IDFC First Bank has recently introduced two new corporate credit cards, the FIRST Purchase and the FIRST Corporate Credit Card. Both cards come with attractive features and benefits, including no joining fee, interest-free credit periods, and the opportunity to earn rebates on spending. These new offerings are designed to streamline business purchases and provide additional perks for corporate travelers.

IDFC First Bank launches new corporate credit cards

About the IDFC FIRST Purchase Credit Card

IDFC FIRST Purchase Credit Card

The FIRST Purchase Credit Card by IDFC Bank will help streamline your business purchases. This card comes with no joining fees, and cardholders can enjoy interest-free credit for up to 45 days. The forex charge on international transactions is 3.5%, and the interest rate per annum is 36%. You can even earn higher rebates up to 150bps on your spending. With this credit card, businesses can easily manage their finances and vendor payments and have a paperless process for digital expenditure management.

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About the IDFC FIRST Corporate Credit Card

IDFC FIRST Corporate Credit Card

The FIRST Corporate Credit Card is designed for business travelers with no joining fee. This card offers a 48-day interest-free period on corporate spending and roadside assistance worth Rs. 1,499. You can earn higher rebates up to 150bps and choose between cashback and reward points. You can turn interest costs into rebate earnings with IDFC FIRST Bank’s dynamic rebate program. This card offers two complimentary domestic and international airport lounge access per quarter. The foreign currency markup charges this card offers are 3.5% on international transactions and an interest rate of 36% per annum.

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The new corporate credit cards from IDFC First Bank provide businesses with convenient and beneficial features, such as interest-free credit periods, rebates on spending, and additional perks for corporate travelers. By addressing the specific needs of corporate customers, these cards aim to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for business users.

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