IndusInd Bank Reduces The Cash Value Of Reward Points On Its Credit Cards

The IndusInd Bank has recently updated the value of Reward Points on some of its popular credit cards, including Indusind Pinnacle World, IndusInd Legend, Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card, etc. A lot of IndusInd Credit Cards used to provide a really good value of Reward Points for redemption against cash credit, which was 1 Reward Point = up to Re. 1 for many cards, but this value has now been reduced for almost all the credit cards issued by the bank. The new value of Reward Points will be applicable from March 15, 2022. To understand the same in detail, keep reading the full article.

Indusind Bank Reward Value

The Updated Value Of IndusInd Credit Cards’ Reward Points

Different IndusInd Bank Credit Cards have different values of Reward Points for redemption against cash credit. With effect from March 15, 2022, a reduced value of these points will be applicable on all the IndusInd Cards (except a few credit cards). An important point to be noted here is: the value of reward points has only been updated for redemption against cash credit and will remain the same for redemption against other categories. The following table will make you understand the changes in the reward points value of some of the popular IndusInd Credit Cards:

Credit Card Old Value Of Reward Points For Redemption Against Cash Updated Value Of Reward Points For Redemption Against Cash
IndusInd Pinnacle World Credit CardIndusInd Legend Credit Card/IndusInd Nexxt Credit Card Re. 1 Re. 0.75
IndusInd Platinum Visa/Mastercard Credit Card Re. 0.85 Re. 0.65
IndusInd Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card Re. 0.5 Re. 0.4
IndusInd Duo Credit Card Re. 0.75 Re. 0.5

These changes will not be applicable on InterMiles Credit Cards as these cards don’t allow you to redeem your earned intermiles against cash credit.

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Bottom Line

The reduced value of reward points on IndusInd Credit Cards will be effective from March 15, 2022. And hence, if you prefer redeeming your earned points against cash credit, you must consider redeeming your points before the 15th of March so that you can get the maximum benefit before the points get devalued. Recently, the IndusInd Bank has also reduced the reward rate on rent payments which was unexpected, and now this deduction in the value of Reward Points against cash credit might be a bit disappointing for the users. However, the value of Reward Points offered by IndusInd Bank Credit Cards is still better than many other credit card issuers.

In case of any further queries regarding the Reward Points value of your IndusInd Credit Cards, you can ask us in the comment section below!

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