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The Axis Atlas Credit Card is a premium travel category card offering exclusive EDGE Miles to users who frequently travel. The Atlas Credit Card is not a co-branded card like other travel cards offered by Axis Bank; it is a generic card. With a joining fee of ₹5,000, this card offers exclusive travel, lounge, and dining benefits. For every purchase made with the card, you earn EDGE Miles, redeemable for Air Miles of partner airlines’ flyer programs like KrisFlyer or Air India Flying Returns, or for booking flights/hotels via the bank’s Travel Edge portal. Atlas Credit Card offers accelerated 5 EDGE Reward Points/₹100 on travel spends and 2 EDGE Miles/₹100 for spends on all other eligible purchases.

The Atlas Card offers travel benefits, including complimentary access to international and domestic airport lounges, and higher reward rates on foreign currency transactions. For detailed information about Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card, refer to the details given below:

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Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

Joining Fee

Rs. 5,000 + GST

Renewal Fee

Rs. 5,000 + GST

Best Suited For

Travel |

Reward Type

Reward Points

Welcome Benefits

2,500 Edge Miles on Completing 1 Transaction Within 37 Days of Card Issuance

Movie & Dining

Discounts of up to 25% up to Rs. 800 at partner restaurants via EazyDiner. Offer valid twice per month on a minimum order value of Rs. 2000.

Rewards Rate

5 Edge Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on travel spends, 2 Edge Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on all other transactions excluding spends on Hotels, Airlines, and TRAVEL EDGE Portal

Reward Redemption

Edge Miles can be transferred to international and domestic loyalty program partners for airlines and hotels.


Accelerated EDGE Mile Earning

Domestic Lounge Access

8 per annum with Silver Tier, 12 per annum with Gold Tier and 18 per annum with Platinum Tier

International Lounge Access

4 per annum under Silver Tier, 6 per annum under Gold Tier and 12 per annum under Platinum Tier



Insurance Benefits


Spend-Based Waiver


Rewards Redemption Fee


Rewards Redemption Fee


Foreign Currency Markup

3.5% of the transaction amount

Interest Rates

3.6% per month (or 52.86% annually)

Fuel Surcharge

1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000 (capped at Rs. 400 pm)

Cash Advance Charges

2.5% of the withdrawal amount (subject to min charge of Rs. 500)

  • Reward Points are earned as Axis Bank Edge Miles.
  • 5,000 Edge Miles that are worth Rs. 5,000 on joining the card membership.
  • 5 Edge Miles per Rs. 100 on all travel spends with the card.
  • Card available in three tiers of membership- silver, gold, and platinum.
  • Bonus Edge Miles on reaching specified spending milestones with the card.
  • 25% off up to Rs. 800 via EazyDiner at partner restaurants.
  • Complimentary access to domestic and international airport lounges.


  • You will receive 2,500 EDGE Miles as a welcome bonus, which can be redeemed for travel and other benefits later.


  • The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card doesn’t include any golf benefits.
  • Unfortunately, this credit card does not offer any insurance benefits.

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card Rewards

  • 5 EDGE Miles/₹100 on transactions made on Axis Bank Travel Edge, hotels, and flight bookings. These accelerated EDGE Miles can only be earned on cumulative spends of up to ₹2,00,000 per month.
  • 2 EDGE Miles/₹100 on all other transactions made with the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card including spends made on travel after reaching the cumulative spend threshold of ₹2 lakh per month.
  • No EDGE Miles shall be awarded for transactions made on Gold/Jewellery, Rent, Wallet, Government Institution, Insurance, Fuel, and Utilities.

Atlas Credit Card Reward Redemption/Conversion

The EDGE Miles earned on the Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card can be redeemed in the following two ways-

  • Booking flight tickets or making hotel reservations through the Axis Bank Travel Edge Portal. Please note that the maximum number of EDGE MILES that can be transferred to Partner Points within a calendar year is 150,000 EDGE MILES per customer ID. For the year 2024, customers can convert up to 150,000 EDGE Miles from April 20th, 2024 until December 31st, 2024. Starting from the next year, the capping will apply from January 1st to December 31st.
  • Transfer the Edge Miles on the card to partner airlines’ frequent flyer program. The following table illustrates the monetary value of Edge Miles for redemption against the Miles of different partner airlines’ frequent flyer programs-
Group A (Maximum 30,000 EDGE Miles) Group B (Maximum 1,20,000 EDGE Miles)
Accor Hotels Air France – KLM (Flying Blue)
Air Canada Air India (Flying Returns)
Ethiopian Airlines Air Asia
Etihad ITC
Japan Airlines IHG Hotels & Resorts
Marriott International Qantas Airways
Qatar Airways SpiceJet
Singapore Airlines Vistara
Turkish Airlines
Thai Airways
United Airlines
Wyndham Hotels

Welcome Benefit

You get 2,500 EDGE Miles as a welcome gift on successfully completing 1 transaction within 30 days of the card set-up date.

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card Tiers

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card membership comes in three tiers- Silver Tier, Gold Tier, and Platinum Tier. A particular customer’s membership tier depends upon their annual spending with the card. If a cardholder is spending ₹7.5 lacs or less in an annual year, he will be falling under Silver Tier Membership, but if he is spending between ₹7.5 lacs to ₹15 lacs, he will be under Gold Tier Membership, and if his annual spends of the year exceeds ₹15 lacs, he will be considered under Platinum Tier Membership. The same is depicted in the table below-

Annual Spends Membership Tier
Less Than ₹7.5 Lakh Silver
Between ₹7.5 Lakh and ₹15 Lakh Gold
More Than ₹15 Lakh Platinum

The membership tiers are different in terms of the number of Edge Miles that you get as a renewal benefit and the number of domestic/international airport lounge access you get annually.

