ITC’s group of hotel has more than 115 hotels across India, across six brands, in over 80 destinations. The brand has long been known to offer hospitality, warmth, and Indian tradition through its top-notch services and facilities.

The hotel group’s loyalty program, Club ITC has been one of the most flexible, rewarding, and easy-to-use for more than 3 decades now. Members get access to exclusive benefits and contactless redemption for reward nights, laundry, spa, dining, and other experiences. Axis Bank credit cardholders can transfer their reward points to Club ITC Green Points, and for a limited time, they will get additional 10% Green Points on making conversions.

Read on to know more about the offer in detail, and its terms and conditions.

Transfer Axis Edge Reward Points to ITC Green Points - Earn 10- Bonus Points Feature

Bonus 10% Club ITC Green Points

You must know about the Axis Bank Miles Transfer Program through which you can convert your earned EDGE reward points on your credit card to partner airline miles and hotel points. Different credit cards have a different transfer ratio to Club ITC Green Points, and during the offer period you will earn additional 10% Green Points when you transfer your earned EDGE reward points.

You will be eligible to earn bonus 10% points only on converting a minimum of 20,000 points to Club ITC Green Points. If you do not have sufficient points balance to make the conversion, then you won’t receive the bonus 10% Green Points.

Transfer Ratios on Axis Bank Credit Cards

Based on the type of credit card you have, the conversion ratio of EDGE reward points to partner airlines or hotel points differs. The following are the transfer ratio of EDGE reward points to Club ITC Green Points on Axis Bank credit cards –

  • HNI Cards (Magnus, Reserve, etc.) – 5:4, where 5 RPs = 4 Green Points
  • Atlas Credit Card – 1:2, where 1 Edge Mile = 2 Green Points
  • Affluent Cards (Select and Privilege) – 5:1, where 5 RPs = 1 Green Point
  • Other Cards – 10:1, where 10 RPs = 1 Green Point

How to Transfer EDGE Reward Points to Club ITC Green Points

Follow these steps to convert your EDGE reward points Club ITC Green Points –

  • Visit the Axis Bank Travel Edge portal
  • Login to your account using your Customer ID and Password
  • Click on Miles/Points Transfer and then select Club ITC out of the available transfer partners
  • Enter the amount of EDGE reward points you convert to Club ITC Green Points

Check out our article, if you want to know in detail about how to redeem EDGE reward points and convert them to partner airlines/hotel points.

Offer Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions associated with the offer –

  • You can convert your EDGE reward points to Club ITC Green Points but you will be eligible for the 10% bonus points only on converting a minimum of 20,000 points.
  • The Club ITC membership account and the Axis EDGE rewards account, both must be active and have the sufficient points balance needed for the conversion.
  • Once you place a conversion request, you cannot stop or cancel it.
  • The bonus Green Points will be credited within 7 days to the individual’s Club ITC membership account. In case of rejection, Axis Bank will tell the customer within 15 days of the request.
  • Make sure that the Member Name, Club ITC Membership ID, Axis Bank Customer ID, and other details are accurate so that the points conversion can take place in a timely manner.

Bottom Line

If you are a loyal customer of ITC hotels group and have a Club ITC membership, then the bonus Green Points offer is great for you. You can convert the EDGE reward points earned on your Axis Bank credit card to ITC Green Points, and receive bonus 10% points for a limited time period.

The process to make the conversion is simple and the bonus ITC Green Points are soon credited to your membership account. You can use the Green Points for exclusive benefits and redemptions across ITC hotels across the country and have a comfortable, relaxing experience.

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