After the recent launch of the HDFC Diners Club Black Metal Edition Credit Card, the previous lifetime free credit card offer for Alumni of prestigious institutions is now updated. Now, a complimentary first-year free upgrade is being offered to credit cardholders who are alumni of the select premier institutions of the country by HDFC Bank. Under this exclusive upgrade offer, alumni of select institutes who hold any of the HDFC Bank Credit Cards can get a complimentary upgrade to a first-year free HDFC Diners Club Black Metal Edition Credit Card.

HDFC Diners Club Black Metal Edition Alumni Offer

September 2023 Update – In order to upgrade your existing credit card to the HDFC Diners Club Black credit card, eligible cardholders must send an email to [email protected] stating that you wish to upgrade your existing card to the Diners Club Black Metal Credit Card under the Alumni offer.

July 2022 Update– The bank is now providing HDFC Bank Diners Privilege cards to Alumni of various institutes if their Net Monthly income is higher than 70,000. Also, no Income documents are required if your experience is more than 3 years. Students can also apply for HDFC Bank Diners Club Millennia Credit Card.

Eligibility for the HDFC Diners Black Metal Card Upgrade

This HDFC Diners Club upgrade offer is exclusive for HDFC Credit Cardholders who are alumni of any of the following premier institutes in India-

IIM Calcutta FMS Delhi
IIM Bangalore Jamnalal Bajaj(JBIMS)
IIM Lucknow MDI Gurgaon
IIM Ahmedabad IIFT Delhi & Kol
IIM Ranchi SP Jain Mumbai
IIM Indore ISB Hyderabad & Mohali
IIM Shillong XLRI Jamshedpur
IIM Trichy NITIE Mumbai
IIM Raipur Symbiosis (SIBM) Pune
IIT Mumbai SCMHRD Pune
IIM Kozhikode IIT Delhi

And currently have a minimum monthly income of Rs. 1.75 lacs. Alumni of a few other premier institutes (not mentioned in the above list) are also eligible for the offer.

To upgrade your existing credit card to the HDFC Diners Club Black Metal Credit Card, eligible cardholders must send an email to [email protected] stating that they wish to upgrade your existing card to the Diners Club Black card under the Alumni offer.

How Are Reward Points Transferred?

The Reward Points accumulated on the existing HDFC Credit Card are transferred to the upgraded HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card on a pro-rata basis- with a certain deduction. The Reward Point transfer ratio of different HDFC Credit Cards to HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Cards is as per the following table-

Credit Cards Reward Points Transferred
HDFC Silver/Gold/Titanium/Titanium Edge/Platinum Edge/Platinum Credit Cards 10%
HDFC IOCL Credit Card 20%
HDFC Millennia Credit Cards 100%
HDFC Visa Signature/Superia/Master Card World/ Freedom Credit Cards 15%
HDFC Diners Premium/Diners Club Miles/ Diners Privilege/ Regalia Credit Cards 50%
HDFC Moneyback/Solitaire/SolitairePremium Credit Cards 25%
HDFC Regalia First/DinersRewardz /All Miles Credit Cards 30%

For example, if the cardholder had, say, 20,000 Reward Points on their existing Diners Club Premium Credit Card, they will get only 10,000 Reward Points on their new upgraded HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card- this is because the Reward Points on HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card are worth twice the monetary value (approx.) of the Reward Points on HDFC Diners Club Premium Credit Card.

Bottom Line

HDFC Bank is the only card issuer in the country that issues Diners Club credit cards. HDFC Bank regularly comes up with a very similar upgrade offer for alumni of select premier institutes in the country.

The best part about this upgrade offer is that the cardholders not only get a complimentary upgrade along with the transfer of Reward Points (on a pro-rata basis) but the new Diners Club Black Metal Credit Card is issued as an FYF (first-year free) credit card. Let us know if you plan on upgrading your credit card under the alumni offer.


  1. Kunal Reply

    How to avail this offer?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Hi Kunal, You can apply via HDFC Bank branch. Or let me know your city and I would email you the point of contact.

      • Rahul Reply

        Hi Ankur, can you share the point of contact for Delhi NCR/Faridabad. I am interested for this card.

      • Suyash Reply

        Hi Ankur,
        Who is the point of contact for Delhi NCR?

        • Ankur Mittal Reply

          Hi Suyash,

          The POC for Delhi/NCR has left the bank. If you already have any other HDFC card, you can mail to HDFC for upgradation at PriorityRedressal.CreditCards[at]

          • Rohan

            POC details for Hisar, Haryana

          • Ankur Mittal

            Hi Rohan, We don’t have details of POC in Hisar. You can send the mail at the above mentioned email or contact the bank branch.

          • Himakshi

            POC for Navi Mumbai location?

          • RS Pathwar,

            Contact hdfc bank branch in Noida Sector 18

        • Akshay Reply

          Kindly help me with POC for Chandigarh please

      • Rajul Reply

        POC for Bangalore

      • Anmol Reply

        For Kolkata?

      • harshit Reply

        Hi Ankur,

        Please share POC for Chennai

      • Dhaval Reply

        Can you please share POC for Surat?

      • Rajesh Reply

        POC for Kolkata

      • Amarjeet Reply

        Is the offer still active ??
        And POC for Bangalore Marathalli ??

      • Aninda Reply

        Hi Ankur, please share Point of contact for Ahmedabad

        • Ankur Mittal Reply

          Hi Aninda, sorry we don’t have the latest list. Though you can email on the email addresses which I have mentioned above.

      • Sushant Shambharkar Reply

        I’m currently living in pune. I’m IITB alumni. Can you please let me know the contact person for this card.

        Thanks and Regards,

      • Mehvesh Reply

        Who should I contact for Delhi

        • Ankur Mittal Reply

          Please contact your nearest branch.

