By Kartik Kanwar
Updated On May 20, 2024

HSBC Bank is one of the most popular credit card issuers in the country. The bank has launched very few cards but each one of them offers great benefits and privileges. If you are holding the HSBC bank credit card then you must be enjoying the features of the same, but why not share them with your family members. With HSBC Add-on Credit cards, you can provide financial independence to your family members. Be it your wife, husband, mother, father, or child you can get an add-on card for any of them. The add-on cards are issued free of cost and they also do not have any annual fee. These are issued against the primary card and work just like them. The additional cards (add-on cards) offer the same benefits to the holder as the primary card.

HSBC Bank Add-on Credit cards

Features of the HSBC Add-on Cards

The features and Benefits of an Add-on card are the same as the primary card. Moreover, the responsibility of handling an add-on card is completely on the primary cardholder. Following are the features of the HSBC bank Add-on card:

  • HSBC primary cardholders can get up to 3 add-on cards for their family members.
  • The reward rate with the additional cards is the same as the primary card and therefore for every transaction done with the card, the cardholders will earn the specified reward points.
  • The HSBC additional cards are lifetime free as they do not have any annual fee.
  • The other features of the add-on cards are similar to the primary card. For example, if the primary card offers discounts on particular dining and hotel bills then the add-on card will also be eligible to avail those discounts.
  • The credit limit for the additional cards is shared with primary card.
  • The monthly statement for the add-on cards is shared with primary card, and they are responsible to settle the same before the due date.

Fees for HSBC Add-on Credit Cards

As all the features and benefits of the add-on cards are similar to the primary card, the charges applicable on such cards are also similar to the primary card. As mentioned above the add-on cards don’t have any Annual charge but they do have other charges like finance charges, late payment fees, cash advance fees, etc. For example, if you apply for an add-on card against the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, then the same charges would apply to the add-on cards. Following are some of the charges of the platinum card:

Charges Amount
Finance Charges 3.49% p.m.

(41.88% p. a.)
Cash Advance Fee 2.5% of the amount withdrawn or Rs. 500 (whichever is higher)
Rewards Redemption Fee NIL
Foreign Currency Markup 3.5% of the transaction amount

Eligibility Criteria for HSBC Add-on Credit Cards

Following are the Eligibility Criteria you must keep in mind before applying for the Add-on card:

– The applicant for the Add-on card must be above 18 years of age.
– The applicant must be related to the primary cardholder.
– The Primary cardholder must maintain a good credit score.
– The applicant must have the consent of the Primary cardholder.

Documents Required for HSBC Add-on Credit Cards:

Following are the documents that the bank may ask to apply for an HSBC Bank add-on credit card:

  • ID Proof: PAN Card. Passport, Voters ID, Ration Card, Aadhaar Card, or Driving License.
  • Address proof: Passport, Ration Card, Driving License, Copy of Utility Bills, Bank account statement, or any other valid government-issued address proof.

How to Apply for HSBC Add-on credit card

Following is the procedure if you are interested to apply for the HSBC add-on credit card:

  • If you want to apply offline, then download the application form for add-on card from Bank’s website and fill it with all the details and submit it to the Branch along with other documents.
  • The other way is to fill the form on the Bank’s website with all the necessary details like Name, primary credit card, digits, contact, etc.

HSBC Add-on Credit Card PIN generation

You can change the PIN for your add-on card with following two options:

Through ATM:

-Insert your Add-on credit card at the HSBC ATM
-Set your 4-digit PIN.

Through Mobile App:

– Log on to your account.
– Open the manage cards tab
– Click on change PIN.
–  Set your desired PIN.

Best HSBC Bank Add-On Credit Cards

Following are the HSBC add-on cards that offer great benefits and must be considered:

Card Fee Structure Main Features
HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.49% per month (or 41.88% annually)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% (minimum Rs. 500)
Lifetime free card.

Complimentary airport lounge access as a welcome benefit.

Movie Benefits with BookMyShow.

15% discount on Tata Cliq.
HSBC Premier Mastercard credit card Interest Rate: 2.49% per month (29.88% annually)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 1.99% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% of the transaction amount, subject to a minimum charge of Rs. 300
Complimentary Taj Epicure membership.

Complimentary visit to airport lounges.

Travel-related insurance benefits

.Complimentary rounds for golf sessions.
HSBC Cashback credit card Interest Rate: 3.49% per month (or 41.88% annually)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% of the withdrawn amount (subject to a minimum charge of Rs. 500)
Amazon voucher as a welcome gift.

Complimentary access to airport lounges for the first year.

Great dining benefits.
HSBC Smart Value Credit card Interest Rate: 1.99% to 3.49% per month

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% (plus applicable taxes)

Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% of the withdrawal amount subject to a minimum amount of Rs. 500.
Lifetime Free card.

3 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100.

Complimentary airport lounge access.

Cashback offers as milestone benefits.

Bottom Line

HSBC add-on credit cards is a great way to provide financial independence to your family members and that too at zero cost. The facility is very beneficial for elders and children (above 18 years of age) as they have a little or no income to get a credit card on their own. Therefore, if own a HSBC credit card then your family can enjoy the same benefits as you with the add-on card.


Yes, the cash advance fee is the same for both credit cards.
Yes, the finance charges can vary for cards depending on what category they belong to. The finance charges can also differ based on the credit history of the card holder.
You will need to provide the identity proof (any) and address proof (any valid document issued by the government) of the person you are applying for.
Yes, as long the primary credit cards have the complimentary lounge access benefit, add-on credit cards will get the same.