SBI Card, also known as SBI Cards & Payment Services Ltd, is offering a special deal exclusively for its credit card holders. During the offer period, SBI card holders can receive a free 3-month Swiggy One membership for every new add-on credit card they apply for. To qualify for the Swiggy One membership, you simply need to spend Rs. 1500 using the add-on SBI Credit Card. This offer is only valid for new add-on cards applied through the SBI website or mobile app.

Read below to learn more about this latest offer from SBI. 

Offer Validity – 22nd November 2023 to 22nd January 2024 (Both Dates Included) 

SBI Credit Cards Free Swiggy One Offer

Offer Details

  • To receive Swiggy One membership, make a transaction of Rs. 1,500 or more with the new add-on credit card within 45 days of card issuance.
  • The code for the membership shall be sent to the primary cardholder via SMS or email within 60 days after the offer period ends.  
  • Offer is only valid for new add-on credit cards applied during the offer period.
  • This offer is not applicable for SBI Tata and Corporate Credit Cards.
  • The primary credit card can have a maximum of three add-on cards. The primary cardholder shall be eligible for a three-month Swiggy One membership with each add-on card. 
  • This offer is only valid for new add-on card issuance and is not valid for card upgrade, renewal, replacement or reissue. 

Bottom Line

Add-on credit cards can be very useful as they allow other close family members to use them for their expenses. With an add-on credit card, you can easily make purchases without going through the process of a new application. The fees and rewards associated with the new add-on credit card are linked to the primary credit card, allowing for additional spending. This is especially beneficial for spouses and close family members, as their expenses can be easily tracked and rewarded. 

SBI Card has recently introduced a new offer where you will receive a Swiggy One membership with the add-on credit card. This is an attractive offer as the membership provides additional discounts on food up to 30% and free delivery with the Swiggy One membership.

Share your thoughts on this offer and whether you plan to apply for an add-on credit card for a family member in the comments below.

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