Credit card application is neither a complex nor an easy process; we can consider it to be somewhere in between. Although different credit bureaus can be involved in providing your credit report, which we call a hard inquiry, nothing major necessarily happens. But when you have applied for a credit card in India, you might want to know your application status in a few days if you have not heard anything from the issuer. Since everything is online, you can also apply for a credit card online in India.

Tracking an application is very easy; you need a few details of the same, but the process can be different from bank to bank. To understand the application tracking on your bank’s website, you need to have a few basic details, which might differ from bank to bank. Some might ask for the application number, whereas others might take your username and password. The steps to track your application can be different, but they are usually the same.

How To Track Credit Card Application Status Online In India-Post

Steps To Track Your Credit Card Application

Here are some general steps to check your credit card application; as these steps are public and not bank-specific, you might need to read the suggestions on every step –

STEP 1 – Go to the bank’s website:

The very first step is to go to your bank’s online portal, where you have applied for the card. As most banks have their tracking websites, it might be easier for you to check the details. You might need to log in to your online banking, for which you will require your username or password. Some banks might have also sent you a confirmation email with an ID for tracking; you can also utilise this method.

STEP 2 – Check the credit card section:

Once inside the website, please navigate to the credit card section, as it has all the necessary information regarding credit cards. This page will also include the option to track the credit card application status. Click on it, and you will see another page opening, which will either be a tracking portal of the bank or its partners.

STEP 3 – Enter the details:

Once you are on a page that asks you about the application details, you will need to utilise the parties that were asked for. To track the application status, there might be details required such as application preference number, date of birth, PAN card number, mobile number, etc. Such specifications will differ from bank to bank as the information needed for the bank or shared by the bank to the vendor might not be the same.

STEP 4 – Check the status:

Upon entering all the details correctly, move forward and click on submit. Another page will open, displaying your credit card application status. Your application status can be delivered in three different words which are: in progress, approved, or rejected.

STEP 5 – Follow Up with the issuer:

The very last thing you can do after you have checked the application for a credit card online in India is to follow up with your bank. In any case, out of the three results, you can ask your bank directly to understand the reason for any delay or rejection. If it’s approved, you can also ask the bank to support you with the rest of the process.

Bank Specified Application Status Check

Here are the steps by a few popular banks to check the credit card application status –

State Bank Of India (SBI) –

STEP 1 – Go to the SBI portal at

STEP 2 – Search for ‘Apply’ and select ‘Track Credit Card Application’ from the dropdown.

STEP 3 – A page will open where it will ask for the application/reference number. Fill in the application and submit it on track.

After this, you will enter the page where it shows you the result of your search.


STEP 1 – Open the bank’s website or go to

STEP 2 – A page will open from where you will have to search for ‘Credit Card Services’ and click on it.

STEP 3 – Further, you will see the services available. Go to the ‘Credit Card’ and another page will open.

STEP 4 – From there, you will see different services; you will need to find the ‘Manage Your Cards’ where ‘Track Your Credit Card’ is the option you need. Click on it.

STEP 5 – Another page will open where you will need to fill in different details like your mobile number and application reference number. After entering the details, click on ‘submit’ and your application status will pop up.

IDFC First Bank

STEP 1 – Go to the website

STEP 2 – Select ‘Credit Card’ and open the page

STEP 3 – On this page, you will see a hanging bar right below ‘apply now’, which has a ‘Track My Application’ button on a white background. Click on it to jump to the next page.

STEP 4 – Fill in the details mandatory and click on ‘Get OTP’.

STEP 5 – Once you receive the OTP, enter it in the portal and press ‘Submit’; your application status page should open soon.


Since everything is online and quick and easy, you might feel anxious if your credit card application takes a lot of time. You can check for the result of your application online. There might be additional steps you will need to take to check the status on different banks’ websites, but most of the time, it will be easy. The general steps will assist you throughout the whole process. If you are an applicant from the above-mentioned popular banks, the steps are already present.

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