Being Independent is a norm in today’s society, individuals prefer to live so. But being independent also means being financially independent. Credit Cards are one of those tools that can help you get the financial freedom you yearn for and deserve. Credit Cards are great, the rewards are greater and their benefits are amazing. Even before applying for any credit card, we check the details such as benefits like traveling benefits and value back on each Rs. 100 spent, etc. This is a mandatory search, at least you need to know the perks if not the cons, right.

But the issue is whether or not the application will be approved or not. There are a lot of people in line applying for credit cards, but not all of their applications get approved. The rejection only means one thing and that is the applicant is not eligible for the card applied. This so happens to be the case at least most of the time. But you can prevent it from happening to you, here’s how?

Improve Your Chances For Credit Card Application

How to improve your chances of approval for a credit card?

Be it an entry-level credit card or a premium credit card, always weigh the pros and cons of every feature. Once checked, try checking and improvising these criteria as well –


This factor plays a major role in your application approval. Once you have checked the necessary details, check the eligibility criteria. Usually, basic criteria include age, standard salary, and credit score.

Age is a basic criterion that is included to make sure that the applicant is of legal age. It can change the type of card but the basic limit is minimum 21 years to 24 years old to a maximum of 65 years old.

Salary for any credit card is very well associated with your result. If you have an income that matches the amount stated by the creditors for a particular credit card then you are good to go. However, if not, you should either increase your income or go for another credit card with the same salary criteria, you are at high risk of rejection from the bank.

Credit Score is important for any bank as it weighs the risk affiliated with an applicant. The credit score is determined by the components present in your credit report such as your credit mix, credit history, etc. It indicated your financial status, financial history, borrowing, returning behaviors, etc. These factors help your bank decide your creditworthiness. The higher your credit score is, the better your chances will be of approval.

Credit History

Credit score is important but checking your credit history is even more important. As we are aware that credit score is determined on the basis of your credit history, it is important to have a look at it. It is not just to check the credit score but you can also try to find errors. Not that it is usually the case but in case there are some errors in your credit history, credit mix, or credit status, you can report it. Any significant error can deteriorate your credit score and can also through away your chances of getting a credit card as well as any financial aid in the future.

Clear Debts

After eligibility comes debts, in case you have any debt, it will be better to pay it off even before applying for a credit card. This outstanding debt might abrupt your chances of getting a credit card. It might seem too great to overcome but it is one of the best ways to increase your credit score.

An overwhelming debt on your credit report will not only reduce your approval chances but it will also impact your credit score if the payments are not in time. Clearing your debt will only make the process easier and smoother for you.

With the help of all these ways, you will be able to improve your chances of credit card approval. In case you are a beginner and do not necessarily have a financial status or tool yet, your credit score might not impact the application that much but salary will be a game changer in that case. Looking at an example of two applicants for a card such as HDFC Bank Diner Club Privilege Credit Card –

Applicant A – Is a 25-year-old individual with Rs. 75,000 income per month. Their Credit Report is very neat and a great credit history with a credit score of 820. There was never a late payment and the debt has always been settled on time with no current debt ongoing.32

Applicant B – Is a 23-year-old individual with Rs. 50,000 income per month. The credit report is also very neat and have a good credit history with a decent credit score of 780. There was never a late payment and has no ongoing debt as well.

In this case, both the applicants have a good credit history with decent scores and a well-maintained debt record except for salaries and age. The eligibility criteria for the applicant is to be 21 years old which both the applicant passed. Accordingly, the income criteria are a minimum of Rs. 70,000 per month. In this case, Applicant A will be accepted and Applicant B will be rejected because they do not match the basic eligibility criteria.

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A great Credit Card can give you many benefits and services at a desirable price but the best part is that credit cards are a kick-start towards financial freedom. So being the case people tend to apply for just any credit card without any proper investigation of the same and then get rejected. However weak our investigation might be but the bank will pull out every detail related to your credit in order to check your creditworthiness.

Bank not only checks your eligibility but they usually check your credit reports and specifically your debts and credit history. The whole report helps the bank assess the risk involved with a particular applicant if they have a bad credit history, etc. With great credit history, cleared debt status, and matching the eligibility, you are good to go. There is nothing much you can do other than try to improve your credit.

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