        • Prasad Chellingi Reply

          Hello Ankur,
          May I know the contact number or details for the PoC Bangalore?
          Want to know if the card is offered to the alumni of NIT-K.

          Thank you!

      • Omer Reply

        Hi Ankur,

        POC for Hyderabad Pls.


      • Anand Reply

        In this LTF DCB offer, all joining benefits like complementary memberships will be provided or not?

      • Prasad Reply

        Hi Ankur
        I am from Bangalore and i passed out from IIM cal 2013…kindly help me get one ?

      • Billa Surendra Reply

        Please let me know point of contact. I am from Pune, Padhan

      • Ankit Reply

        Hi Ankur, please mention the POC for Kolkata.

      • Manan Vora Reply

        Hi Ankur, I am based in Mumbai. Can you email me the point of contact for me to avail this offer?

    • Debo Reply

      Can you share details for Kochi?

  2. Ankur Jyoti Reply

    Hi Ankur, do you have the POC for Pune?

  3. Rohan Reply

    Anybody able to apply?
    I contacted them and they asked my card, number & Email and also my university.
    I have not got a response yet.

  4. Mehvesh Reply

    Please tell me the point of contact for munbai

  5. Vartika Sewra Reply

    What’s the process to apply
    Who is the POC for Mumbai

  6. Rahul Reply

    POC for Pune?

  7. Shruti Priya Reply

    poc for bangalore

  8. sukesh Reply

    pls share the POC for Bangalore

  9. Ankur Mittal Reply

    Hi, The offer is very much active. You can contact the nearest branch for the same or send the mail to HDFC at- PriorityRedressal.CreditCards[at]

  10. Shivangi Reply

    Can you give POC for Lucknow

  11. Mushfique Alam Reply

    Is HDFC offering LTF Diners Club Black credit card to new customers who are alums of premium institutes?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Yes, if the Salary is more than 1.5 lacs per month.

  12. Mushfique Alam Reply

    Please share the POC for Kolkata.

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      We don’t have the latest list of POC. Please email at the email ids I have mentioned above

  13. Rohit Goel Reply

    Hey Ankur, can you please let me know the POC for Kolkata. Have been trying to get the card since long but the POCs just don’t respond

  14. Aditya Reply

    Where can we see the above offer on the HDFC bank website?

  15. Dibyendu Reply

    I am an HDFC employee E4 from IIM Indore. Currently stationed at Mumbai. Please let me know POC for Mumbai

  16. Gaurab Reply

    Hi @Ankur Mittal,
    Can you please tell me how to connect to Bangalore PoC and what are the steps?

  17. Suyash Karkare Reply

    This offer was previously rolled out for IIT Graduates as well. Is it still valid?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply


  18. Guna Reply

    Does this offer valid for BITS Pilani graduates

    • CardBoy Reply


  19. Ankur Sethi Reply

    Is this offer valid for BITS Pilani alumni?

  20. Upma Reply

    I want to apply for this card..can I apply? I am alumni of iim calcutta..

  21. Shreedhar Reply

    Any POC for Bangalore? And is it eligible for BITS Pilani?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Sorry, don’t have the latest list of POC’s. You can contact HDFC branch or contact them via email which I have mentioned above.

  22. Varun Reply

    Hi, Thanks for sharing the details. I wanted to know if this is this just an upgrade only offer or is it also valid for new applications ?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Hi Varun, if you already have a Diners Black card, you can try and ask the bank to convert it LTF under this offer.

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Hi Varun, you should send a mail and confirm. But I think it’s applicable for old card holders as well.

      • Varun Reply

        Thanks Ankur. I actually don’t have any HDFC card and was interested in applying if I can get LTF directly based on this offer. I have sent an email and waiting for their response.

        • GT Reply

          Hi did u get a response from HDFC

  23. Anupam Reply

    Hey Ankur. I am a graduate of IIM Bangalore but the in hand salary (after tax) is not 1.75 Lacs..but it is more than 1.5 Lacs.. am I eligible to get this LTF card ??

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Hi Anupam, it’s better you mail to the bank. They may provide you the card if you have an account with them.

  24. Raj Reply

    Thanks Ankur.. got it

  25. Dhruv Mahajan Reply

    Hi Ankur, where can I find the list of more institutes? Is NMIMS included?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Hi Dhruv, sorry don’t have the current list. Would try and get 1 from the bank.

  26. Architta Reply

    Hi, please provide the poc for Mumbai. Also, are they issuing new cards? And is it necessary to have a bank account with HDFC first to avail this card?

  27. Jayesh Reply

    After multiple follow ups and document submission. They rejected my application. I’m from NITIE MUMBAI. I don’t know the exact reason.

  28. Aninda Reply

    Please share POC for Ahmedabad

  29. Wannabe Frequent Flyer Reply

    Could someone confirm if its still valid? I guess the POC will be the RM or the nearest branch?

    • Ankur Mittal Reply

      Yes, you need to mail to HDFC to get LTF Diners Black card under Alumni offer.

  30. Sharmad Reply

    Do I need to have an existing credit card with HDFC?

    • Kartik Kanwar Reply

      Yes, you would require an existing HDFC Bank Credit Card.

  31. Apurva Reply

    Hi, Can someone share the POC for applying for this in Bangalore?

  32. Kapil Reply

    Pls let me know POC for Mumbai

  33. Rishabh Reply

    What’s the current list of Institutions covered under the offer?

  34. Mayank Reply

    POC for ahmedabad?


    Please share POC for hyderabad and Bangalore along with details of how to apply

  36. Priyanka Srivastava Reply

    Please let me know the POC for Mumbai Bhandup location

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