The SBI Bank is one of the top credit card issuers in India with more than 50 cards matching the needs of every type of customer. With so many cards, there is host of offers, benefits, and privileges available for the cardholders.

The SBI Cards and Payment Services Limited has launched this offer for eligible cardholders where they can get complimentary E-gift vouchers. You have to make online spends in foreign currency with your SBI credit card and reach the target spend amount, according to the instructions provided within the offer period.

Also, this is a targeted offer applicable only to cardholders who receive an official offer communication via SMS or E-mail. Read on to know about the offer details and its terms and conditions.

Exclusive Offers on Online Spends in Foreign Currency with SBI Credit Cards Post

Offer Details

Cardholders will receive the instructions and specifications of the offer by SBICPSL via Email or SMS. Those who do online transactions in foreign currency with their SBI credit cards and reach the target spend limit, as communicated in the offer received by them, will be eligible to get the gift vouchers.

International online spends like Visa fees, travel bookings, education fee payments, etc. are valid for the offer and all online international purchases made within the offer period can be clubbed together to reach the target spend amount.

  • You will get The Body Shop e-voucher worth Rs. 500 on foreign currency online spends of more than Rs. 10,000 and less than Rs. 20,000
  • Get a Levi’s voucher worth Rs. 1500 on foreign currency online spends of equal to or more than Rs. 20,000.

The offer is valid only on foreign currency spends and the cardholder must meet the target spend amount, as specified in the offer communication, to be eligible for the gift voucher. Cross border transactions are identified if a forex fee is charged or on the basis of their transaction codes. Also, all foreign currency online spends made on primary and add-on cards linked to a single account can be clubbed together towards this offer.

Offer Exclusions

  • Spends made in the Indian Rupees currency
  • International POS transactions
  • Any other terms as stated in the offer communication

Offer Terms and Conditions

Here are some important terms and conditions related to this offer you must know –

  • The offer is valid for persons holding a current and valid SBI credit card that has no outstanding dues of more than 30 days and excludes corporate credit cards.
  • Qualifying spends exclude fuel, ATM withdrawals, Easy Bill Pay, Encash, and Balance Transfer spends.
  • Returned purchases, disputed, fraudulent, unauthorized, or reversed transactions are not considered towards the offer.
  • Eligible customers for the e-gift voucher will receive a weblink to claim the voucher and must perform an OTP validation to claim it.
  • E-gift vouchers will be sent only when the cardholder claims the voucher through the weblink sent to them and the voucher can only be used once during its validity.
  • Extension of gift vouchers’ validity won’t be given and it must be used before expiry.
  • The gift vouchers are valid only for specific products and the discounts will apply to the total merchandise value including all applicable taxes.
  • The SBICPSL can change, revise, modify, or discard the offer anytime during the offer period without any prior notice.

Bottom Line

SBI Bank credit cards have some really exciting privileges for their cardholders. This offer by SBI Cards and Payment Services Limited is applicable to eligible cardholders and offers them complimentary gift vouchers on making online transactions in foreign currency.

You can get E-gift vouchers by The Body Shop and Levi’s when you make online spends in foreign currency with your SBI credit card and meet the target spend as communicated in the offer. Do remember that Indian currency spends, and international POS transactions are not considered towards the offer.

If you are someone who regularly makes foreign currency spends, then this offer is great for you, and you can easily reap its benefits.

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