As the festive season has arrived, all the card issuers are coming up with exciting offers and IDFC First Bank never lags behind in providing its customers with the best experiences. This time, IDFC First Bank has launched an exclusive festive season offer, under which the Top spenders during the offer period will be winning exciting prizes, such as iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14, Samsung S22, Apple Watch 8, Amazon vouchers, etc. If you have an IDFC First Credit Card, you have this amazing opportunity to earn gifts worth up to Rs. 1.29 lakhs just by spending more and more using your credit card. There are three types of offers under this, uncluding the overall offer, daily offer, and hourly offer. However, the offer validity is diferent and you can check the same and all other details below in this article:

IDFC First Credit Cards Top Spenders Offer

The Offer

The IDFC First Credit Card holders can win exciting prizes by becoming the top spender during the offer period, i.e, from October 5, 2022, to October 31, 2022. There are three typesof offers under this, including the Overall winners offer (valid from October 5 to October 21), daily winners offer (valid from October 22 to October 26), and the hourly winners offer (valid between 10 AM and 10 PM between October 22 & October 26, 2022). Under the overall offer, the winners will be getting exclusive prizes like iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch, Samsung S22, etc. Under the daily offer, the eligibile cardholders will earn FitBit Sense worth Rs. 24,999, and under the hourly offer, the top spending cardholders will earn Amazon vouchers worth Rs. 5,100. With this offer launched by the IDFC First Bank, not only one or two but so many credit cardholders can get rewarded and that is why it can be considered an exceptional offer.

  • Overall Winners Offer: Under this offer, all the spends (except a few ineligible spends) done by the cardholders between October 5 and October 31, 2022 will be considered. The winners will not be chosen on the basis of one or two single transactions, but their cumulative spends during the entire offer period will be calculated.
  • Daily Winners Offer: Under this offer, all spends made by cardholders in a day will be considered. The offer is valid from October 21 to October 26, 2022, and the top 6 spenders will be considered winners for this.
  • Hourly winners Offer: Under the hourly winners offer, the top spenders during an hour will be rewarded. This offer is also valid from

You can understand the offer details more clearly through the following table:

Offer Type Winners Offer Validity Prizes/Equivalent Gift vouchers/cashback
Overall Winners Offer 1st 5th October, 2022 to 31st October, 2022 iPhone 14 Pro/Gift voucher worth Rs. 1,29,000/Rs. 1,29,000 cashback
2nd iPhone 14/Gift voucher worth Rs. 79,900/Rs. 79,900 cashback
3rd Samsung S22/voucher worth Rs. 62,999/cashback of Rs. 62,999
4th to 11th Apple Watch 8/ Rs. 48,900 voucher or cashback
Daily Winners Offer Top 6 spenders 21st October to 26th October, 2022 FitBit Sense/ Rs. 24,999 voucher or cashback
Hourly Winners Offer Top 72 spnders 21st October to 26th October, 2022 (10:00 am to 10:59 pm) Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs. 5100

One important thing to note down here is that the winners during the offer will be mutually exclusive. For example, if a cardholder is eligible for both daily and hourly winners offer, he/she will only be considered for one of them. One needs to register for this offer in order to participate in it. You can easily register for it by click on the link sent by the card issuer on your registered mobile number/email ID.

Eligible Cards: IDFC First Wealth, IDFC First Millennia, IDFC First Select, IDFC First Classic, and IDFC First Millennia Credit Card.

All the offers will be separately applicable to the different eligible credit card variants, i.e, the offer is applicable separately to the IDFC First Select, Wealth, Millennia, Classic, and Employee Credit Card.

Offer Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions associated with this offer are as follows:

– The overall winners offer is valid from October 5, 2022, to October 31, 2022.
– The daily winners offer and the hourly winners offer is valid from October 21 to October 26, 2022.
– The winners for all the offers will be mutually exclusive, i.e, no cardholder can be the winner under two offers.
– The interested cardholders need to register for the offer in order to participate in it.
– In the overall , daily, as well as for the hourly offers, the prizes will be applicable for different credit card varinats differently, i.e. different from IDFC First Select, Millennia, Classic, Wealth, and Employee Credit Card.
– Transactions such as wallet reloads, fuel purchases, cash withdrawals, and insurance payments will not be eligible for the offer.
– Canceled, returned, or refunded transactions will not be considered for the calculation of total spends during the offer period.

For detailed terms and conditions, click here.

Bottom Line

This top spenders offer launched by the IDFC First bank is an amazing opportunity for the cardholders to win exciting prizes, such as iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch, and many more. Just make sure to register for it on time as you can’t just avail of its benefits if you haven’t shown interest by registration. Moreover, a great thing here is that all the offers are separately applicable to all the eligible card variants. Make usre to go through the terms and conditions of the offer thoroughly so that you don’t miss our on any opportunity to winning exciting gifts. In case of any further doubts, let us knwo in the comment section below!

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