Like other major card issuers including HDFC Bank, SBI Card, etc., the ICICI Bank also offers various credit cards targeted at different segments of individuals. Different cards reward you in different ways and that is why the reward earning and redemption process becomes confusing for individuals sometimes. Some ICICI Credit Cards offer you cashback, others offer ICICI Reward Points, Hand-picked Rewards, or intermiles. Moreover, the redemption process also varies with the different types of rewards you earn. Redeeming rewards is generally the easiest in the case of cash back cards as it is automatically credited to your account, but the earned cashback might not be used anywhere. In order to maximize the benefits of your card, it is essential for you to understand how to redeem ICICI Credit Card Reward Points in the right manner. We will help you understand the same in this article:

how to redeem icici credit card reward points

ICICI Credit Cards Reward Redemption – Know Their Value in Rupees

Talking about co-branded travel credit cards, different cards earn you different types of Airmiles or points that can be redeemed only against selected brands while some cards allow you to redeem your earned points against anything you want. The value of points or miles may also vary for redemption against different categories, and in order to gain maximum benefit, you should be aware of the category where the value of your earned Reward Points will be the maximum. To understand the reward programs offered by different ICICI Bank credit cards and their redemption process, keep reading further!

ICICI Bank Cashback Credit Cards

ICICI Bank offers some popular cashback credit cards and the redemption process in these cards is the easiest as the cashback is automatically credited to your account in most cases. However, some of the cards allow you to redeem your earned cash back anywhere you want while others allow you to redeem the cashback only at selected merchants/categories. Following are the cashback cards offered by the ICICI Bank and options to redeem your earned cashback:

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

With the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card, you earn upto 5% cashback on your spends. This cashback is automatically added to your Amazon Pay balance and can be used to make purchases on Amazon, mobile/DTH recharge, scan & pay at any merchant accepting Amazon Pay, credit card bills, and a lot of other options available at Amazon Pay. Just make sure that your Amazon account is linked to the mobile number that is registered with your Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card. To check & redeem your earned cash back, you can follow these simple steps:

– Open the Amazon website/mobile app on your mobile.
– Log in to your account.
– Click on the menu at the bottom rightmost corner of your screen.
– Choose the option ‘Amazon Pay.’
– You can see your ‘Amazon Pay Balance’ and all the options to redeem it on your screen.
– Select the appropriate category for redemption and proceed further accordingly.

ICICI Bank Mine Credit Card

The ICICI bank Mine Credit Card doesn’t earn you cashback directly, but it rewards you in the form of Mine Cash, which can be redeemed against cashback on request. For redemption against statement balance, 1 Mine Cash = Re. 1. The cardholders can contact the ICICI Bank customer care via call on 1860 120 7777. But, you should keep in mind that you can redeem the Mine Cash against cash only if you have earned a minimum of 1,500 Mine Cash points.

ICICI Bank Rewards Credit Cards

Cards Offering ICICI Reward Points

Most of the ICICI Bank Credit Cards, including some basic as well as premium cards, offer Reward Points on all transactions. Earlier, these cards used to offer Payback Points under the Payback Rewards Program, but now the bank’s partnership with Payback has ended and the card issuer has launched its own ICICI Rewards Program.  The following is a list of ICICI Credit Cards offering Reward Points:

Credit Card Reward Points
ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card

ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card
Up to 4 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100.
ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card

ICICI Bank Diamant Credit Card
Up to 6 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100.
ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card

ICICI Bank Expressions Credit Card

ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card

ICICI Bank Ferrari Signature Credit Card

ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card

Accelero ICICI Bank Credit Card
Up to 3 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100.

Up to 5 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100.

Up to 2 Reward Points on every spend of Rs. 100.

The ICICI Reward Points you earn using these cards can be redeemed against several options including cash back, shopping, gifts, travel bookings, and many more. The value of 1 Reward Point = Re. 0.25. The redemption of your earned rewards can be done as follows:

  • For redemption of your earned Reward Points against cash, make a call on 080-40146444. The equivalent cash will be credited into your account within 7 days from the redemption request.
  • For redemption of your earned points against gifts, call on 1860-258-5000. The gift of your choice will be sent to you within 10 working days.

Cards Offering Hand-Picked Rewards

Other than the ICICI Credit Cards that offer Reward Points, some cards also offer you Hand-Picked Rewards on all your spends. The cards offering hand-picked rewards include ICICI Bank Visa Signature Credit Card, ICICI Bank Platinum Identity Credit Card, ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa, Sapphiro Visa, and Coral Visa Credit Card. The hand-picked Rewards you earn using these cards can be redeemed by logging in to your net banking account or via the ICICI Bank’s Hand Picked Rewards page. 1 Hand Picked Reward = Re. 0.6 (approx). However, the value of these Rewards may vary for different products.

ICICI Bank Co-Branded Travel Credit Cards

InterMiles ICICI Bank Credit Cards

ICICI Bank offers three credit cards in partnership with, which are: Intermiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro, Intermiles ICICI Bank Rubyx, and Intermiles ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card. All these cards reward you in the form of intermiles, which can be redeemed against a wide range of products and categories from the intermiles website. The following are the steps you will have to follow in order to redeem intermiles earned through ICICI Cards:

  • Visit the ICICI Bank’s official website and log in using the mobile number registered with your Intermiles ICICI Credit Card.
  • Find and choose the option ‘Redeem Intermiles.’
  • You will see a lot of options, including Flights, hotels, fuel, dining, gift vouchers, products, and many more.
  • Select the option of your choice and proceed further to redeem your earned intermiles.
  • The value of intermiles may vary for redemption against different categories. For redemption against fuel, 1 intermile = Re. 0.25, for vouchers, 1 intermile = up to Re. 0.5 and so on.

MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Credit Cards

In partnership with MakeMyTrip, the ICICI Bank offers two credit cards, which are MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature & MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card. Both the cards reward you in the form of My Cash, which is automatically credited to the MyWallet of the cardholder. The earned My Cash can be redeemed against travel-related bookings from MakeMyTrip app/mobile app, where 1 My Cash  = Re. 1.

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Bottom Line

Now, you might have understood how to redeem ICICI Credit Card Reward Points. Before redeeming your earned Rewards, you must be aware of the monetary value of your points/miles for redemption against different categories, so that you can redeem against an option that earns you the maximum benefit. We hope that this article was helpful for you to understand the redemption process of your ICICI Credit Card. If you have any further doubts regarding the topic, you can freely ask us in the comment section below!

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