The ICICI Bank Sapphiro credit card is the bank’s most premium card after the Emeralde credit card and comes at a fairly high joining fee of Rs. 6500. The card comes in the Mastercard, Visa, and American Express variant, and is packed with some of the best in-class privileges, features, and offers. The Sapphiro credit card is ideal for frequent travellers, as well as people who want to maximum savings on their credit card spends.

With the ICICI Bank’s Alumni program, you have a chance to get the ICICI Bank Sapphiro credit card lifetime free. If you are an alumnus of Premier MBA colleges, IITs, NITs, IIMs, or other premier colleges of India, you can apply and get the Sapphiro credit card lifetime free.

ICICI Saphiro Credit Card Post

Benefits On Offer

Alumnus of the most prestigious colleges in India can get the Sapphiro credit card lifetime free, as discussed above. You will get access to the best in-class benefits across travel, lifestyle, golf, entertainment, and more.

Travel Benefits

  • 2 complimentary international airport lounge access in India, per year
  • 4 complimentary domestic airport lounge access, per year, on spends of Rs. 5000 or above in the previous quarter
  • 2 complimentary domestic airport Spa access, per year

Reward Points

  • 2 reward points per Rs. 100 on domestic spends
  • 4 reward points per Rs. 100 on international spends
  • 1 reward point per Rs. 100 on insurance and utilities

Movie Benefits

Buy one BookMyShow movie ticket and get Rs. 500 discount on the second ticket, twice per month.

Fuel Benefits

Get discount on the fuel surcharge and save money everytime you refuel your vehicle

No Joining Fee

You don’t have to pay any joining or annual fee for the card, and for a limited time period, the application process is Paperless.

How to Apply

You must be an alumni from one of the colleges under the Alumni program of ICICI Bank to get the Sapphiro credit card lifetime free.

You need to head over to the following link to apply for the card:

The last 4 digits in this link is the Institute Code, and you can change the last 3 digits in order to find your college. When you visit the link and reach the webpage, just click on Apply Now and follow the application process.

List of Colleges Under the Alumni Program for Lifetime Free ICICI Sapphiro Card

Alumni from the following colleges are eligible to get the ICICI Sapphiro credit card lifetime free –

INST0001 FMS Delhi
INST0003 IIM Ahmedabad
INST0004 IIM Bangalore
INST0005 IIM Calcutta
INST0006 IIM Indore
INST0007 IIM Kozhikode
INST0008 IIM Lucknow
INST0009 IIM Raipur
INST0010 IIM Ranchi
INST0011 IIM Rohtak
INST0012 IIM Shillong
INST0013 IIM Trichy
INST0014 IIT Delhi
INST0015 IIT Bombay
INST0016 NMIMS Hyderabad
INST0017 JBIMS, Mumbai
INST0018 MDI Gurgaon
INST0019 NITIE Mumbai
INST0020 NMIMS Mumbai
INST0022 SP Jain Mumbai
INST0023 SIBM, Pune
INST0024 XLRI Jamshedpur
INST0025 BITS Pilani
INST0026 DTU, Delhi
INST0027 IIT Guwahati
INST0028 IIT Hyderabad
INST0029 IIT Indore
INST0030 IIT Madras
INST0031 MIT, Manipal
INST0032 MNIT Jaipur
INST0033 NIT Delhi
INST0034 OP Jindal, Sonipat
INST0035 NMIMS Bangalore
INST0036 IIFT Delhi
INST0037 IIFT Kolkata
INST0038 IIT Kanpur
INST0039 IIT Kharagpur
INST0040 ISB Hyderabad
INST0041 ISB Mohali
INST0042 IIS Bangalore
INST0043 FSM Delhi
INST0044 GIM Goa
INST0045 IIM Amritsar
INST0046 IIM Bodhgaya
INST0047 IIM Jammu
INST0048 IIM Kashipur
INST0049 IIM Nagpur
INST0050 IIM Sambalpur
INST0051 IIM Sirmaur
INST0052 IIM Udaipur
INST0053 IIM Vishakapatnam
INST0054 IMT Ghaziabad
INST0056 IMI Delhi
INST0057 MICA Ahmedabad
INST0058 NALSAR Hyderabad
INST0059 NLS Bangalore
INST0060 NLU Bhopal
INST0061 NLU Delhi
INST0062 NLU Gujarat
INST0063 NLU Odisha
INST0064 NLU Jodhpur
INST0065 TAPMI Manipal
INST0066 TISS Mumbai
INST0067 NUJS Kolkata
INST0069 BITS Hyderabad
INST0071 DSE Delhi
INST0072 IIT Bhilai
INST0073 IIT Bhubaneswar
INST0074 IIT Dhanbad
INST0075 IIT Gandhinagar
INST0076 IIT Goa
INST0077 IIT Jammu
INST0078 IIT Jodhpur
INST0079 IIT Mandi
INST0080 IIT Palakkad
INST0081 IIT Patna
INST0082 IIT Roorkee
INST0083 IIT Ropar
INST0084 IIT Tirupati
INST0086 ISI Bangalore
INST0087 ISI Delhi
INST0088 ISI Kolkata
INST0089 IGIDR Mumbai
INST0090 IIIT Delhi
INST0091 IIIT Bangalore
INST0092 IIIT Hyderabad
INST0093 NIT Surathkal
INST0094 NIT Trichy
INST0095 NIT Warangal
INST0096 NSUT Delhi
INST0097 NIT Tiruchirappalli
INST0098 NIT Jalandhar
INST0099 NIT Hamirpur
INST0100 MNIT Jaipur
INST0101 NIT Calicut
INST0102 NIT Agartala
INST0103 NIT Kurukshetra
INST0104 NIT Rourkela
INST0105 Nirma University
INST0106 IIIT Allahabad
INST0107 IISST Kerala
INST0108 IMI New Delhi
INST0110 AFMC Pune
INST0111 ACMS Delhi
INST0112 PGIMER Chandigarh
INST0113 CMC Vellore
INST0114 NIMHANS Bangalore
INST0115 SGPGIMS Lucknow
INST0116 JIPMER Pondicherry
INST0117 KMC Manipal
INST0118 AIMSR Cochi

