Standard Chartered Bank has rolled out an exciting offer for their users who make their insurance premium payments with their credit cards. Most credit cards do not offer any cash back or reward points on insurance payments and this 5x reward points insurance campaign by Standard Chartered will certainly push more cardholders to pay their insurance premiums with their credit card.

This offer is valid from 10th February 2023 to 31st March 2023 and all Standard Chartered credit card users who receive the offer communication or email are eligible for the offer. Keep on reading to know about this insurance offer in detail.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Insurance Offer

Standard Chartered 5x Rewards on Insurance Payments – Offer Details

Standard Chartered credit card users will qualify for the 5X rewards offer on using their card for the insurance category defined by MasterCard/Visa, for a maximum of 2000 reward points through this insurance offer. The offer runs from 10th February 2023 to 31st March 2023 and those cardholders who use the EMI facility to pay their insurance premium are also eligible for the 5x rewards offer.

The accelerated reward points are calculated on the card’s existing features and reward rates. If the user’s credit card offers 1 reward point for every Rs. 150 spent, he will receive 5 reward points for every Rs. 150 spent during the offer period. If a person has multiple credit cards, then insurance payments across every card are considered for the 5x rewards offer.

If a user cancels an insurance payment transaction which had qualified for accelerated reward points, that particular transaction won’t be considered when calculating his total reward points. Accumulated additional reward points will be credited into the cardholder’s account inside 90 days from when the offer period ends.

For detailed terms and conditions, you can check Standard Chartered Bank’s official website. If you are looking for insurance offers for other card issuers, check out the insurance offer by American Express where you can earn around 10,000 bonus rewards.

Standard Chartered 5x Rewards on Insurance Payment – Eligibility

  • Only Standard Chartered credit card users who receive a formal offer communication are qualified or eligible for the offer.
  • NRO and NRE credit card holders are not eligible for this insurance offer.
  • The offer does not apply to Standard Chartered Smart, DigiSmart, Landmark Rewards, and Emirates credit card holders.

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Bottom Line

Insurance premium payments are a big part of a person’s total expenditure. However, most insurance payments did not yield any cashback or reward points due to which people hesitated to use their credit cards to pay their insurance premiums.

This 5x reward points offer by Standard Chartered is great for cardholders who can get a maximum of 2000 reward points on using their credit card for insurance payments. With this offer, more people will be encouraged to make insurance spends with their credit card and increase the utilization of their card limit.

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