How to Choose the Perfect Credit Card for Your Lifestyle?

Being in a world where your financial health is the most important factor to survive, it is important to have the best financial tool one can have. Apart from Credit Cards, many other financial tools can help you maintain your financial status in society. But a Credit Card is the best option one can have, why? That is because it relaxes the immediate liability to pay for on-site expenses and not just that but it is an easy loan that one can take anytime and anywhere.

But a Credit Card will only be helpful to you if you know how to be a responsible user. If you spend more than you can pay for, then it can become a really big hurdle for you. On the positive side, this can save you not just by giving you the loan but it can also give you value back on all your expenses. A credit card comes with different features along with the perks and benefits.

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Features of a credit card can include the cash advance feature, add-on cards feature, international payments, etc. Whereas, the perks include the welcome benefit, rewards rates and redemption, lounge access, golf, movie, dining, travel, and membership benefits. All these features and benefits are very different from each other.

Ideally, there are Six types of credit cards present in the market with each type holding at least 50 + different cards from different providers. These Six types are – Shopping, Travel, Fuel, Cashback, Premium, and Super-Premium. But to decide which one is the best suited for you can be very difficult.

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How to Choose the Best Credit Card for You According to Your Lifestyle?

You can choose the card which is well-suited to your daily needs by considering the following things –

 Understand the credit cards –

Whatever cards you have finalized according to your needs, try to read and gain knowledge about them. The usage, features, perks, benefits, fees, and charges and evaluate them firstly with your needs and then with other credit cards. Try to look for benefits you can use and see whether the reward redemption is according to your expectations or not. Check the fee and charges for each feature they are providing. Also, look for the feature the cards are not providing, then eliminate them accordingly. Once you have searched out a variety of cards and removed the ones which are not so suitable for your life comes the next step.

Check the Eligibility –

To get your name printed on a card, it is important to be eligible for the same. Once you have checked the details, the next part is to check the eligibility for the card. Eligibility is the main factor that decides whether or not you will get the card you have your eyes on. If you are eligible for a credit card, you can for sure go ahead to the next step but if you are not eligible for the same, unfortunately, you will have to drop it. The credit cards which will be left after this will have a drastic change because you might end up with the cards you are not so much fond of but it is a part of the process. Not being eligible for the card means getting your application rejected.

Check Rules and Regulations –

After eligibility comes the rules and regulations. Every bank has some rules and regulations through which they regulate the usage of the cards. The rules and regulations state clearly on which basis the features and benefits will be availed. This will help in utilizing the credit card in a better way and you will also get to know the pros and cons of having that card.

It is important to have a thorough knowledge of the card you are looking forward to having and after checking every detail on that card, you will be able to understand and utilize that card properly.

Best Credit Cards –

Here is a list of the best Credit Cards from each category –

Shopping –

  • HDFC Bank Millenia Credit Card
  • AXIS Bank ACE Credit Card
  • SBI Bank SimplyCLICK Credit Card

Travel –

  • SBI Bank Vistara Credit Card
  • AXIS Bank ATLAS Credit Card
  • Emirates Skywards ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card

Fuel –

  • Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • BPCL SBI Bank Octane Credit card
  • IDFC HPCL First Power Plus Credit Card

Cashback –

Premium –

Super Premium –

  • AXIS Bank Reserve Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Emerald Credit Card
  • American Express Platinum Credit Card


In today’s world, the financial health of a person is very important and to increase and stabilize it, credit cards are the best options available. There are different credit cards in the market curated for the needs of every user. To get the best and the perfect fit for themselves, one must have a thorough search on the cards themselves first. Then the person needs to check the details and see whether or not the card is going to benefit you or not. After all these searches, you will have an on what card will be the best fit for your lifestyle.

However, to make the credit card a boon for yourself, you must use it with responsibility.

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