Your membership Tier will be downgraded from next year onwards if you are not able to maintain the minimum spend with your Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card in the current year according to the tier in which you fall. You will remain in the same tier, i.e., Silver Tier if you spend ₹7.5 lacs or less in the current year. Now, if you were in the Gold Tier but in the current year, your annual expenditures are less than ₹7.5 lacs, you will be downgraded to Silver Tier Membership. Adding to this, if based on your annual spending, you were a part of Platinum Tier Membership, but in the current year, your annual spending falls below ₹15 lacs, You will be downgraded from Platinum Tier Membership to Silver or Gold Tier Membership. This can be explained in a tabular form in the following way-

Existing Tier Tier After Downgradation
Silver N/A
Gold Silver
Platinum Silver (for Spends Less Than ₹7.5 Lakh)

Gold (for Spend Between ₹7.5 Lakh & ₹15 Lakh )

Annual Benefit

You get Bonus Edge Miles on your Atlas Credit Card annually once the renewal fee is paid. The number of Bonus Miles received as the annual benefit is different for each of the tiers of the card membership.

Membership Tier Edge Miles Credited Annually
Silver N/A
Gold 2,500
Platinum 5,000

Milestone Benefits

A particular spend amount is pre-decided by the bank for each tier. Upon achieving that milestone spend the amount of your respective tier, and you will be credited with Bonus Edge Miles of your tier. You get Bonus Edge Miles on achieving the spend targets with your Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card.

Spend Milestone Edge Miles
₹3 Lakh 2,500
₹7.5 Lakh Additional 2,500
₹15 Lakh Additional 5,000

Transactions made for Gold/Jewellery, Rent, Wallet, Government Institutions, Insurance, Fuel, and Utilities merchants will not be counted towards Milestone achievement and Tier evaluation thresholds.

Axis Atlas credit Card Benefits

Free Airport Lounge Access With Axis Atlas Credit Card

The lounge access benefit is different for card members in different tiers of membership. The following table illustrates the complimentary domestic as well as international airport lounge visit privilege that you get on your Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card-

Membership Tier Domestic Airport Lounge Visits International Airport Lounge Visits
Silver 8 4
Gold 12 6
Platinum 18 12

Dining Benefits

You can avail of discounts of up to 25% up to ₹800 at partner restaurants via EazyDiner. Offer valid twice per month on a minimum order value of ₹2000.

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

The table given below summarizes the eligibility criteria for the Axis Bank Atlas credit card:

Age 18 Years – 70 Years
Income Salaried – ₹9 Lakhs and above

Self-Employed – ₹12 Lakhs and above

Credit Score Decent credit score (750 or above)

How To Apply For The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card?

If you want to apply for the Atlas credit card offline, then you can do the same by visiting the Axis Bank branch in your city and filling out the application form. Or you can apply for the card online by following the steps below:

  • Click on the Apply Now button.
  • Fill in your particulars.
  • Submit your application.

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card Review

Original Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card Image

The Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is an excellent selection for people who spend a lot of money on domestic and international travel annually. You get a welcome benefit of 2,500 Edge Miles and bonus miles on spending the milestone amount based on your tier.

The Edge Miles earned on the card is transferable to partner airlines’ frequent flyer programs. The card offers complimentary stays at international airport lounges, dining benefits, and an accelerated reward rate on foreign currency transactions. The card can be a good alternative to Axis Bank Miles & More Credit Card, which is another travel credit card offered by Axis Bank suitable for international travelers.


Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card is offered in three tiers- Silver Tier, Gold Tier, and Platinum Tier. Initially, the cardholder is in the Silver Tier and can be upgraded to a higher tier on achieving certain spend milestones with the card (more details on this above).
Silver Tier members get 8 domestic and 4 international airport lounge visits, Gold Tier members get 12 domestic and 6 international airport lounge visits and Platinum members get 18 domestic and 12 international airport lounge visits.
No, Edge Miles can either be transferred to a partner airline's frequent flyer program or can be redeemed for booking flights/hotel rooms via Axis Bank's Travel Edge Portal.
You earn 5 Edge Miles per ₹100 on flight/hotel bookings via the Travel Edge portal and 2 Edge Miles for every ₹100 spent on all other transactions with Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card.
Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card



  1. Gurdeep puri Reply

    Is complimentary air tkt provided by company on renewal of card on next year ?

    • MAYUR SEN Reply

      No, they’ll give you edge miles on the basis of membership tier

  2. Ashutosh Poddar Reply

    What is the reward rate on foreign transactions, it is same 2 points per 100 or it is 4 points per 100 on foreign currency transactions

  3. Reetu Reply

    Axis bank or more like AXE Bank. they wont let me redeem my points because they think I made business transactions. What kind of drama is this.

  4. Vivek Reply

    As a parent, I prioritize family vacations. The Atlas card has been instrumental in making those trips more affordable. The free lounge access makes waiting at airports less stressful for everyone, and the reward points allow me to stretch our travel budget further. It’s definitely a family-friendly card!

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