The Standard Chartered Bank is among the popular credit card issuers in India and offers some exclusive cards targeted at different segments of individuals. Some cards are best suited for travel, some for shopping, and some of them are just best at reward programs. Many individuals get a credit card only to earn rewards so that they can save on all their transactions, but they are not aware of how they can use these rewards for the maximum benefit. Earning reward points with a credit card only makes sense if one can redeem them wisely. If you have a Standard Chartered Credit Card that earns you Reward Points, you might be looking for different redemption options that are available, the redemption ratio for redemption against different categories, and a few more important things.
redeem standard chartered credit card reward points
In order to maximise the benefits of your credit cards, you should know how to redeem Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points so that you can use your points against the right category at the right time. The cardholders should be aware of the fact that the Reward Points that they earn using their SC Credit Cards are not valid for a lifetime, but they expire after a certain period. And this is why it is advisable for the cardholders to redeem their points before they expire so that they can get the most out of their card’s reward program. The rewards ratio and redemption processes of Reward Points can be a bit different for different types of credit cards. In this article, you can find every single information about the redemption of Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points and their value in rupees:

Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points Redemption – Know Their Value in Rupees

The Standard Chartered Credit Cardholders can redeem their reward points either via online banking or on Standard Chartered’s 360-degree rewards portal. There are various options and categories available for the redemption of reward points earned using standard Chartered Credit Cards. However, the redemption ratio might different for different cards and in different categories. All the redemption options available for SC Credit Cardholders are given below:

Products On The 360 Degree Rewards Portal

The 360-degree rewards portal is the dedicated rewards portal of Standard Chartered Bank where the credit cardholders can redeem their earned reward points against products under different categories, including home & kitchen appliances, travel-related products, lifestyle, electronics, gift vouchers, etc. The redemption ratio of reward points at the 360 rewards portal is almost the same for each category and it is 1 Reward Point = Re. 0.25(For SC Ultimate the value of 1 RP= Rs 1). The following are the steps to redeem your earned points via Standard Chartered’s 360-degree rewards portal:

– Visit the 360-degree rewards portal.
– Login to the portal using your username and password.
– You will be redirected to the reward redemption page of 360 rewards.
– Select the range of points that you want to redeem.
– Select the category under which you need to redeem your points.
– Add items to the cart.
– You can choose to pay full via points or partially via points and card each.
– Proceed further accordingly.

Via SC Mobile app or Online Banking

Other than the 360-degree rewards portal, there are a few more ways to redeem the reward points earned via the Standard Chartered Credit Cards. You can redeem your reward pints via SC internet banking or mobile app as follows:

– Login to your Standard Chartered internet banking account.
– Click on the option ‘Online Rewards.’
– Select the redemption option of your choice.
– Select the number of Reward points you want to redeem.
– Proceed further accordingly.

Similarly, the reward points can also be redeemed via the Standard Chartered mobile app. The steps for the same are as follows:

– Login to the SC Mobile app.
– From the left menu, select the option ‘Credit Card Rewards.’
– Check the number of Reward Points you have.
– Proceed further as per the instructions given on your screen.

Expiry of Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points

The expiration policy of Standard Chartered Credit Card reward points is quite different from other major card issuers in India. The Reward Points earned using SC Credit Cards by December of a particular year are valid till June of the next year. For example, if you have earned 10,000 Reward Points till December 31, 2022, these points will be valid for redemption till June 30, 2023, and will expire after that. Similarly, the points earned from January 1, 2023, to December  31, 2023, will be valid till June 30, 2024.

Redemption of Air Miles Via Standard Chartered Emirates Skywards Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Bank also offers a credit card in partnership with Emirates airlines. This card is named Standard Chartered Emirates Skywards Credit Card. It comes with a different reward structure, i.e, the cardholders earn Airmiles instead of reward points on their transactions. These air miles are automatically transferred to the cardholder’s Skywards account and can be redeemed against flight bookings and other travel-related categories by logging in to your Emirates account from their official website. The cardholders can either boom the full flight ticket via air miles or they can choose the ‘Cash + Miles’ option. Just make sure that the mobile number registered with your credit card is the same as that registered with your Emirates account.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you have understood everything about the reward redemption of Standard Chartered Credit Card Reward Points. In order to get the maximum benefits out of your credit card reward points, it is essential to redeem your points against the right category before the expiry of your points. It becomes essential for the cardholders to be aware of all the redemption options and the processes to redeem the reward points in order to get the most out of their credit card. So, if you have a Standard Chartered Credit Card, keep all the above points in mind and use all your points against an option of your choice. If you have any further doubts on this, you can freely ask us in the comment section below!

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    I remember reading at a lot of places that each reward point equals Rs.1 for the SC Ultimate card. Their rewards portal says 0.25 like your article. That cuts the reward rate to below an entry level card. How is that possible

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