Whether it’s getting additional supplementary cards at no extra, accelerating your journey to reach your spend milestone, or getting a complimentary Amazon voucher, you can achieve all that with the new and exciting offer from American Express. Now, you can apply for a supplementary credit card and be rewarded for the very same. American Express has come with the latest offer where you shall be provided with a complimentary Amazon voucher on each joining of a supplementary card.


Apply for a supplementary American Express Credit Card.

Offer Validity – 5 October 2023 until 5 November 2023.

Check out the table given below to see the value of complimentary Amazon vouchers for different Amex Credit Cards.

Credit Card Complimentary Amazon Voucher
American Express Platinum Charge Card Amazon Voucher Worth Rs. 1500
American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card Amazon Voucher Worth Rs. 1000
American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card Amazon Voucher Worth Rs. 500
American Express Membership Rewards® Credit Card Amazon Voucher Worth Rs. 250

Offer Details-

  • This offer is valid to all those American Express cardholders whose account is in good standing, i.e. there are no defaults and have received communication through e-mails, etc., regarding this offer.
  • Standard charges are applicable after reaching the limit for free add-on cards. This varies from one card to the other. 
  • Offer is only valid from October 5, 2023, until November 5, 2023, both days included. 
  • You shall receive the Amazon voucher within 120 days from the end of the offer. 

What are the Benefits of Supplementary/Add-On American Express Credit Card?

  • You can easily reach your spending milestone with these add-on cards.
  • Earn free Amazon vouchers up to Rs. 1500 with this exciting offer on add-on cards by Amex.
  • Easily manage your expenditures all in one place for all your cards.
  • You can provide your family members with these add-on cards without having to show their income proofs or documents.

Bottom Line

With this latest offer from American Express, you can easily earn additional rewards at no extra cost. You can provide these supplementary credit cards to your family members and get rewarded with Amazon vouchers. Remember this offer is valid from October 5, 2023, until November 5, 2023. What are your thoughts on this new supplementary credit card offer by American Express? 

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