The Axis Bank co-branded cards with Club Vistara are highly popular and among the best credit cards in our country for travel. Earlier, cardholders earned CV points on their rental payments and they were also considered towards milestone spends. However, recently Axis Bank stated some revisions to be made on the co-branded Vistara credit cards which will be in effect from 1st June 2023.

Rent Payments Will Not Earn CV Points on Axis Bank Vistara Credit Cards Post

Revision of Axis Bank Vistara Terms and Conditions

Axis Bank announced that with effect from 1st June 2023, the following revisions will take effect on the Club Vistara credit card terms and conditions –

  • Rental transactions will not earn Club Vistara points anymore and they won’t be considered towards achieving milestone benefits as well.
  • Wallet reloads will not be eligible anymore to achieve milestone benefits and won’t earn Club Vistara points also.

The Merchant Category Codes 6513 for Rent, and 6540 for Wallet reloads, as defined by credit card networks will not be eligible to earn CV points or count towards spend milestones. Only regular spends made through the Axis Bank Club Vistara credit cards will be considered to achieve milestone benefits and accrue CV points, with effect from 1st June 2023.

Here are some important points you must know related to rent payments with your Axis Bank credit cards –

  • After 5thMarch 2023, 1% rent surcharge fee, capped at a maximum of Rs. 1500 per transaction, is applied on all rental transactions made with Axis Bank credit cards.
  • Rental payments on Axis Bank Magnus will earn Edge reward points and Atlas credit card will earn Edge Miles up to transactions of Rs. 50,000 per month. Rental payments on Axis Bank Burgundy Private and Reserve credit cards will earn Edge reward points up to transactions of Rs. 1,00,000 per month. However, rent and wallet payments are not considered towards milestone benefits and renewal fee waivers on these credit cards.
  • Reward points are not accrued on rent payments for the Axis Bank Indian Oil Credit Card, Axis Bank Neo Credit Card, Axis Bank Signature Premier Credit Card, Axis Bank Titanium Credit Card, Axis Bank AURA Credit Card, Axis Bank VISA Platinum Credit Card, Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card, Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card, AXIS Bank Infinite Card, AXIS Bank Signature Card, Axis Bank Insta Easy, and other cards.

Bottom Line

For those who frequently travel, the co-branded Axis Bank Vistara credit cards offer some of the best features and benefits in the category. The card provides Air Vistara-specific privileges, dining, travel, milestone benefits, and offers Club Vistara points on your regular spends.

However, as we read above, with effect from 1st June 2023, rent and wallet payments will not earn CV points and won’t be considered towards the milestone and renewal fee waiver spend thresholds anymore. There is a 1% rent surcharge fee on rental payments and you should consider using other options to pay rent as you won’t earn CV points on Axis Bank Vistara credit cards.

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