Traveling is a necessity for many and a dream for most. With a travel-based credit card, you can easily save big on your travel expenditure. Book those lavish flights, and fancy hotels and dine out to your heart’s desire with a credit card specially designed for travelers. In the travel category, Axis Atlas Credit Card is a renowned name while the SBI Miles Elite is a newcomer.

Great conversion ratio for traveler partners, premium benefits, and mid range fees are some of the things that have kept Axis Atlas on the top for many. While Atlas is already an established name, SBI Miles Elite is the latest addition to the list of SBI Credit Cards. Focusing solely on travel, the Miles series by SBI Card is an interesting attempt by the issuer to attract travelers.

SBI Miles Elite Vs Axis Atlas Credit Card

Compare Miles Elite and Axis Atlas Credit Card

Features SBI Miles Elite Axis Atlas
Joining/Renewal Fee ₹4,999 + GST ₹5,000 + GST
Welcome Benefits 5,000 Travel Credits 2,500 Edge Miles
Movie & Dining N/A Up to 25% Dining Discounts Via EazyDiner
Rewards Rate 6 Travel Credits for Every ₹200 Spent on Travel. 2 Travel Credits/₹200 Spent on All Other Purchases 5 EDGE Miles/₹100 Spent on Travel Spends and 2 EDGE Miles/₹100 Spent on All Other Eligible Spends
Domestic Lounge Access 8 Visits Each Year (Maximum 2 Per Quarter) 8 Per Annum With Silver Tier, 12 Per Annum With Gold Tier, and 18 Per Annum With Platinum Tier
International Lounge Access 6 Free Visits Each Year (Maximum 2 Per Quarter) 4 Per Annum Under the Silver Tier, 6 Per Annum Under the Gold Tier, and 12 Per Annum Under the Platinum Tier

Axis Atlas Travel Credit Card

The Axis Atlas Travel Credit Card can be considered to be one of the most popular travel credit cards in India. You can earn an accelerated 5 EDGE Mile/₹100 spent on Travel Edge, hotels, and flight bookings. All other spends shall be awarded 2 EDGE Miles/₹100. There are many partners where you can easily convert your EDGE Miles, upto 150,000 EDGE MILES can be converted to partner points in a year.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits this card also rewards milestone spends. Let’s have a look

Spend Milestone Edge Miles
₹3 Lakh 2,500
₹7.5 Lakh Additional 2,500
₹15 Lakh Additional 5,000

SBI Miles Elite Travel Credit Card

SBI Card has launched the new Miles Credit Cards. These credit cards are mainly focused on travel. The Miles Elite is the most premium of the Miles Card series. It can be availed at a joining cost of Rs. 4,999 + GST. Unlike Axis Atlas Credit Card this card features a renewal fee waiver on spends of Rs. 15 lakh. This card has a simple reward structure. You would earn 6 Travel Credits for every ₹200 spent on travel. All other purchases shall be awarded 2 Travel Credits for every ₹200 spent. Many shall find this reward rate inadequate, there are many other credit cards that offer a higher reward rate.

Here are the spend based benefits with this card.

Spending Benefit
Each Spend of ₹1 Lakh One Additional Domestic Lounge Visit
Annual Spends of ₹12 Lakh 20,000 Bonus Travel Credits
Annual Spends of ₹15 Lakh Annual Fee Reversal

In many aspects, the Axis Atlas Credit Card is the far better choice. Whether it’s the reward rate or even the number of free airport lounge visits. 

Bottom Line

In today’s time, travel is an important part of everyone’s life be it Gen Z/X or millennials. Everyone loves to travel and have experiences. A great travel credit card would enhance these luxurious travel experiences. Credit cards like Atlas and Miles Elite would help you earn reward points on all travel spends. Axis Atlas Credit Card is a popular card offering a wide variety of flight and hotel partners with whom you can convert your EDGE Miles into partner points. Although SBI Card Miles Elite also has many partner flights and hotels its conversion ratio is just not as good as with Axis Atlas. Apart from this Axis Atlas even offers discounts on dining through EazyDiner while SBI Miles Elite simply lacks any benefits on food or dining.

Axis Atlas is a versatile travel credit card that meets various spending needs, whether related to travel or not. It also provides tier-based and milestone benefits. On the other hand, SBI Miles Elite is a straightforward travel credit card. In the end, it is up to your own personal needs and requirements, according to which you should choose the best credit card for yourself.

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