HDFC’s SmartBuy Platform Starts Charging Dynamic Convenience Fee On Flight Bookings

The SmartBuy portal is a rewards portal for HDFC Bank customers where they can avail of great discounts and offers across different categories, including shopping, travel-related bookings, gift vouchers, and many more. Until now, Smartbuy charged a fixed convenience fee of Rs. 236 on flight bookings, irrespective of the number of passengers, type of trip (one-way or round), and domestic/international flights. However, HDFC has now updated the fees charged and SmartBuy will now charge a dynamic convenience fee on flight bookings, which will vary depending on several factors. To understand the same in detail, keep reading the article:

HDFC Smartbuy Dynamic Convenience Fee on Flight booking

Updated Convenience Fee On Flight Bookings Via SmartBuy

Currently, Smartbuy charges a fixed convenience fee on flight bookings, which is Rs. 236. But, this fee has now been updated and it will vary on the basis of three main factors, which are: no. of passengers, type of flight (domestic/international flight), and type of the trip )one-way or round trip. It will be up to Rs. 450 per passenger in case of domestic flights and up to Rs. 860 per passenger in the case of international flights. The following table will make you understand the updated convenience fee on flight bookings via SmartBuy:

Convenience Fee on flight bookings via Smartbuy Domestic Flights International Flights
One-way Rs. 280 Rs. 750
Round Trip Rs. 450 Rs. 840

Note: The convenience fee mentioned above is only for one passenger. For multiple passengers, it should be multiplied by the number of passengers.

SmartBuy allows its customers to book flights via Yatra or Cleartrip as per their choice and the convenience fee remains the same as shown above for both platforms when the booking is done through the SmartBuy platform. However, if you book flights directly from the website of Yatra / Cleartrip, a different convenience fee might be charged on both. This fee on Yatra/Cleartrip is slightly higher than that on Smartbuy.

For example, on international one-way flight bookings via Yatra, the convenience fee is Rs. 849 per passenger, which is Rs. 750 per passenger when booked via SmartBuy. Similarly, the convenience fee on domestic flight bookings via Cleartrip (round trip) is Rs. 460 per passenger, which is Rs. 450 in the case of SmartBuy.

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Bottom Line

As discussed above, the convenience fee on flight bookings via Smartbuy has been updated and it will be comparatively higher from now on. From SmartBuy, you have the option to book your flight via Yatra/Cleartrip, and the same convenience fee is charged on both of them if you have been redirected from SmartBuy. But, if you book your flight directly from the Yatra/Cleartri website, the convenience fee will be different on both platforms. It is advisable to compare the fee before proceeding further so that you can save more by booking your flight via a platform that charges the least convenience fee. If you still have any doubts regarding the same, you can freely ask us in the comment section below!

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