Bank of Baroda has a decent portfolio of credit cards across all major categories including travel, dining, shopping, lifestyle, etc. There are over 16 Lakhs active credit card users in the country and BoB cards offer great privileges and benefits to cardholders.

If you own a BoB credit card, then you must be aware of the incremental changes in the features and tariff of charges of credit cards that will come into effect on 1st August 2023. Read on to know more about the changes

BoB Revises Features and Charges on Its Credit Cards post

BoB Credit Card Makeover: Fresh Features and Pricing

Auto Debit/SI Bounce Fee

Cardholder will have to pay 2% of the total payment amount or a minimum of Rs. 500. This fee applies just once per card statement cycle and only if the Auto Debit or Standing instruction fails because of insufficient balance in the credit cardholder’s account.

Cheque Return Fee

The cardholder will have to pay 2% of the total payment amount or a minimum of Rs. 500.

Cash Payment Processing Fee

The cardholder will have to pay a Rs. 250 fee every time they make their credit card repayment through cash.

Cheque Payment Processing Fee

The cardholder will have to pay a fee of Rs. 100 every time they use a cheque to make their credit card repayment.

Reward Points

The reward points earned by a cardholder and available in his account will lapse in case of the following –

  • Bank-initiated or voluntary closures
  • If the card is classified as NPA
  • If the cardholder fails to repay the outstanding dues for more than a period of 90 days
  • If the cardholder fails to make the payment of outstanding balance on his card account and opts for settlement of the total outstanding amount
  • If the cardholder is involved in any fraudulent activity on his credit card after BoB Financial carries out an investigation
  • In case the cardholder dies
  • In case the credit card is not used for a period of 365 days or more
  • If the card is blocked after getting lost or stolen, and the replacement card is not delivered because of address change and is not activated within 6 months of reissuance.

Revision of Finance Charges

On the BoB Easy, IRCTC, Select, Snapdeal, HPCL Energie, Swavlamban, ICSI Diamond, ICAI Exclusive, Pragati, CMA One, ConQR, Renaissance credit cards, the finance charges are revised to 3.6% per month or 43.2% per annum.

BoB ICAI, ICSI, and ICMAI Credit Cards

The feature of bonus 1000 reward points on making 5 transactions of Rs. 1000 or more with the cards will be withdrawn.

Starting from 1st October 2023, the milestone benefit of bonus 4000 reward points will apply only if the cardholder spends over Rs. 1 Lakh or the Credit Limit, whichever is higher, per calendar quarter.

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The above article features the incremental changes in tariff of charges and features of certain BoB credit cards. These new changes and developments will come into effect on 1st August 2023 so you must go through them thoroughly and plan accordingly.

Mostly, the changes are related to fees paid by the cardholders, and the reward points and milestone benefits on select BoB credit cards. Let us know your thoughts regarding these changes in the comments section.

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