Rumours have been doing rounds for long that HDFC Bank might launch a new ultra-premium credit card above the Infinia Credit Card. But because of COVID and then the RBI ban, HDFC hasn’t been able to launch new products (including credit cards) in the market. We have also seen the screenshots of HDFC Credit Cards Terms & Conditions file naming Galaxia Credit Card which later turned out to be fake.

However, recently the Smartbuy page of Infinia Reserve was leaked where some of the features of the card were visible. Now, it looks certain that HDFC will soon be launching this credit card which will replace the HDFC Infinia as the topmost offering by the bank.


Read on to know about the latest information and developments related to the HDFC Infinia Reserve Credit Card.

August 2023 Update

HDFC Bank has added some information regarding Infinia Reserve on the Smartbuy website, stating that there would be no limit on bonus points that can be earned on this card via HDFC Smartbuy.

May 2023 Update

HDFC Infinia Reserve was due to be launched last year, but because of the ban on HDFC bank on issuing new cards, the card wasn’t launched. Now, some people were able to view the details of Infinia Reserve on the Smartbuy Website.

Based on screenshots found online regarding the HDFC Infinia Reserve credit card, we found the following information related to the credit card –


  • The card offers complimentary Taj Epicure and Club Marriott membership as a welcome benefit. The membership can be renewed next year on the basis of your spends.
  • You can transfer the Infinia Reserve reward points to various hotel and airline partners at a ratio of 1:1. It is better than the 1:0.5 transfer ratio offered by the Infinia credit card for various partners.
  • The reward rate on the Infinia Reserve credit card is similar to the Infinia credit card, that is 5 reward points per Rs. 150 spent with the card. Also, you can earn up to 10x reward points on spends at the HDFC SmartBuy portal.
  • The reward points earned by you can be redeemed against products/vouchers by various merchants at a 1:1 ratio and most likely there won’t be a 70% limit on the usage of reward points. The reward points can also be redeemed for various events like Wimbledon/F1 racing tickets.
  • As a welcome benefit, we would be getting 25K RPs and 25K ITC voucher and on renewal we would be getting 25K Reward Points.

All this information about the HDFC Infinia Reserve credit card is tentative and is not confirmed yet. It is likely that there might be some changes to the rewards and other benefits offered by the card when it launches sometime later this year.

We will keep updating this space with all the latest news and information regarding the HDFC Infinia Reserve credit card

What we know about HDFC Infinia Reserve Credit Card

HDFC Bank had registered the trademark for Infinia Reserve back in 2019, which clearly shows that the bank intends to use the term “Infinia Reserve” (check out this PDF on the official IP India website)

HDFC Infinia Reserve TrademarkAfter the trademark was registered, there was no news on Infinia Reserve until recently when HDFC started updating their Smartbuy portal. Recently, the bank added a new code on the Smartbuy Beta website (a website used by the bank for testing purposes).

HDFC Infinia Reserve Code

The code on the website clearly states that you are an Infinia Reserve Customer and would be redirected to the Infinia Reserve Portal. From what we checked, if the phone number is associated with the Infinia Reserve card, the user would be redirected to another portal.

Other Upcoming Credit Cards by HDFC Bank

Apart from the Infinia Reserve Card, many other credit cards are also due for launch by HDFC Bank. We can expect these launches once the RBI ban is completely lifted and the bank is allowed to launch new digital products.

Emirates Co-branded Credit Card

The HDFC Bank Emirates skywards diners club was mentioned in the HDFC Bank MITC, just before RBI imposed a ban on Diners Club. While RBI has lifted the ban on Diners Club, HDFC is still not allowed to launch new credit cards. We can expect the bank to launch this card as soon as the ban on HDFC is removed

Marriott Co-branded Credit Card

Apart from these Paytm and Emirates co-branded credit cards, HDFC Bank is also expected to launch a co-branded credit card with Marriott International. Not much information is available on the Marriott HDFC Co-Branded Credit Card, but we may expect the card to be launched in the 2nd half of 2023

Bottom Line

The RBI had put restrictions on HDFC Bank on launching any services including credit cards in December 2020. When RBI partially lifted the ban in August 2021, HDFC relaunched some old credit cards including nfinia Metal Edition Credit Card, Millenia Credit Card, Freedom Credit Card, Moneyback+ Credit Card with more or less the same features as the older versions.

Now that there is no bank on HDFC Bank, we expect the bank to launch the Infinia Reserve credit card sometime soon in the future. There were rumors circulating around the card for a long time, but now there was proof the HDFC website that the Infinia Reserve card is coming soon. The bank launched the Paytm co-branded cards recently and hopefully it will be followed by the launch of Emirates co-branded and the Infinia Reserve credit card.

Keep checking this space as we will update this post as soon as any new info is available regarding the launch of HDFC Infinia Reserve Credit Card.


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