Citi Bank offers a wide range of credit cards, each of them having different reward rates and benefits. From super-premium to entry-level credit cards, one can always find a suitable option in Citibank’s portfolio. Lots of individuals have Citi Bank Credit Cards, but they are not aware of how to maximize the benefits of their cards. Earning Reward Points with your credit card is a great thing, but it makes no sense until you redeem those points at the right time and against the right option. Being a major card issuer in the country, Citi Bank values its customers and provides them with various reward redemption options. However, not every cardholder knows how to redeem Citibank credit card reward points for the maximum benefit.

How to Redeem Citibank credit card reward points

In order to get the most out of a credit card, it becomes necessary to understand the reward redemption process of credit cards. You should sit for good research in order to find a redemption option where the reward points give you the maximum benefit. Sometimes, the monetary value of the reward points earned through a particular card is the same for redemption against all the categories, whereas in other cases, the values of reward points may vary for redemption against different options. Many cardholders are not aware of all these things, and hence they don’t redeem their earned points against the right option: some of them don’t even redeem their points as they don’t know that these points may expire after a certain period. In this article, we will help you understand all these things in detail. Keep reading for further information:

Citi Bank Credit Card Reward Redemption – Know Their Value In Rupees

Citi Bank debit and credit cardholders can redeem their earned Reward Points by logging in to their internet banking account. The credit cardholders get various options to redeem their reward points. These options include shopping, travel, gift vouchers, cashback, and many more. However, as mentioned earlier, the monetary value of reward Points may vary for different cards and this is something that you should be aware of. There are various options against which you can redeem Citibank credit card points and the process of redemption & value of points may vary for each category. To explore all the available options and steps to redeem points against them, refer to the detailed information given below:

Catalog Redemption

The Citibank Credit Cardholders can redeem their earned points against various domestic and international brands from the Citibank Rewards catalogue by logging in to Citibank online. You will get the option to redeem your points against several categories, including hotel/flight bookings, dining, apparel, entertainment, health & beauty, departmental stores, etc. There are a few points to be kept in mind, which are as follows:

– These orders are non-cancellable, therefore, you should recheck all the details before clicking on ‘Order Now.’
– The e-voucher will be sent to the cardholder via email or SMS on the registered contact details.

Note: The monetary value of the Reward Points for redemption against the rewards catalogue is similar to that for paying with points via CBOL, which is mentioned further in this article.

Miles Transfer/Hotel Loyalty Points

The Reward Points you earn using your Citibank Credit Cards are also redeemable against Airmiles at selected partner airlines and against the loyalty points of premium hotel brands. Though the conversion ratio may differ for different cards and with different airlines. The following table will help you understand the same:

Airline Partner Citibank Rewards Credit Card Citibank Corporate Credit Card Citibank Premiermiles Credit Card Indian Oil Citibank Credit Card Citi Prestige Credit Card
Intermiles/Air India 1 RP = 0.75 mile 1 RP = 0.66miles 1 RP = 0.5 miles 1 RP = 0.75 miles 1 RP = 4 miles
Etihad, Asia Pacific, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Eva Air, Flying Blue, and Turkish Airlines. NA NA 1 RP = 0.5 miles NA 1 RP = 4 miles
InterContinentalHotel Group NA NA 1 RP = 1 point NA 1 RP = 4 points
Taj InnerCircleMembership NA NA 1 RP = 0.5 TIC point NA 1 RP = 1 TIC point
Intermiles/Air India 1 RP = 0.75 mile 1 RP = 0.66miles 1 RP = 0.5 miles 1 RP = 0.75 miles 1 RP = 4 miles

Ways and Steps To Redeem Citi Reward Points Against Airmiles:

There are several methods that you can use to redeem Citibank credit card Points against Airmiles or hotel’s loyalty points:

  • Via Citibank Mobile app: Login to the Citibank mobile app using your registered mobile number/User Id and PIN. Select your credit card and click on the option ‘Rewards’ then on ‘Miles Transfer.’ Proceed further accordingly.
  • Via Citibank Online: Log in to Citibank Online using your valid User id and PIN. On the left navigation bar, ‘click on ‘Redeem Rewards.’ Select your credit card and choose the option ‘Miles Transfer.’
  • By Contacting customer care: You can also contact Citibank’s 24*7 customer care via call and ask them to help you redeem your points against Airmiles.


You can also redeem Citibank Credit Card Reward Points against your card’s outstanding balance (cashback). The redemption can be done via Citibank online, Citibank’s mobile app, or by calling Citi Bank credit card customer care. The redemption ratio and the minimum number of Reward points required for redemption against cashback is given in the following table:

Credit Card Redemption Ratio Minimum Points Required For Redemption
Citi Rewards Credit Card 1 RP = Re. 0.35 10,000 Reward Points
Citi Cashback Credit Card 1 RP = Re. 1. 500 Reward Points
Citi Prestige Credit Card 1 RP = Re. 1. 250 Reward Points
Indian Oil Citibank Credit Card 1 RP = Re. 0.35 10,000 Reward Points

Note: The cardholders should be aware of the fact that Reward Points can not be adjusted against the minimum due amount, so make sure that you pay the minimum amount before or the due date.

Universal Pay With Points

Citi Bank also provides its customers with an option to pay for their transactions using their earned Reward Points. You will simply need to swipe your credit card for a transaction and if that particular transaction would be eligible for the ‘universal pay with points’ option, a link will be sent to you via SMS on your registered mobile number. Just click on that link, select the number of Reward Points you want to redeem against that transaction, and the equivalent amount of cashback will be credited to your account.

Pay With Points Via CBOL

It is one of the most exciting redemption options for many Citibank cardholders as it allows them to redeem their earned points against several premium merchants across different categories. However, only selected categories and merchants have been added under this option. You can refer to the following table for the list of available merchants and redemption ratio for different credit cards:

Category Citi Rewards Credit Card Indian Oil Citi Credit Card Citi Premiermiles Crdeit Card Citi Prestige Credit Card
Travel (MMT, Go ibibo, Indigo, Yatra, 1 RP = Re.0.25 1 RP = Re.0.25 1 RP = Re.0.45 1 RP = Re.1
Utility and Movies (Vodafone and BookMyShow) 1 RP = Re.0.3 1 RP = Re.0.3 1 RP = Re.0.3 1 RP = Re.1
Retail (Westside, ShoppersStop) 1 RP = Re.0.3 1 RP = Re.0.3 1 RP = Re.0.3 1 RP = Re.1
Fuel (IndianOil) 1 RP = Re.0.25 1 RP = Re.1 1 RP = Re.0.3 1 RP = Re.1

Bottom Line

Citibank provides its credit cardholders with a lot of options to redeem their credit card reward points. Different cardholders may want to redeem their earned points against different categories, and that’s why the card issuer has kept all these options for its cardholders. If you are a Citibank credit cardholder, you must be aware of the whole redemption process and the monetary value of Reward Points on your credit card so that you can redeem citibank credit card rewards points against an option of your choice. Make sure that you redeem your points against a category that seems to be most beneficial to you.

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