AU Small Finance Bank has updated and revised the reward point earn rate for a few categories for their Vetta and Zenith Credit Cards. This would mean that you will now earn fewer reward points on a selected few categories. AU Bank has mainly reduced rewards points earned on the utility bills and telecom categories, which include electric bills, water bills, gas, and transactions made to telecom services such as television. These changes will be implemented from 5th November 2023. 

Have a look at the table given below for detailed updates on the reward structure for the AU Bank Credit Card.


Category Credit Card Reward Points Earned Previously  New Reward Points Earned
Utility Bills & Telecom  Vetta Credit Card 4 RPs Per ₹100 Spent 1 RP Per ₹100 Spent
Utility Bills & Telecom  Zenith Credit Card 5 RPs Per ₹100 Spent 1 RP Per ₹100 Spent

Notification for Revision of Reward Points.

Quick Glance at AU Bank Vetta & Zenith Credit Cards

Let’s have a quick look at AU Bank Vetta and Zenith Credit Cards-

AU Bank Zenith Credit Card

The AU Bank Zenith Credit Card is a high-end credit card provided by AU Bank. It has an annual membership fee of Rs. 7,999 but offers numerous top-notch benefits that are the foundation of a premium credit card. Exciting rewards, milestone benefits, lounge access and reduced foreign currency markup, are some of the perks of the AU Bank Zenith Credit Card.

AU Bank Vetta Credit Card

The AU Bank Vetta Credit Card is a lifestyle credit card offered by AU Bank. It is considered a mid-level credit card and has an annual membership fee of Rs. 2,999. However, if you reach certain spending milestones, the fee can be waived. This card rewards holders with a good reward rate across many spending categories.

Bottom Line

AU Bank has now reduced the reward points offered for transactions on Utility Bills and Telecom for the Vetta and Zenith Credit Cards. Earlier, these cards used to provide a higher reward rate for Utility and Telecom transactions. 

Recently, IndusInd Bank and Axis Bank have reduced reward points on select card categories. IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card and IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card also have a low reward rate of 0.70 per Rs. 100 spent on Utilities, whereas Axis Bank has removed the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card’s cashback on utility bills and the Axis Bank Select Credit Card’s EDGE REWARDs Point earning for the same.

Although these cards still offer numerous benefits in the form of lounge access or milestone rewards, this change in the reward structure is sure to be taken note of. What are your views on the reduction of reward points earned for these credit cards? 

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