The Vistara Infinite Credit Card is the most premium co-branded card offered by the association of Axis Bank and Vistara. Most popular amongst frequent fliers, this card offers attractive joining and milestone benefits. Along with other benefits, this card offers customers the Vistara Gold Tier membership, which enables them to earn 10 CV Points/Rs. 100 spent on Vistara.

With effect from 1st March 2024, there shall be a revision in the terms regarding the Vistara Infinite Credit Card. From the second year, the Complimentary Club Vistara gold membership shall only be provided if certain pre-set conditions are met.

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card Devaluation

Conditions for Vistara Gold Tier Membership With Infinite Card

You shall be offered the Vistara Gold Tier membership with the Infinite Credit Card, but this is only valid for the first year (joining benefit). From the second year onward, you shall need to fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for the Gold Tier.

  • You would need to take 4 Vistara flights and 15,000 Tier Points to retain your Gold Tier membership from the second year onwards. You would need to spend approximately Rs. 1.5 lakhs to attain this.
  • If the customer is unable to earn the required Tier Points and take the minimum number of flights to maintain their Gold Tier status within the 12-month period, their status will automatically be downgraded to perpetual Silver Tier until they meet the criteria in the next tier evaluation cycle.
  • The flights achieved from reaching the spend-based milestone shall not be counted towards the condition for retention of Gold Tier.
  • You cannot redeem your CV Points for flight bookings towards this offer.
  • You can check the complete terms and conditions for this offer here.

Bottom Line

The recent devaluation of the Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card is part of a larger trend of credit card devaluation in the Indian market. Popular bank credit cards and even Fintech credit cards have also experienced point devaluation, minimum spend requirements, lounge access restrictions, and other devaluations. Now, with the devaluation of Infinite Credit Card, cardholders stand to lose their Gold Tier membership from the second year, which would, in turn, lead to lesser earnings of CV Points.

Many will surely be shocked by this devaluation, and some might even start considering other cards. However, frequent fliers would have no issues as they can simply spend the required amount and retain their Gold Tier from the second year. What are your thoughts on the devolution of Axis Bank Infinite Credit Card?

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  1. Ankit Gupta Reply

    Hi what happens in case card is due to renew in July 24? Will that be counted as the first year and CV golf will be valid or do you think it will be considered a second year.

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