Bottom Line

There are many prestigious and top colleges in India, and if you are an alumni of one of them, then you can get rewarded under the ICICI Bank Alumni program. Under the program, you can get the premium ICICI Bank Sapphiro credit card lifetime free, if you are an alumni of one of the select few colleges.

You don’t have to pay any joining or annual fee, and will get access to a host of premium features across a plethora of categories. You just have to follow the link given above, find your institute page, and complete the application. The application process is easy and you will get the premium Sapphiro credit card without paying any charges.


  1. Suresh Kumar Gianchandani Reply

    Why IIT Roorkee is not covered in the list of previledge class to have life time free Saphiro card

  2. Nishant Dua Reply

    Another premier college Punjab Engineering College not included in Alumni colleges list.
    Is Cranfield University, London alumni eligible for this LTF offer of ICICI Sapphiro?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      I am also from PEC so can understand 🙂

      Only Indian colleges are included.

  3. praveen Reply

    I already hold a paid sapphiro. Will it be converted to LTF? IF not, should I cancel and re-apply through this link?

  4. Nooruddin Reply

    Any idea if this program still exists? ICICI tried to lure me into a paid card even though I specifically wanted the LTF Sapphiro under the Alumni program.

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Yes, you can very much get LTF ICICI Sapphiro under this program

      • Anil Reply

        Why NIT or MNNIT Allahabad / prayagraj is not covered in the list of previledge class to have life time free Saphiro card

        • Piyush Reply

          IIIT Allahabad is included though 😛

  5. Soumyadeep Reply

    This list needs to be updated. Morw than 60 new collges have been added under this alumni programme.

  6. Harsh Reply

    Any salary eligibility criteria for this card even if you are part of one of the colleges from the updated list?

  7. Shaurya Reply

    They charged me a joining fee nevertheless. This is fraudulent behaviour from their side

    • kidrah Reply

      You should report this to them. Did you get the joining fees back?

    • Utsav Reply

      Yes, same thing happened to me today. In my first bill they have charged me a fee. I have raised a complaint with them. There system also shows its LTF and they said they will resolve it within 4 working days. So waiting for that.

      • kidrah Reply

        Bro same happened with me, they charged me joining fees.
        After how many days of activation did your fees got deducted, or it happened when you did your first transaction?

        • deepak Reply

          did they revoke the joining fees

      • sks Reply

        They added joining fees in my statement too. Theyy are doing it deliberatelly it seems. Complaining isn’t working. They are just sending copy paste messages on mail. Anybody know how to get this thing revoked?

      • S Reply

        Does it resolved?

  8. Aditya SHRIVASTAVA Reply

    Are current students of these institutes also eligible for the card

  9. kidrah Reply

    They deducted Joining Fees even after it being a Life Time Free Card. Has this happened with anyone else, what should be done in this case?

  10. Tanvi Reply

    Yesss! Same happened with me. Talked to so many customer execs and now they are not removing the fess at all. Joining fees plus gst plus annual fees. Extremely fraudulent behaviour. Disgraceful

  11. Lokesh Reply

    Is there any age requirements for eligibility of this card?

  12. Chirag Patel Reply

    NIT Surat is not there….

    • Pavan chavan Reply

      Hey do we add our college in this of alumini so that we can enjoy the benefits

  13. Anonymous Reply

    They are bunch of scammers.
    The card above is indeed LTF but the sales team will forcefully send you 2 cards where 1 card(the AmEX one) will be chargeable.
    The sales people will say repeatedly that both cards are free but in your first statement you will get joining fees.
    ICICI is known to do such frauds while selling credit cards so it’s better to stay away from them.

  14. Amrit Raj Reply

    Why NIT PATNA is not there?

  15. Pratik Reply

    I am considering applying, Can anyone confirm if they are still charging the Joining Fees? (the fraud that has been mentioned in many comments). This might be an issue with their software that may have been resolved.

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