By Kartik Kanwar
Updated On May 17, 2024

Citi bank is one of the most popular banks offering exclusive credit cards across different categories. The Citi credit cards provide benefits to its cardholders in every sector including, lifestyle, dining, travel, and more. Along with great reward rates with every card, the bank also provides many great benefits and privileges. If you own a Citi credit card then you must be enjoying the features of the card. But now you can also share the benefits of your credit card with your family members with the add-on cars. Add-on cards are issued against the primary credit card and offer the same benefits as the main card. These cards can be issued to your parents, children if they are above 18 years of age, and to your spouse as well.

CitiBank Add-On Credit Cards

The additional cards (add-on cards) have the same benefits that the primary card has. These cards have been made to provide the family members of the primary cardholder with financial freedom. If the primary card supports international transactions then with the additional cards, your family members can also enjoy international purchases and shopping.

Features of the Citi Add-on Cards

The additional cards or the Add-on cards are just like the primary card and work in the same manner. There are some features of the add-on cards over and above the main card, which are:

  • If you hold any Citi Bank credit card, then you can apply up to 5 add-on credit cards against your credit card.
  • The add-on cards are issued at zero cost, moreover, these cards do not carry an annual charge with them which makes them lifetime free.
  • The credit limit for the additional credit cards is shared with the primary card. Therefore, all the cards will have one credit limit.
  • The primary cardholder will receive one consolidated statement for all the add-on cards being used by the family members.
  • Citi bank add-on cards can be used anywhere in the world, making it beneficial for families that enjoy international shopping.
  • The reward rate with the add-on cards is the same as the primary card. Therefore, you will earn the same reward points for every transaction.
  • The primary cardholder has full access to the additional cards and may change or set the limit on them anytime.

Fees and Charges for Citi Add-on Credit Cards

The charges applicable on the Citi Add-on credit cards are similar to the charges applicable on the primary Citi card. let’s say you applied for an add-on card against the primary Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card then the same fees structure would be applicable as follows:

Charges Amount
Finance Charges 3.75% per month (45% annually)
Cash Advance Fee 2% (minimum Rs. 300)
Foreign Currency Markup 3.5% of the transaction amount

Eligibility Criteria for Citi Add-on Credit Cards

Following are the eligibility criteria to apply for the Citi Add-on credit card:

– The applicant for the Add-on card must be above 18 years of age.
– The applicant must be related to the primary cardholder.
– The Primary cardholder must maintain a good credit score.
– The applicant must have the consent of the Primary cardholder.

Documents Required for Citi Add-on Credit Cards:

To apply for the Citi Add-on credit card, the Bank may ask for certain documents that would be required to issue the card. Following are some of the documents that are asked for,

– A duly filled additional card application form.
– A self-attested identity and date-of-birth proof of the additional card applicant
– A passport-size photo of the additional card applicant

Please note that the Bank may ask for more documents, following is the list of such documents:

  • Photo ID proof: PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Student ID Card, Voters ID, Ration Card, Company ID Card, and Passbook.
  • Address proof: Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, and Aadhar card.

How to Apply for Citi Add-on Credit Card

The application process for the Citi add-on card is very simple and quick. Visit the Bank’s website and fill out the short add-on card form. Enter the details like Primary Credit Card Number, Name of the Primary Cardmember, Mobile Number of the Primary Cardmember, and Resident City of the Primary Cardmember. The Bank will contact you for further process.

Citi Add-on Credit Card PIN generation

Following is the way by which you can generate your Citi Add-on Credit card PIN:

Through Netbanking:

– Log on to the netbanking portal.
– Click on ‘Credit Cards’.
– Select ‘PIN related’ and then select ‘ATM PIN’.
– Set the PIN for your credit card.

Through ATM:

– Insert your card into the ATM machine.
– Click on “create PIN using OTP”.
– Enter the OTP received on mobile.
– Enter the PIN.
– Click on “Submit”.

Citi Credit Cards that offer Add-on Credit card Facility

Many Citi Credit cards come with the Add-on Credit card facility, following are some of such cards that offer great benefits and must be considered:

Card Fee Structure Main Features
Citi Rewards Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.75% per month (or 45% annually)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% (minimum Rs. 500)
Welcome benefit of up to 2,500 Reward Points.

10x Reward Points on apparel & departmental stores.

Annual fee waiver on spending more than Rs. 30,000.

1% fuel surcharge waived off at all filling stations across India.
IndianOil Citi Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.75% per month

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: 2.5% of the transaction amount, subject to a minimum charge of Rs. 500
4x Turbo Points on spending on fuel at authorized IndianOil outlets.

Spend-based renewal fee waiver.

Exciting discount offers on dining across several participating restaurants.

Turbo Points are redeemable against a variety of categories, including fuel, cashback, shopping, etc.
Citibank PremierMiles Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.75% per month (or 45% annually)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% of the transaction amount.

Cash Advance Charges: 2% of the withdrawn amount (subject to a minimum charge of Rs. 300)
10,000 Miles as a Welcome Benefit.

10 Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on airline transactions.

Domestic lounge access at select airports across India.

Up to 20 % discount on bills at partner restaurants.
Citi Prestige Credit Card Interest Rate: 3.75% per month (45% per annum)

Forex Mark-up Fee: 3.5% (plus applicable taxes)

Cash Advance Charges: 2% of the withdrawal amount subject to a minimum amount of Rs. 300.
Annual benefit worth Rs. 10,000 from Taj group / ITC hotels every year.

Complimentary Taj Epicure and Taj InnerCircle membership.

Unlimited airport lounge access around the world with Priority Pass for primary as well as add-on card members.

Citi concierge serviceOverseas medical insurance cover worth USD 50,00is 0.

Bottom Line

Additional credit cards (add-on cards) are very beneficial as they provide the financial independence to the family members of the primary cardholder at zero cost. Moreover, there is no requirement of a good income and credit score on the part of the add-on card applicant. All the benefits of the primary card can be used and enjoyed by the add-on card members as well.


Yes, you can generate your Citi Bank add-on credit card pin through ATM machines. Here are the steps you will have to follow to generate the pin.– Insert your card into the ATM machine.– Click on “create PIN using OTP”.– Enter the OTP received on mobile.– Enter the PIN.– Click on “Submit”
Yes, a Citi Bank add-on credit card follows and generates the same amount of reward structure as the primary credit card.
The most important difference between the primary and add-on credit cards is the primary credit card holders are the owners and managers and are responsible for anything related to the card. However, it's not the same case for the add-on credit cards, these credit card is an exact copy of primary credit cards but the cardholders do not bear any expense or responsibility related to any of the cards.
The cash advance fee for the credit cards affiliated by Citi Bank Credit Card is 2% of the transacted amount or a minimum of Rs. 300. And yes the Citi Bank Credit Card charges the same cash advance fee for add-on credit cards as well.