“The Indusind bank Rewardz Festival is back with exciting vouchers, discounts, and EMI benefits”. If you have received this mail from IndusInd Bank, then you have the opportunity to earn amazing vouchers and EMI benefits on your IndusInd Credit Cards. The IndusInd Bank is back with the Rewardz Festival where the cardholders can earn exciting gift vouchers based on their spending and 50% off on EMI processing fees. Just like the last year, the Rewardz Festival offers will be different for every cardholder and will be communicated to them via E-mail based on their credit history, payment behavior, etc. IndusInd Bank Rewardz Festival is valid from 25 September 2022 to 31 October 2022. So if you are an IndusInd Credit Cardholder and received the same mail, then you should go through this article to avail the best of this offer.

Indusind Bank Rewardz Festival

IndusInd Bank Rewardz Festival Offer

The Rewardz Festival Offer has been designed the same for all IndusInd Cardholders, however, a few things like the value of the voucher and total spend eligibility will vary from person to person. The details of the offer have been shared below:

  • The cardholder will get a voucher based on the total spent during the offer period. The cardholder can choose one voucher from a wide variety of leading brands.
  • The cardholder (after achieving the spending target) will be eligible for 50% Off on Processing fees on EMI Purchase and conversion of Outstanding to EMI.
  • Get exciting discounts with partner merchants on shopping via Indus Moments.

The information given below is an example of the mail you will be getting if you are an eligible IndusInd Credit cardholder:

“The Rewardz Festival is back with exciting vouchers, discounts, and EMI benefits.
#BankOnHappiness To Make your Festive celebration grand with exciting offers and vouchers across leading brands”.

  • Get exciting vouchers of Rs. 500 on leading brands on achieving your spend target of Rs. 20000.
  • Get Exciting discounts with partner merchants. Please visit Indus Moments for more details.
  • Convert your purchases into EMI and get 50% off the processing fee.
    Minimum Conversion amount: 50% of the communicated spending target
    Minimum Tenure: 6 months.

Offer Validity

  • The Rewardz Festival is valid from 25 September 2022 to 31 October 2022.
  • The offer is not applicable on Corporate cards, IndusInd Bank Classic & Gold Card, InterMiles IndusInd Bank Odyssey & Voyage Credit Card, IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card, and IndusInd Bank Chelsea Credit Card.
  • The offer will not be applicable on IndusInd Credit Cards with a credit limit of below Rs. 30000.
  • The offer is not applicable on cards issued before 15th August 2022.

Terms And Conditions

  • The 50% off on processing fees for EMI spends is valid for transactions made during the offer period and is valid on Outstanding conversion requests made before 15th November 2022.
  • The minimum Conversion amount for the EMIs should be 50% of the Festive spends target or more to be eligible for the 50% off on the Processing fee.
  • A cardholder can earn only one voucher during the offer period.
  • The spending made on the Add-on credit cards will be considered for the calculation of the total spending.
  • The transactions including insurance premiums, rent payments, government taxes, bill payments, etc, will not be considered for the calculation of total spending under this offer.
  • The offer is valid for cardholders who have confirmed their participation before 24th September 2022.

Bottom Line

The IndusInd Rewardz Festival is a great time for cardholders to earn amazing vouchers and get great deals on leading brands. Last year the bank was offering bonus reward points to the cardholders but this year, the bank has offered vouchers and 50% off on the EMI processing fee. The conditions for the offer are different for every cardholder and have been communicated to them on their registered email. If you have any doubts regarding the offer then let us know in the comments section below.

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