HDFC Bank re-launches Infinia Credit Card in Metallic form factor- INFINIA Metal Edition Credit Card

While many other card issuers including American Express, IndusInd Bank, SBI Card were already offering their super-premium credit cards in a metallic form factor, rumors had been doing rounds that HDFC Bank would also soon be launching a metal edition of its most premium Infinia Credit Card. Now, finally, the bank has officially launched the Infinia Credit Card in Metallic form factor- the Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card.

HDFC Bank Metal Infinia Credit Card

While the reward rate and most other benefits are the same for both the metal and the PVC variants of the card, the metal card does come with some extra exclusive privileges. The existing PVC cards have also been upgraded so that the new features are also applicable to the existing PVC credit cards. All new issuances of the Infinia Credit Card shall be on the metal variant (i.e. the PVC Infinia Credit Card is being discontinued.)

What’s new in HDFC INFINIA Metal Edition Credit Card?

While the reward rate of both the metal and the PVC credit cards remains the same- 3.3% (5 Reward Points per Rs. 150 spent), you do get some extra benefits with the metal variant (although, all the new features of the metal variant are now also applicable on the PVC variant) including-

  • 1+1 complimentary buffet on weekends at participating ITC hotels.
  • 2+1 complimentary night stay at participating ITC hotels.
  • Reward Points earned on HDFC Infinia Credit Card can now also be redeemed against Apple and Tanishq vouchers on the SmartBuy portal. 1 Reward Point = Re. 1 for redemption against Apple/Tanishq vouchers on Smartbuy.
  • 12,500 Reward Points as a welcome benefit (instead of 10,000 Reward Points, as applicable earlier), on the realization of the card’s annual fee.

Apart from the aforementioned new benefits, other add-on benefits like complimentary Club Marriott Membership (for 1st year only), unlimited complimentary airport lounge access across the globe and unlimited complimentary golf games worldwide, that you get with the PVC variant of the card are also applicable to the metal variant.

How to redeem Reward Points for Apple/Tanishq vouchers?

Now you can also redeem the Reward Points earned on your HDFC Infinia / Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card for vouchers from Apple and Tanishq by following the steps given under-

  • Go to HDFC SmartBuy Portal.
  • Click on the login option on the top right corner of the page.
  • Log in by entering your mobile number registered with the Bank.
  • Here you’ll be able to see all the redemption options available for your Infinia / Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card including Apple and Tanishq vouchers. Apple and Tanishq Vouchers

You can pay a maximum of 70% of the voucher amount with Reward Points, rest amount will have to be paid using your Infinia / Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card.

Membership Fee and Spend Based Reversal:

  • The membership fee for the Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card is Rs. 12,500 (plus GST), Rs. 2,500 more than that for the PVC variant (the membership fee for the existing cardhold
    ers with the PVC variants remains unchanged
  • The minimum annual expenditure requirement for spend based membership fee waiver has been revised to Rs. 10 lakh (from Rs. 8 lakh earlier).

How to upgrade to Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card

HDFC Infinia Credit Card Upgrade

HDFC is giving an option to existing Infinia PVC cardholders to upgrade to the Infinia Metal Edition Credit Card. The upgrade option is being rolled out in a phased-out manner, so, not all Infinia cardholders are eligible for the upgrade as of now. If you are an existing Infinia cardholder, you may check your eligibility for the upgrade on this page by entering your registered mobile number and the last 4 digits of your current Infinia Credit Card.

Bottom Line

HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card is the most popular credit card in the super-premium category as it offers a high reward rate of 3.3% (up to 33% via Smartbuy) and adding the metal form factor to it would also give it a premium in-hand feel. The Bank would be upgrading all the features of the current Infinia Credit Card to match with those of the Metal Edition (the membership fee of the PVC cardholders will continue to remain Rs. 10,000). As far as travel benefits are concerned, Infinia Cardholders were already provided complimentary Club Marriott Membership, but now, a new benefit of 1 complimentary night stay with every 2 nights booked at ITC Hotels has also been introduced, that makes the card even more rewarding for frequent travelers.

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