Yes Bank International Spends offers: Earn 10x reward points upto 10,000 RPs

Yes Bank has been trying to aggressively promote its credit cards and is coming up with new offers from time to time. This time Yes Bank has come up with an offer targeting international spends where you can earn 10x reward points on all international transactions. A couple of months back Yes Bank had come up with a similar offer wherein you could earn 5x Reward Points on international spends. With this updated offer, now you can earn Reward Points at an accelerated rate of 10x on all your international spends through eligible Yes Bank Credit Cards.

Yes Bank International Spends offer earn 10x reward points with credit cards

Yes Bank International Spends offer Details:

Offer Details 10x Reward Points on all international spends done through this card (Cash withdrawals excluded)
Capping on Reward Points 10,000 Reward Points
Offer Validity April 15, 2022 to June 15, 2022

With this offer, all the eligible Yes Bank Credit Cardholders can earn 10x Reward Points on all international spends (Except cash withdrawal). A maximum of 10,000 Reward Points can be earned during this offer period. The offer will be valid from April 15, 2022 to June 15, 2022 and will be applicable to all the select Yes Bank Credit Cardmembers who will receive a formal notification from the bank.

We had done some calculations, to better understand this offer

Card Name Normal Reward Points Bonus Reward Points (9x) Total Reward Points* Rewards Percentage Min Amount to Earn Max Benefit
Yes Bank First Exclusive Credit Card 12 RPs/Rs 200 108 RPs/Rs 200 120 RPs/Rs 200 15% Rs 18600
Yes Bank First Preferred Credit Card 8 RPs/Rs 200 72 RPs/Rs 200 80 RPs/Rs 200 10% Rs 27800
YES Premia Credit Card 6 RPs/Rs 200 54 RPs/Rs 200 60 RPs/Rs 200 7.5% Rs 37200

*Value of each Reward Point taken as Rs 0.25 when redeemed for Hotels & Flights

How to avail the offer

All the eligible customers of Yes bank Credit cards will receive an intimation from the bank in the form of e-mail or an SMS. You will be provided with an option in the E-mail or SMS to register for this offer. Spends made through Add-on cards will also be considered under this offer.

Terms and Conditions of the Offer

  • Select Yes Bank Credit Cardholders are eligible for this offer. The eligibility of the card holder will be determined by Yes Bank.
  • Add-on cardholders can also avail the benefit of this offer.
  • A maximum of 10,000 Reward Points can be earned during the offer period.
  • International cash withdrawals will not be considered under this offer.
  • The additional 9x Reward Points will be credited to the account within 45 days of the offer end date.
  • This offer will not be applicable on Corporate/ Purchase Credit Cards by Yes Bank.
  • The offer is valid from a period of April 15, 2022 to June 15, 2022. (The start date and end date of the offer are included in the offer validity period)
  • You can click here for the detailed terms and conditions.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to travel internationally or have some international transactions lined up and plus you are a Yes Bank Credit Cardholder, this offer is surely meant for you. You can make your international bookings right in time of the offer validity period to grab the maximum benefit out of it.

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