as Rs. 50,000. Moreover, some cards offer complimentary stay vouchers and free flight tickets. Generally, these types of vouchers are offered under welcome benefits or milestone benefits of a travel credit card.
  • Airport Lounge Access: Lounge Access is one of the most desirable travel privileges nowadays. People who travel frequently definitely check for lounge access benefits of a credit card before applying for it. Generally, airport lounges charge a high usage fee, but with credit cards offering complimentary lounge access, you can visit these lounges and avail yourself of all the facilities for free. Some credit cards only offer domestic lounge access, however, there are many premium cards that provide you with domestic as well as international lounge visits for free.

Is a Travel Credit Card Worth It For You?

Travel Credit Cards are definitely worth it for those who love traveling or who travel frequently due to other reasons. However, there are different categories of travelers and hence different types of travel credit cards can be suitable for them. Some people only travel domestically, i.e. within India whereas others travel internationally as well. People who generally travel within India should look for credit cards that offer domestic lounge access and discounts across domestic hotels/flights. On the other hand, people who travel globally should get a credit card with domestic as well as international lounge access. They also need to keep the forex markup fee in mind, but domestic travelers have nothing to do with foreign currency markup fees in general.

This is how different travel credit cards may be suitable for different people. You don’t only look for travel credit cards, but also understand whether you need a credit card with domestic travel benefits or international ones. The best way to get the best-suited card for you is to make a list of all travel credit cards first and check their detailed travel benefits. After this, compare all those cards on the basis of their fees as well as features and choose a card that seems to fulfill all your requirements with the minimum annual fees.

Bottom Line

Travel Credit Cards may be very advantageous for you if you have done good research before getting a card. Just understand what benefits you are looking for and then choose a card accordingly. Applying for any random credit card is never a good idea and when it comes to travel, you need to check the features of all the cards carefully so that you can make the right decision. If you still face any difficulties or if you have any further doubts, you can freely ask us in the comment section below!

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