Well, money is a huge factor to keep in mind while traveling. People may also wish to stretch their stay if they save enough on their whole budget or they may just keep saving for the next trip. It is not necessarily mandatory to save money while traveling but there is no harm in trying. Keeping in mind where you want to travel, a lot of preparations need to be done.

The things which are important need to be prioritized and the list needs to be made on a priority basis. Now this is where people may lack. People should start by booking a flight, especially a round trip, this can save you money from the very start of your journey when you just made the plan. Hotel booking should be done at the earliest possible time so that you don’t have to wait in line for the room and also you might as well get it at cheaper rates.

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These two very major expenses in traveling can be pretty much covered with your credit cards and you can even get a discount on the same. You can even use your previous accumulated rewards to turn into mile points which can further be redeemed against the flight booking. In these case scenarios, you won’t have to pay much for your flight and even for the hotel. The next important expense is food, this will also get covered by your credit card. The dining discounts you can get with travel credit cards are amazing.

Travel Tips to Save while Swiping your card

The major issue a traveler faces while traveling abroad is dealing with local currency.  In this situation, people can end up paying or spending more than necessary and over that, they have to pay the Forex charges as well. To avoid paying more than necessary and keep your budget under your control, even outside your home country, here are a few tips –

  1. Use Credit Cards – The best payment method you can use while going around abroad is to pay with the help of your credit card. Credit cards are the best convenient methods with which you can also get some relaxation in your forex markup fee as some credit cards have low exchange fees. Not just this but on your every expense you also get a percentage of rewards for the amount transacted as a value back. Many other add-on benefits come along with Credit Cards.
  2. Walk and take Public Transit – walking and public transport can help you save a sufficient amount of money while you are traveling. Sure, for long distances, you might have to arrange some transportation but with the places nearby or you can use public transportation or take walking as a good option. This way you will also be able to see everything on the streets and save money.
  3. Try to travel in the off-season – In-season traveling can cause you a hefty sum which is surely not recommended. You can be patient for a while and try to travel in the off-season so that the local prices are not high and you will be able to get access to a lot of things without waiting in line for hours. This is recommended because in peak seasons there are more tourists due to which lodges, hotels and stays are full and visiting places are over-popularized.
  4. Save money by staying in hostels – To save money, you can try living in hostels. Hostels are very memorable experiences, you get to know people you have never met and do group outings. This kind of experience sounds very thrilling but it can also help you make connections. This experience is way more affordable than that of hotel bookings.
  5. Track your expenses – Always keep track of your expenses. Make sure you are only spending a particular amount of money per day or you have scheduled to take a certain amount every day. This way you can always follow your budget and track your expenses more programmatically. This approach can also be very helpful in finding out where you can save money next time.
  6. Always keep some extra money for an emergency – In an unknown country, you never know when you have an emergency and need the money. Keeping some extra money aside can cause you no harm but it will give you security when you are traveling.

The thing you can do to save some extra money from your traveling budget is try to find a facility where you can cook your food. This can help you save a lot from your regular dining bills.

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Keeping a check on your financial health while traveling is very important. In most cases, people spend more than necessary while traveling which can exhaust their budget and sometimes even go beyond the budget. It is important to make sure that you try to keep within your budget and have all big expenses planned. This will not only keep you under your budget but will also allow you to save a lot.

Using credit cards while traveling is the best mode of transaction one can use and is thus recommended. Not just that but there are many other things with which you can save some cash and use it in case of emergencies.

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